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 Martin and Lewis

2 MP3 CDs - 96 episodes

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"Guest Starring Linda Darnell"
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Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis
Comedy-Variety (1949 - 1953)

The Martin and Lewis Show was the first time that the world had a real taste of the comedic dynamic duo, composed of the venerable Dean Martin and the wacky Jerry Lewis.

Martin and LewisWhen Dean and Jerry met, Dean had been trying to make it big as a crooner for over ten years. Jerry, coming from vaudeville parents, naturally wanted to be a performer since he was a wee one. When they were both in their 20s, the boys were introduced by friends in New York City and began performing together. Each helped smooth out the others rough edges. Dino helped Jerry relax on stage, and Jerry helped bring out Dino's comedic side.

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The duo performed at nightclubs for several years. They were working their way through the big clubs when NBC announced a talent hunt. They were looking for rising young performers for television and radio. Some of the Network executives caught a nightclub act of Martin and Lewis. They were instantly won over by their chemistry. They tried them on television, but radio was a more popular venue, so they moved them on over and made plans for The Martin & Lewis Show.

Dean Martin, born Dino Crocetti, was a teenage boxer who went by the name Kid Crochet.

Martin and Lewis made promotional appearances on various programs prior to the air of their own show. After recording their audition show on December 21, 1948, guest starring Lucille Ball (there are two versions, the edited and unedited), they made their rounds. With only a little over three months before The Martin & Lewis Show aired, they began with an appearance on a March of Dimes Special on January 31, 1949. Then, in February they appeared on Chesterfield Supper Club, Sealtest Variety Theatre, and The Bob Hope Show.

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The Martin & Lewis Show went on the air on April 3, 1949, still searching for a sponsor. The network spent $10,000 per show, paying each star $1,000 a week. After a riotous movie and further difficulty finding a radio sponsor for their show, The Martin & Lewis Show went off the air after broadcasting what they thought was their last old time radio show on January 30, 1950. However, they couldn't keep these two down for long, because they were rip roaring and ready to go on another self-titled radio program just over a year later. Meanwhile, they gained popularity with their appearances on The Colgate Comedy Hour and The Big Show. With all these appearances, they used up a lot of their new material, and so tried to do fewer shows until they could come up with some more laughs. But Martin and Lewis were in-demand and so instead of doing less, they were asked to create The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Show.

Dean Martin and Jerry LewisTheir new show premiered on October 5, 1951. Dinah Shore guest starred on their first program, and try as she might, she couldn't't keep herself from busting up with laughter during the live performance. "A Streetcar Named Max, a take-off of "A Streetcar Named Desire was just too much for poor Dinah. Variety Magazine described this show as "one of the most hilarious 30 minutes in radio."

The show consisted of an opening song and dance by Dean Martin, followed by some verbal slapstick, a guest spot by a distinguished Hollywood star, a lot of Jerry Lewis high jinx, and then a closing number by Martin. The radio series ran for a few years, but its star power could not be held by radio and it soon leapt to the new media of television. The broadcasts starred many A-list guest stars including Jane Russell, Joan Davis, Vic Damone, Gordon MacRae and many more.

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This collection features both of Martin and Lewis' old time radio shows, The Martin & Lewis Show and The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Show. Also included are Martin and Lewis' guest appearances on The Big Show, Bing Crosby, the music program Guard Sessions and others. And if that weren't enough to keep you laughing for weeks, there are also some outtakes and bloopers from their radio promos and live shows, as well as an unedited recording session of their crazy antics.

See also: The Rat Pack Collection.

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Disk 1 - 47 shows - total playtime 23 hours 2 minutes

Martin & Lewis 490403 001 W Lucille Ball
Martin & Lewis 490403 001 W Lucille Ball Unedited)
Martin & Lewis 490410 002 W William Bendix
Martin & Lewis 490501 005 W Madeleine Carroll
Martin & Lewis 490508 006 W Peter Lorre
Martin & Lewis 490515 007 W Arthur Treacher
Martin & Lewis 490522 008 W John Garfield
Martin & Lewis 490529 009 W Henry Fonda
Martin & Lewis 490605 010 W Mariln Maxwell
Martin & Lewis 490612 011 W Burl Ives
Martin & Lewis 490621 012 W Tony Martin
Martin & Lewis 490628 013 W John Carradine
Martin & Lewis 490705 014 W Ralph Bellamy
Martin & Lewis 490726 015 W Frances Langford
Martin & Lewis 490802 016 W William Boyd
Martin & Lewis 490809 017 W Burt Lancaster
Martin & Lewis 490816 018 W Victor Moore
Martin & Lewis 490823 019 W Billie Burke
Martin & Lewis 490830 020 W Jane Russell
Martin & Lewis 491007 021 New Nightclub
Martin & Lewis 491014 022 W Dorothy Kierston
Martin & Lewis 491021 023 W George Jessel
Martin & Lewis 491028 024 Tickets To 'south Pacific'

Martin & Lewis 491114 026 Money Problems
Martin & Lewis 491128 028 Child Labor Laws
Martin & Lewis 491219 031 Chicago Mayor's Ball
Martin & Lewis 511005 038 W Dinah Shore
Martin & Lewis 511012 039 W George Raft
Martin & Lewis 511019 040 W Bing Crosby
Martin & Lewis 511026 041 W Arlene Dahl
Martin & Lewis 511102 042 W Denise Darcel
Martin & Lewis 511109 043 Danny Thomas
Martin & Lewis 511116 044 Shelly Winters
Martin & Lewis 511123 045 W Dennis Morgan
Martin & Lewis 511130 046 W Jane Wyman
Martin & Lewis 511207 047 W Joan Davis
Martin & Lewis 511214 048 Jane Russell
Martin & Lewis 511221 049 Helen O'connell
Martin & Lewis 511228 050 Dale Evans
Martin & Lewis 520104 051 W Mona Freeman
Martin & Lewis 520111 052 W Hans Conried
Martin & Lewis 520118 053 W Frank Sinatra
Martin & Lewis 520125 054 W Alexis Smith
Martin & Lewis 520201 055 W Gorden Macrae
Martin & Lewis 520208 056 W Rhonda Fleming
Martin & Lewis 520215 057 W William Holden
Martin & Lewis 520222 058 W Linda Darnell
Disk 2 - 49 shows - total playtime 21 hours 37 minutes

Martin & Lewis 520229 059 W Tony Curtis
Martin & Lewis 520307 060 W Corinne Calvet
Martin & Lewis 520314 061 W Lizabeth Scott
Martin & Lewis 520321 062 W Marlene Dietrich
Martin & Lewis 520328 063 W Ann Sothern
Martin & Lewis 520404 064 W Claire Trevor
Martin & Lewis 520411 065 W Virginia Mayo
Martin & Lewis 520418 066 W Boris Karloff
Martin & Lewis 520425 067 W Ann Sheridan
Martin & Lewis 520916 068 W Rosemary Clooney
Martin & Lewis 520923 069 W Jeff Chandler
Martin & Lewis 521007 070 W Jane Wyman
Martin & Lewis 521014 071 W Hoagy Carmichael
Martin & Lewis 530113 084 W Jack Webb Poor Sound)
Martin & Lewis 530407 096 W Mitzi Gaynor
Martin & Lewis 530414 097 W Linda Darnell
Martin & Lewis 530421 098 W Vic Damone
Martin & Lewis 530428 099 W Laraine Day
Martin & Lewis 530505 100 W Anne Baxter
Martin & Lewis 530512 101 W Joanne Dru
Martin & Lewis 530519 102 W Fred Macmurray
Martin & Lewis 530526 103 W Debbie Reynolds
Martin & Lewis 530602 104 W Jeff Chandler
Martin & Lewis 530609 105 W Phyllis Thaxter
Martin & Lewis 530616 106 W Joseph Cotten (defects In 1st Half
Martin & Lewis 530623 107 W Vera Ellen
Martin & Lewis 530707 108 W Marlene Dietrich
Martin & Lewis 530714 109 Gloria Graham

Guest Appearances
Big Show 501217 Bob Hope, Phil Harris, Louis Armstrong
Big Show 510211 Groucho, Martin & Lewis, Joan Davis
Bing Crosby 511107 Martin and Lewis
CP491018 397 Alexis Smith D.Martin Jerry Lewis
Dragnet Martin & Lewis with Jack Webb
Guard Session 189 Dean Martin
Guard Session 190 Dean Martin
Guard Session 191 Dean Martin
Guard Session 192 Dean Martin
Sealtest 490217 22 Dean Martin

Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Out Takes
Dean Martin
Jerry Lewis No 1 (bad sound)
Jerry Lewis No 2 (bad sound)
Jerry Lewis No 3 (bad sound)
Jerry Lewis No 4 (bad sound)
Jerry Lewis No 5 (bad sound)
Martin & Lewis Outtake 1 Argument
Martin & Lewis Uncensored Caddie Plug
Martin & Lewis Unedited Recording Session 511109



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