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 Terry and the Pirates

2 MP3 CDs - 171 episodes

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"Abduction Of Ginger Lee"
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Terry and the Pirates coverThe famed comics creator Milt Caniff created Terry and the Pirates, an action-packed adventure newspaper comics story that was adapted for radio. The first run of the show in the late 30s is considered lost, but many of the 1940s episodes are just as exciting as when kids who are now grandparents thrilled to hearing them on the radio.

Terry Lee is a young teenager who lives in the Orient, and he's lucky enough to know some of the greatest fighting guys a boy could imagine! Pat Ryan is Terry's best pal. Flip Corkin and Hotshot Charlie, plus Connie the coolie, and then there's Burma and Elita, who can fight too. Owen Jordan played Terry through most of the war years, and Bud Collyer, who was Superman on radio, was one of several playing Pat Ryan. Great actress Agnes Moorehead (of many old time radio shows including Suspense) was one of the incarnations of the Dragon Lady. The casts were solid, the acting great fun, and the music and sound effects are action-packed. Commercials are for Libby Porducts or Quaker Puffed Wheat or Puffed Rice!

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Marion Sweet played the role of The Dragon Lady in the old time radio classic.
Marion Sweet - "The Dragon Lady"
from Terry and the Pirates
The "pirates" are run by a beautiful baddie called the Dragon Lady, and for years they have been the scourge of the orient. But in the 1940s, Terry and his pals are plunged into the War effort, and take up fighting not only "Japs" but also Nazi spies and sabouterus are thick in the orient, too!

The plots were written by Albert Barker, and veered wildly off the pages of Caniff's well-developed comic strip, but it didn't matter. It's great juvenile thriller radio, even if the treasure is sometimes scratched and quite a bit of it is now lost.

For other aviation adventure series, see also: Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Tailspin Tommy, Anne of the Airlines, Captain Midnight, Speed Gibson, Hop Harrigan, Sky King, Terry & the Pirates, Smilin' Jack, Sky King, and Sky Blazers..

For other great serials, see also: Jerry at Fair Oaks, Adventures of Dick Cole, Bobby Benson, Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Hop Harrigan, Jungle Jim, Magic Island, Sgt Preston, Sky King, Speed Gibson, Superman, and Tom Mix. See also: Pirates Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1: 88 shows - total playtime 20 hours 19 minutes

Terry-Pirates 411117 031 Terry Connie And Pat
Terry-Pirates 411118 032 Terry Connie And Pat
Terry-Pirates 411119 033 Radio Device Missing
Terry-Pirates 411120 034 Cabinets Switched
Terry-Pirates 411120 035 Escape In Progress
Terry-Pirates 411124 036 Enemy Overpowered
Terry-Pirates 411125 037 General Chang Held
Terry-Pirates 411126 038 Approaching With Care
Terry-Pirates 411127 039 Gen.chang Is Imposter
Terry-Pirates 411128 040 Radio Turned Over
Terry-Pirates 411201 041 Snow Bound
Terry-Pirates 411202 042 Icy Winds Of China
Terry-Pirates 411203 043 Mountain Madness
Terry-Pirates 411204 044 Hideho
Terry-Pirates 411205 045 Rescued
Terry-Pirates 411208 046 Charming Mr Penington Hook
Terry-Pirates 411209 047 Intrigue In Min Chow
Terry-Pirates 411210 048 Missing Scientist
Terry-Pirates 411211 049 Clue In The Snow
Terry-Pirates 411212 050 Amazing Gas Of Destruction
Terry-Pirates 411215 051 Terrys Fatal Mistake
Terry-Pirates 411216 052 Midnight Stranger
Terry-Pirates 411217 053 Locked In The Gas Chamber
Terry-Pirates 411218 054 Sos Reveals The Villain
Terry-Pirates 411219 055 Hook Captured
Terry-Pirates 411222 056 Doctor Found
Terry-Pirates 411223 057 Poison Gas Explosion
Terry-Pirates 411224 058 Gas Destroys Steel
Terry-Pirates 411225 059 Christmas Presents Exchang
Terry-Pirates 411226 060 Secret Formula Safe
Terry-Pirates 411229 061 Taking Pictures
Terry-Pirates 411230 062 To Be Nurses
Terry-Pirates 411231 063 Terrys Double Seen
Terry-Pirates 420000 Burma Working In Hospital In Chi
Terry-Pirates 420000 In Calcutta India
Terry-Pirates 420101 064 Mrs.finch
Terry-Pirates 420102 065 Discussing Note
Terry-Pirates 420105 066 Identity Switch
Terry-Pirates 420106 067 Impersonation Test
Terry-Pirates 420107 068 April Forced To Join
Terry-Pirates 420108 069 Food Drugged
Terry-Pirates 420109 070 Meeting Captain Blaze
Terry-Pirates 420112 071 Cheery Blaze Fooled
Terry-Pirates 420113 072 Cheery Blaze Told Truth
Terry-Pirates 420114 073 Dragon Lady Captured
Terry-Pirates 420115 074 Blaze And Dragon Lady
Terry-Pirates 420116 075 Kidnapping Mixup
Terry-Pirates 420119 076 Rescuing Cheery
Terry-Pirates 420120 077 Terry Finds Transmitter
Terry-Pirates 420121 078 Dragon Lady Wont Stop
Terry-Pirates 420122 079 Oil Drums Foil Attack
Terry-Pirates 420123 080 Plan To Use Loudspeaker
Terry-Pirates 420126 081 Dl Tries To Escape
Terry-Pirates 420127 082 Loudspeakers Scare
Terry-Pirates 420128 083 Firing Squad For Three
Terry-Pirates 420129 084 Truck Crashes In River
Terry-Pirates 420130 085 Under The Waterfall
Terry-Pirates 420202 086 Cheery Takes Singsing
Terry-Pirates 420203 087 Singsing Captured
Terry-Pirates 420204 088 Down Cliff On Rope
Terry-Pirates 420205 089 Burma Goes Up The Cliff
Terry-Pirates 420206 090 Dragon Lady Goes Up
Terry-Pirates 420209 091 Pat Shoots
Terry-Pirates 420210 092 Single File On Ledge
Terry-Pirates 420211 093 Captain Blaze Considers
Terry-Pirates 420212 094 Making A Smokescreen
Terry-Pirates 420213 095 Hennick Saves Blaze
Terry-Pirates 420216 096 Orphanage On Fire
Terry-Pirates 420217 097 Mrs.finch Tells Why
Terry-Pirates 420218 098 Han Kidnaps April
Terry-Pirates 420219 099 Big Stoop Helps
Terry-Pirates 420224 102 Terry Pilots
Terry-Pirates 420225 103 Jap Soldiers Approach
Terry-Pirates 420304 108 From Irrawady To Hanoi
Terry-Pirates 420305 109 Hanoi Train Station
Terry-Pirates 420306 110 Pat Tells Slugger
Terry-Pirates 420309 111 Slugger Delivers Crate
Terry-Pirates 420310 112 Duplexus Plantation
Terry-Pirates 420311 113 April Arrives
Terry-Pirates 420312 114 Dillon Kane Found
Terry-Pirates 420313 115 Message To Yellowhair
Terry-Pirates 420316 116 Escape From Temple
Terry-Pirates 420323 121 Using A Net
Terry-Pirates 420324 122 Sanjack Holds April
Terry-Pirates 420325 123 Baron And Slugger
Terry-Pirates 420326 124 Following The Baron
Terry-Pirates 420327 125 Baron And Slugger
Terry-Pirates 420330 126 Sanjacks Island Burns

Volume 2: 83 shows - total playtime 19 hours 13 minutes

Terry-Pirates 420331 127 Rescued From River
Terry-Pirates 420401 128 Smythe Heatherstone
Terry-Pirates 420402 129 Terry Nurses Dl
Terry-Pirates 420403 130 Dragon Ladys Secet
Terry-Pirates 420406 131 April Will Sing
Terry-Pirates 420407 132 Dragon Lady Comes
Terry-Pirates 420408 133 April And Fu Ling
Terry-Pirates 420409 134 Kidnapping
Terry-Pirates 420410 135 Slugger Uses Rainbow
Terry-Pirates 420416 139 Mind Reading Act
Terry-Pirates 420420 141 Jigger
Terry-Pirates 420421 142 Pat And Terry Captured
Terry-Pirates 420422 143 Rescued By Slugger
Terry-Pirates 420423 144 Smiley Knocked Out
Terry-Pirates 420424 145 Pat To Lead Chinese
Terry-Pirates 420427 146 Capturing Invader Car
Terry-Pirates 420428 147 Pat Addresses Troops
Terry-Pirates 420429 148 Dude Teaches Terry
Terry-Pirates 420430 149 Searching For Fu Ling
Terry-Pirates 420501 150 Rescuing Fu Ling
Terry-Pirates 420504 151 Dude Leaves
Terry-Pirates 420505 152 Terrys Planespotter
Terry-Pirates 420506 153 Plane Spotting Contest
Terry-Pirates 420507 154 Japs Plan A Trap
Terry-Pirates 420508 155 Japs Use Pat And Terry
Terry-Pirates 420511 156 Dude And Terry
Terry-Pirates 420512 157 Dude Terry Captured
Terry-Pirates 420513 158 Klang Uses Plane
Terry-Pirates 420514 159 Plane Shot Down
Terry-Pirates 420515 160 Dude Terry Escape
Terry-Pirates 420518 161 Teaching Slugger
Terry-Pirates 420519 162 Escaping From Yankuk
Terry-Pirates 420520 163 Jap Patrol Boards Junk
Terry-Pirates 420525 166 Driving Invader Tank
Terry-Pirates 420526 167 Enemy Marching
Terry-Pirates 420527 168 Bridge Collapses
Terry-Pirates 420528 169 Planes Heard Overhead
Terry-Pirates 420529 170 Pat Appointed Colonel
Terry-Pirates 420706 On Enemy Ground
Terry-Pirates 430000 Calcutta Spies
Terry-Pirates 430331 Capt Blaze Saved
Terry-Pirates 440110 The Baron In Disguise
Terry-Pirates 440127 Pats Disguise Uncovered
Terry-Pirates 440203 Real Baron Is Alive
Terry-Pirates 440927 Search For Abner Kane
Terry-Pirates 441019 Air Attack
Terry-Pirates 450508 Returning To The Usa
Terry-Pirates 450924 Green Fog
Terry-Pirates 461200 The Man Who Never Sleeps
Terry-Pirates 461202 Bugging Of Room 301
Terry-Pirates 461203 Recording
Terry-Pirates 461204 Representative Moss Bunker
Terry-Pirates 461205 Fatal Evidence
Terry-Pirates 461206 Search For Dr Quill
Terry-Pirates 461209 Search For Dr Quill
Terry-Pirates 461211 041 Aprehending Cuthney
Terry-Pirates 461212
Terry-Pirates 461213 042 Fatal Evidence
Terry-Pirates 461216 043 The Man Who Never Sleeps
Terry-Pirates 461220 045 Meeting In Hong Kong
Terry-Pirates 461223 046 Search For Dr.quill
Terry-Pirates 461225 047 Christmas Program In Rhyme
Terry-Pirates 461226 In Chung King China
Terry-Pirates 470110 The Man Who Never Sleeps
Terry-Pirates 470112 Gold Detector Ring
Terry-Pirates 470113 Baiting A Trap
Terry-Pirates 470114 Springing The Trap
Terry-Pirates 470115 Abduction Of Ginger Lee
Terry-Pirates 470116 Mind Slave
Terry-Pirates 470117 Man Who Never Sleeps
Terry-Pirates 470217 Mechanical Eye
Terry-Pirates 470520 Puzzle Of The 13 Orphans
Terry-Pirates 470529 Adv.of The Limestone Ledge
Terry-Pirates 470714 Case Of The Goofy Gosling
Terry-Pirates 470801 Escape In August
Terry-Pirates 471014 Deadly Current
Terry-Pirates 471017 The Mechanical Eye
Terry-Pirates 471020 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471024 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471031 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471100 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471107 The Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates War Stamp Pitch For Kids



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