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 New World A-Coming

1 MP3 CD - 48 episodes


"Negro Facism and Democracy"
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Roi Ottley

"Discrimination doesn't end in the South."

There's a New World A-Coming! Produced by the WMCA and the citywide Citizen's Committee of Harlem, New World a Coming features accounts of African-American social life in 1940s Harlem and serving in the military during WWII.

New World A Coming BookThe show aired political and racial concerns through true-life accounts of people's experiences, such as black U.S. soldiers on leave denied at restaurants and movie theaters, problems of discrimination in the workplace and banks, unequal pay and opportunities, and other civil rights issues.

New World A-Coming was the brainchild of Roi Ottley. His 1943 book entitled New World A-Coming won the Peabody Award and the Life in America Award. In 1944, Ottley traveled to Europe became one of the first African-American war correspondents for major newspapers.

War BondsThe producers urged people to buy war bonds and support the war against Nazi tyranny. Promoting war bonds represented buying a stake in our democracy. The announcer (usually Canada Lee) goes on to explain:

"Everyone has a stake in this fight. Now, I'm a negro and I can't help feeling that the negro in America can't be safe while millions of white men abroad are enslaved by Nazis. People, all kinds of people, need hope as never before"

New World A-Coming is an exceptional show voicing the concerns of 1940s Harlem and highlighting the problems, successes, hopes, and contributions of African-American life including an appearance by Marian Anderson.

For more interesting reading, See also: article on the history of Minstrel Shows and Old Time Radio. For additional radio shows covering African-American civil rights, see also: Destination Freedom. See also Jubilee which was created to entertain the black soldiers in WWII.

For more WWII-era bond-sales related shows, see also: Any Bonds Today?, Four for the Fifth, Guest Star Radio, Keep Em Rollin, Music for Millions, New World A-Coming, Over Here, These are Our Men, Treasury Salute, and Treasury Star Parade.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

48 shows - total playtime 18 hours 44 minutes

NWaC 440305 (01) Premier Program
NWaC 440312 (02) The Negro Fascism and Democracy
NWaC 440319 (03) The Negro in Early America
NWaC 440326 (04) The Negro in Entertainment
NWaC 440402 (05) Ghettoes
NWaC 440409 (06) The Negro and Health
NWaC 440416 (07) The Story of Negro Humor
NWaC 440423 (08) Story Behind the Headlines
NWaC 440430 (09) Negro Church in NYC
NWaC 440507 (10) Arrangement in Black and White
NWaC 440514 (11) The Colored Orphan Asylum
NWaC 440521 (12) The Story of James Pearson
NWaC 440528 (13) The Story of Ted Morgan
NWaC 440604 (14) Life in the Ghetto
NWaC 440611 (15) A Statement on DDay
NWaC 440618 (16) The Mammy Legend
NWaC 440625 (17) The Story of Negro Music
NWaC 441022 (18) The Vermont Experiment (No Opening)
NWaC 441029 (19) Music at War
NWaC 441105 (20) Executive Order 8802
NWaC 441112 (21) The Barbara Latham Story
NWaC 441119 (22) A Tribute to W C Handy
NWaC 441126 (23) Parachutes for Democracy
NWaC 441203 (24) Heroes of the Sky (Partial Show)
NWaC 441210 (25) The American Negro Theater
NWaC 441217 (26) We Deliver the Goods
NWaC 441224 (27) Christmas Program
NWaC 441231 (28) I Teach Negro Girls
NWaC 450107 (29) Hot Spots USA
NWaC 450114 (30) Freedom Road (Part 1)
NWaC 450121 (31) Freedom Road (Part 2)
NWaC 450128 (32) Roll Call (Partial Show)
NWaC 450204 (33) There Are Things to Do (Partial Show)
NWaC 450211 (34) They Knew Later
NWaC 450218 (35) The Story of Blood Plasma
NWaC 450225 (36) Furlough Home
NWaC 450304 (37) Negroes in Housing
NWaC 450311 (38) Negroes and Health
NWaC 450318 (39) Negroes in Labor
NWaC 450325 (40) The Negro Reporter
NWaC 450401 (41) The Negro in Early American History
NWaC 450408 (42) White Folks Do Some Funny Things
NWaC 450415 (43) Memorial to Franklin D Roosevelt
NWaC 450422 (44) The Story of Negro Nurses
NWaC 450429 (45) Report From the Western Front
NWaC 450506 (46) Blood Flows Red (Mid 10 min Missing)
NWaC 450520 (48) The Meaning of VE Day to Negroes
NWaC 450527 (49) The Wind at My Back



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