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 Dick Tracy

1 MP3 CD - 70 episodes


"Case of a Man Without a Head"
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Dick Tracy and the Invisible Man Radio Play Script
Juvenile Police Serial (1934 - 48)

Dick Tracy RadioNed WeverA favorite of radio kids, and many adults as well, Dick Tracy on the radio was a long running serial that was based on the very popular Dick Tracy of newspaper comic strip fame. Dick Tracy was the star of movies and several animation series as well, including a 1970's TV animation adaptation that was as true to the original Chester Gould newspaper comic strip as was the radio version. Dick Tracy had debuted in the Detroit Mirror in 1931. Soon it hit New York and Chicago, in the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune. By 1937, the comic strip appeared in over 700 newspapers. With a strong, built-in audience, Dick Tracy was perfect serial.

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First developed for radio in 1934 for the New England region, the show was an immediate hit and was then done on from 1935-37. Republic Pictures began the Dick Tracy cliffhangers in the movies, which also helped kids get excited about following his adventures on radio. Fifteen minute serials were produced for a full five nights a week in 1938-'39. In 1939, it went to a half-hour, usually playing on Saturdays. With WWII developing, Dick Tracy was put on hold. After a few years, the show again took to the air, and continued from 1943 through '48, first developed as a fifteen minute serial, and then expanding to a half hour in the mid 1940s. Dick Tracy was featured in a series of novels and "Little Big Books" at the time, as well as the Republic cliffhangers and movies.

Chester Gould's newspaper strip featured singular thugs and inventive plots all drawn in a flat, modern-looking cartoon. The strip was heavy on scientific crime detection, using the lab to sift through clues, and ultra-modern inventive devices such as Dick Tracy's two-way wrist radio (1946) that were wild then, and are very big in commercials right now as pager/cell phones (almost wristwatch size.)

Dick Tracy vs Crime, Inc!On the radio serial, the "good guys" were Dick Tracy, "protector of law and order," his sidekick Pat Patton, and Tracy's investigative team Junior Tracy and Tess Trueheart. The strip and show also starred bizarre villains, with such names as The Blank, Little Face Finney, Pruneface, The Brow and Shakey. The radio cases were always exciting, with plenty of trouble, cliff hanging and narrow escapes. (Please note these Dick Tracy recordings are of mixed quality with some unfortunate hiss)

For more serial adventures, please see True Adventures of Junior G-Men, Superman, The Green Hornet, Tarzan, Jungle Jim, Fu Manchu. Hop Harrigan, Speed Gibson. Terry and the Pirates, Buck Rogers, Space Patrol, Captain Midnight, and I Love a Mystery. Dick Tracy CandyOther shows that were based on popular characters are Sherlock Holmes, Chandu, the Magician, and Nick Carter, Master Detective.

For other classic radio shows based of comics,see also

Dick Tracy Wrist Radio

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Ned Wever publicity still

70 shows - total playtime 17 hours 51 minutes

Command Performance Dick Tracy In B Flat 450215
DT 35xxxx 000 Audition Program (tess Disappears)
DT 380208 027 Black Pearl Of Osirus
DT 380209 028 Pat Goes Overboard
DT 380210 029 Mystery In Hold
DT 380211 030 Dick Is Shot
DT 380214 031 Dick Gets Ring Of Osirus
DT 380215 032 Dick Finds Black Pearl
DT 380216 033 Agent Is Murdered
DT 380217 034 Gang After Ring
DT 380218 035 Dick Captures Gang (ring Premium)
DT 380221 036 Pat Is Hypnotized
DT 380222 037 Dick Is Captured
DT 380223 038 Dick Escapes
DT 380224 039 Junior Kidnapped
DT 380225 040 Junior Escapes
DT 380411 071 Mounties At Pitchblend
DT 380412 072 Snow Slide
DT 380413 073 Who Is Purple Rider
DT 380414 074 Junior Is Kidnapped
DT 380415 075 Junior Sends A Mirror Message
DT 380418 076 Junior Rescued By And Captures Purple Rid
DT 380419 077 Dick Lassoes Purple Rider
DT 380420 078 Purple Rider Exposed
DT 380425 081 Tracy Rescued And Kyle Captured
DT 380426 082 Invisible Ink
DT 440110 xxx Case Of Hooting Owl (stuck In Snow)
DT 440505 xxx Espionage At Circus (copy 2)
DT 440505 xxx Espionage At Circus
DT 44xxxx xxx Case Of Firebug Murders
DT 450501 xxx Case Of Empty Safe
DT 450508 xxx On Trail Of Nighthawks
DT 450622 xxx Case Of Pigeon Blood Ruby
DT 450913 xxx Case Of Buried Treasure
DT 450920 xxx Case Of Man Without A Head
DT 450921 xxx Case Of Man Without A Head
DT 450924 xxx Case Of Man Without A Head
DT 451025 xxx Case Of Trained Seal
DT 451122 xxx New Mystery Begins
DT 460119 xxx Case Of Dark Corridor
DT 460913 xxx Case Of Broken Window
DT 460916 xxx Case Of Broken Window
DT 461211 xxx Case Of Campus Murder
DT 470114 xxx Case Of Careless Black Widow
DT 470121 xxx Case Of Moth And Flame
DT 470122 xxx Case Of Moth And Flame
DT 470515 xxx Case Of Noaccount Swindle
DT 470714 xxx Case Of Crooked Finger
DT 470723 xxx Case Of Unfunny Clowns
DT 470820 xxx Case Of Sinister Second
DT 470903 xxx Case Of Low Hijack
DT 470904 xxx Case Of Low Hijack
DT 470911 xxx Case Of Low Hijack
DT 471010 xxx Case Of Book Of Four Kings
DT 471016 xxx Case Of Book Of Four Kings
DT 471024 xxx Case Of Book Of Four Kings
DT 471031 xxx Case Of Honorable Mr. Malice
DT 471106 xxx Case Of Honorable Mr. Malice
DT 471114 xxx Case Of Honorable Mr. Malice
DT 471118 xxx Case Of Deadly Tip Off
DT 471119 xxx Case Of Deadly Tip Off
DT 471121 xxx Case Of Deadly Tip Off
DT 471216 xxx Case Of Poisinous Timber
DT 471219 xxx Case Of Poisonous Timber
DT 471222 xxx Case Of Poisonous Timber
DT 471231 xxx Case Of Big Black Box
DT 47xxxx xxx Case Of Graveyard Watch
DT 480108 xxx Case Of Big Black Box
DT 480122 xxx Case Of Positive Negative
DT 480127 xxx Case Of Positive Negative


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