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 Betty and Bob

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"Return to their Home Town"
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Betty and BobBetty and Bob was the first widely popular daytime serial soap opera created by the powerhouse producer-couple Anne and Frank Hummert in 1932.  The show was similar to their future soap opera creations featuring a poor simple girl who marries a rich distinguished man.  Betty is Bob's secretary and the two fall in love despite the disapproval of Bob's family.

Don AmacheBetty and Bob love created drama all around them including family problems, loss of money, murder, death of the young Bob jr., and bouts of amnesia and insanity.  Poor Bob was sent to a mental institution on more than one episode.  Originally starring Elizabeth Reller and Don Ameche as Betty and Bob, the cast underwent a number of changes. 

This collection is in the extensive Hummert Radio Factory Collection. Called the parents of soap opera, Anne and Frank Hummert also created Betty and Bob, Front Page Farrell, Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons, Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Young Widder Brown, Mr. Chameleon, Stella Dallas, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Lora Lawton, The American Melody Hour, Hearthstone of the Death Squad, Lorenzo Jones, Nona From Nowhere, Our Gal Sunday, Inspector Thorne, Romance of Helen Trent, and more.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 9 hours 10 minutes

Betty And Bob 470616 001 Betty And Bob Have Returned To Their Home Town
Betty And Bob 470617 002 A Neighbor Shoots A Deputy Sheriff
Betty And Bob 470618 003 Chet Atkins Meets Claire Evans
Betty And Bob 470619 004 Rusacks Daughter Escapes From House
Betty And Bob 470620 005 A Romance For Claire
Betty And Bob 470623 006 Betty Tells Chet About Claires Problems
Betty And Bob 470624 007 Expolice Chief Henderson Visits Drakes
Betty And Bob 470625 008 Corruption In City Government
Betty And Bob 470626 009 Bob Is Anxious To Take Control Of His Newspaper Again
Betty And Bob 470627 010 Chet Comes To Visit Claira
Betty And Bob 470630 011 Bob Is Returning To Monroe To Fight Corruption
Betty And Bob 470701 012 Betty Has Found A House For Them To Buy
Betty And Bob 470702 013 Drakes Go Out With Jamersons
Betty And Bob 470703 014 Henderson Has News About City Council
Betty And Bob 470704 015 Margaret Jamerson Has Hit A Girl With Her Car
Betty And Bob 470707 016 Betty Visits Ellsworth Jamerson
Betty And Bob 470812 037 Mrs Warner Pays Betty Back
Betty And Bob 470813 038 Ellsworth Jameson Suspects Chet
Betty And Bob 471124 111 Betty Wants Bob To Convince Evelyn To Leave Town
Betty And Bob 471125 112 Bob Takes Evelyn To Dinner
Betty And Bob 471126 113 Sam Has Proposed To Evelyn
Betty And Bob 471127 114 Betty Talks With Evelyn About Sam
Betty And Bob 471128 115 Evelyn Decides Not To Marry Sam
Betty And Bob 471201 116 Evelyn Heads For Martins Office
Betty And Bob 471202 117 Evelyns Conversations With Hap
Betty And Bob 471203 118 Betty And Bob Discuss Events Surrounding Sam
Betty And Bob 471204 119 Evely Purposely Encounters Bob
Betty And Bob 471205 120 Betty Doesnt Trust Evelyns Story
Betty And Bob 471208 121 Martin And Hap Discuss Drakes
Betty And Bob 471209 122 Newspapers Financial Problems Increase
Betty And Bob 471210 123 Evelyn Visits Bob At His Office
Betty And Bob 471211 124 Sam Is Impressed With Bobs Determination
Betty And Bob 471212 125 Betty And Her Mother Discuss Bobs Plans
Betty And Bob 471215 126 Betty And Bob Discuss Their Newspaper Plans
Betty And Bob 471216 127 Drakes Have Taken Claire To Hopsital
Betty And Bob 471217 128 Clair Has Given Birth To A Boy
Betty And Bob 471218 129 Someone Has Broken Into Newspapers Files
Betty And Bob 471219 130 Drakes Suspect Martin Anderson Is Guilty
Betty And Bob Xxxxxx 381 Betty Making Progress



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