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 Dog Collection

1 MP3 CD - 51 episodes

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"Father Knows Best: An Uncontrolled Dog"
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From mans best friend to man wolves, the OTRCAT Dog Collection includes radio shows about dogs.  Our mascot, OTRCAT long fought having a Dog Collection on our website.  However, after many requests from radio and dog fans, we have created this wonderful canine companion inspired collection. 

Rosa Ponselle, prima donna of the Metropolitan Opera Company, and her dog, "Whisker."  One of the many artist who, through their alluring offering via the big chains, are making the ownership of a good receiving set ever more desirable.A dog'as tail serves as a radio receiver for Frank G Kerk, Los Angeles, experimenter.  Kerk attaches an aerial to the collar of his Great Dane and hooks an ear phone to the animal's tail.  The canine radio is then complete and all that is necessary is to place the phone to the ear and listen.Dogs have long served humans as protectors, hunters, herders, and companions.  They also make fun additions to radio shows.  Stories in this collection include:

  • Cathy sneaks a scary, huge dog into her playroom in Father Knows Best.
  • In Suspense a DJ investigates a haunted house with his dog, only to have the dog run out of the house!
  • Cecil gets a dog named Nero in Cecil and Sally
  • In Dragnet, a man that appears to be more wolf-like is hunting the women in Los Angeles.
  • It's National Dog Week in Fibber McGee and Molly and Fibber tries to convince Molly to get a dog.
Some highlights in this "Dog Days of Radio" collection include episodes from:

For more doggone good shows, see also: Lassie, Challenge of the Yukon (Malamute Yukon King), Western Rarities (German Shepherd Dog Rin Tin Tin), and Roy Rogers (German Shepherd Dog Bullet). To reconnect to the feline side of old time radio, see also: The Cat Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Dog Radio
51 shows - total playtime 21 hours 2 minutes

21 st Precinct Mrs Whitneys Boxer Dog
Believe It Or Not 351208 010 Mans Best Friend
Bob Becker Show 381127 SS van Dyne & Lassie
Bulldog Drummond 000000 Death Uses Disappearing Ink
Bulldog Drummond 450813 Help Wanted
Bulldog Drummond 470117 Claim Check Murders
Bulldog Drummond 480916 Axis Submarine
Cbsrw 570331 59 A Dogs Life
Cecil Sally 0195 Cecil Gets A Dog
Claudia 471014 12 Dog Days
Commercialsturdy Dog Food
Coty 481119 Saint Bernard Dog
Coty 490218 0615 Dog W Gold Tooth
Coty 490323 0629 Devil Dog
Coty 490413 0638 Trail Of Werewolf
Dark Fantasy 420213 Is For Werewolf
Dr Christian 380123 Dog Story
Dragnet 490617 E 003 Werewolf
Dragnet 490910 E 015 Sullivan Kidnapping Wolf
Dragnet 500316 E 040 Big Boys
Duffys Tavern 460510 Singing Dog
Father Knows Best 500504 037 An Uncontrolled Dog
Father Knows Best 520911 132 Watching Dog
Fibber Mcgee400102 Fibber Builds A Doghouse
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 581025 1529 Its National Dog Week
Front Page Drama 350726 Werewolf
Gildersleeve 411228 018 Leroys New Dog
Grand Marquee 460709 01 Half A Dog Is Better Than None
Guns 561230 Hound Dog
Ilam 521205 Bride Of Werewolf Cleaned
Life Of Riley 450211 057 riley Trains Juniors Dog
Little Orphan Annie 360617 1165 Who Shot Tom Baines D
Lone Wolf 49.01.04037 Golden Santa
Lux 360706 088 Voice Of Bugle Ann
Magnificent Montague 510825 42 Lily Gets A Dog
Maisie 500112 Sonja Smart Dog
Mark Trail 500403 Coyotes Of Sky 28
Msa Old Tales And New Dog Sat On His Shadow
Old Tales New 501218 the Lost Puppy
Origin Of Superstition 35 21 Howling Dog
Ozzie & Harriet 460120 B 20 Ozzie Runs For Office
Prowl Car Wilshire Werewolf
Radio Readers Digest 480513 114 Hound Dog Man
Sherlock Holmes 470928 01 Dog Who Changed His Mind
Sherlock Holmes 471102 06 Copper Beeches
Strange As It Seems 53 Changing Wolfmonth To January
Suspense 450517 141 Two Birds With One Stone
Suspense 490623 346 Ghost Hunt
Suspense 571222 730 Dog Star
We People 400903 Boy Finds A Dog
Weird Circle 440507 37 Werewolf



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