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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Have Gun Will Travel
04.Sherlock Holmes
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
08.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
09.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
10.I Love a Mystery
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 Detective Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 119 episodes

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"I was a Communist for the FBI: Pit Viper"
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Detective Programs (1930s-1950s)

Dig into your closet for your tweed cape and magnifying glass, because the Detective Collection will surely stir your most inner sleuthing sensibilities! This detective collection includes a single episode from every current detective show in the OTRCAT collection. All the popular ones are here, including Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (starring the man with the action packed expense account), Tales of the Texas Rangers (police drama with a western flair), Suspense (starring The Man in Black, aka "the Hitchcock of the airwaves), the The Fat Man on scalemagnificent Sherlock Holmes, the wisecracking Sam Spade, and Richard Diamond (the happy-go-lucky ex NYPD cop turned private investigator).

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Whether you are in the mood for stories of cops, robbers, female detectives, or edgy PI's, it's all here! There are stories of the black and whites in such shows as Dragnet (starring Jack Webb), Calling all Cars, A Salute to Law, Nightwatch and 21st Precinct. Multi-talented and multi-tasking detectives abound, including an ex-shoe-shiner-turned-cop in Broadway is My Beat, Charlie Chan (philosopher and detective), Gregory Hood (an antique dealer and unlicensed detective all in one), Dr. Benjamin Ordway, Crime Doctor (criminal with amnesia turned detective with a great insight for crime), Peter Chambers (illustrious playboy), Rocky Jordan (American detective and owner of a café in Cairo), Nero Wolfe (orchid fancier and armchair detective) and The Fat Man (hard-boiled, soft-hearted, and obese).

Casey Crime photographerWhether you are a lady or you know one, you'll enjoy sexy sleuths Candy Matson, who works out of her penthouse overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, and sassy street-smart Maisie in The Adventures of Maisie. But sorry fellas, some of the best female detectives are taken, and they work in husband and wife sleuthing teams in The Adventures of the Abbotts, and Mr. and Mrs. North. But we haven't forgotten the men, the newspaper men that is. Tune in for front page news with Big Town, Front Page Farrell, and Nightbeat. And we mustn't forget the snappy Casey, Crime Photographer.

Then there are tales of espionage with Harry Lime, I Was a Comunist for the FBI, Cloak and Dagger,Dangerous Assignment and Dangerous Assignment. Or perhaps you want to know some stories of true crime – then listen to Crime Classics, or the popular Black Museum, an Orson Welles show where each episode is based on an actual crime and crime weapon housed at Scotland Yard.

Then there are the unusual detective shows, like Blackstone, a detective who does a magic trick in every show, Calling All Detectives, a combined quiz and detective show where listeners solve the mystery on the air via telephone, and The Green Lama, who fights crime wearing a green outfit and chanting, "Ohm, Mani, Padme, Ohm!!!

Whatever your mood or fancy, whether you cheer for the cops, the robbers, the ladies or the fellas, you'll enjoy this great collection of OTRCAT detective programs!

For more detective compilations, see also: Dame Detectives - Rare Female Crimefighters, Defective Detectives, Hardboiled Detectives, and Softboiled Detectives.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Disk 1: 60 recordings - total playtime 25 hours 3 minutes

21st Precinct Eva Tarpin's Crazy Bother in law
470825 Unseen Murder Mystery
A Life in Your Hands 490913 Boarder Killed
A Salute to the Law 381106 Murder in a Hospital
A Salute To The Law 390530 The Altar of Sacrifice
Amazing Mr Malone 510706 Never Judge A Book By
Aot Abbotts #09 Afrts Fabulousemnecklace
Barbara Stanwyck Susp 501019 The Wages Of Sin
Barry Craig 520220 The Motive For Murder
Big Town 490308 26 The Crooked Eye
Black Book 520217 (1) On Schedule
Black Museum 29 The Open End Wrench
Blackstone 490102 Midway Robberies
Boston Blackie 461203 Blackie in Prison
Box 13 490710 (47) Double Trouble
Broadway is my Beat 530822 179 Joey, Herbie And Beebe
Bulldog Drummond 410928 Highjacker
Calling All Cars 370602 e184 Cinder Dick
Calling All Detectives 480927 273 Jerry Gets Involved Wi
Candy Matson 500620 Symphony of Death
Casey 471127 After Turkey, the Bill
Charlie Chan 452 The Murder Of Deacon Jessup
CloakAndDagger 500730 10 TheSwastikaOnTheWindmill
Counterspy 490809 Blackmailed Hijacker
Crime & Peter Chambers 540518 07 La Grande Maizon 3rd
Crime Classics 531007 e15 Hangman and William Palmer
Crime Doctor 450408 Reno Divorce
Crime Does Not Pay 501227 e63 Building Blocks
CrimeClub 470508 024 TheCorpseWoreAWig
Damon Runyan Theatre 490522 A PIECE OF PIE
Danger Dr Danfield 461013 e09 Harry Evans
Danger With Granger Hired Help
Dangerous Assignment 500220 The Greek Connection
Diamond Dramas Caskets in Diamonds
Dragnet 531229 e228 Big Steal
drtim 013 ManFromHiroshhima
Epic Casebook Conjurers Illusion
Falcon 520828 Careless Corpse
Fat Man 480102 Murder Plays Hide And Seek
FBI 460712 e067 Death in the Tropics
FBI in Peace and War 581102 Jailbait
Frank Merriwell 490115 119 Snow Trap
Frank Race 03 490515 The Istanbul Adventure
Front Page Farrell 490615 Man Who Knew All Angles
Gang Busters 481008 Incorrigible Killer
Green Lama 490605 01 Man Who Never Existed
Gregory Hood 460930 Gregory Hood, Suspect
Harry Lime 510928 009 Workofart
Hercule Poirot 451116 Trail Led To Death
Hidden Truth 432 Jimmie Waldo
I was a communist for the FBI 520521 e05 Pit Viper
I Love a Mystery 491121 01 Bury Your Dead In Arizona
Incredible But True 05 Man Who Saw Everything
Jeffreagan 1948 12 18 The Man Who Lived By The Sea
Johnny Modero Pier 23 470619 112 Who Is
Leonidas Witherall 440914 Murder At Dandy's Dream
Let George 480607 Peter Mirch Case
LineUp 510111 Politicians Homes Are Bombed
Maisie 500413 The Costume Ball
Man Called X 520219 72 Hey Penny Stamp

Disk 2: 59 recordings - total playtime 24 hours 8 minutes

Mandrake The Magician Captain Xlothar And Tommy Escape
Michael Shayne 481120 High Priced Twins
Mr & Mrs Blandings 51082
Mr District Attorney 000000 Labor Pirates
Mr Keen 500105 Case of Rushville Murder
Mr Moto 511007 The Crooked Log
Mrmrsnorth Picnic 470701
Murder By Experts 490702 Two Coffins To Fill
Murder Clinic 000000 Governor Of Cape Haitian
Murder Midnight 461202 Man Who Died Yesterday
Mystery Is My Hobby Buried Treasure Map
Name of the Law 360705 06 Phantom Gang
Nero Wolfe 400700 Last Laugh Murder (Santos Ortega)
Nick Carter 431103 030 Body On The Slab
Nick Harris 340214 The Case Of The Avenging Angel
Night Editor 35 One In A Thousand
Nightbeat 19500410 I Know Your Secret
Nightwatch 550210 e42 Ma and Pa Heinz and Chase
One Out Of Seven(Jack Webb) 460227 Brotherhood Week
Pat Novak (Jack Webb) 490409 Sam Tolliver
Perry Mason 2696 Audition For Miss Poers
Philip Marlowe 470708 004 King in Yellow
PhiloVance 500307 The Church Murder Case
Phyl Coe 01 Dead Magician
Police HQ 08 Helen Marsh Murder
Results Inc 441216 11 The Bloody Gillettes
Rex Saunders 510516 03 Done To Death
Richard Diamond 491105 e29 Neighbor Tries to Ruin Diamond's Voice
RipleyOne Minutes 025 Exploding Casket
Rocky Fortune 540223 20 decoy for death
Rocky Jordan 481107 e02 Count Me Out
Rogues Gallery 460623 Star of Savoy
Saint 471217 Saint Goes Underground
Sam Spade 480620 B091 Death Bed Caper
Secret Agent K7 39 e49 Firing Squad
Secrets Scotland Yd Fiction Is Stranger Than
Sherlock Holmes 541123 The Norwood Builder
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480613 Crooked Hero
Si And Elmer 01 Mystery Of The Bank Vault Part 01
Silent Men 511202 Death and Taxes
Spy Catcher e03 Left Luggage
Squad Cars Case of the Bloody Thumb Print
Stand By For Crime 20 Quentin McClean's Fortune
Strange Wills 460629 The Lady And The Pirate
SUSPENSE 531102 524 Ordeal in Donner Pass
Suspicion 1935 09 The Final Crash
Tales Of Fatima 490521 20 A Much Expected Murder
Texas Rangers 500715 White Elephant
That Hammer Guy 530407 The Lillian Martin Case
The Thin Man lux360608
Third Man Harry Lime 510824 004 Tickettotangier
Thrills Highway Patrol 031
TopSecret 500625 0003 A Package In Tangiers
True Detective Mystery 370318 Rattlesnake & Barefoot Bride
Unexpected Birthday Present
Unsolved Mysteries 06 Mystery Of The Zombie
Up For Parole 500310 Ep01 John Newton
Whitehall 520525 Maggie Roulinson
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 560402 363 Salt City Matter



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