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 Summer of 1940 News

1 MP3 CD - 72 episodes


"Invasion Near Norway"
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Cecil BrownLarry LeSueurWilliam ShirerThe summer of 1940 was a volatile time. Americans were beginning to feel the heat from the war in Europe, Britain was preparing for an invasion, and most of the Continent was under Nazi control. While many Americans were hoping that this was just another European war, the memories of the Great War (World War 1) were just too fresh.

The Columbia Broadcasting System provided up-to-date information devoted to specifically devoted to the war in Europe. Larry LeSueur, a pioneer in broadcast journalism, provided news from London. In the summer of 1940, the whole world expected Germany to launch an invasion of Britain. While there was not an invasion by the German Army, LeSueur was perfectly positioned to cover the Battle of Britain, also known as the Blitz (July-October 1940).  CBS also had correspondents in Berlin, William Shirer, and in Rome, Cecil Brown.

The news from that tense summer is a wealth of information, bringing to life the fear of invasion in England, the signs of the coming conflict  with Japan and just how much of the world this war touched. News from occupied Europe and stand-alone Britain helped make American understand that this is, indeed, a small world.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


72 shows - total playtime 17 hours 25 minutes

CBSEWN 400628 Channel Islands Bombed-Balbo Shot Down Over
CBSEWN 400701 Diplomat Expulsions-British & German Air Raids
CBSEWN 400703 British Mainland & Isles Bombed-British Bom
CBSEWN 400704 British Attack French Fleet At Oran-Egypt
CBSEWN 400705 Oran Aftermath
CBSEWN 400706 Hitler Returns To Germany-UK Invasion Rumor
CBSEWN 400708 German & British Air Raids-Rumors Of UK Inv
CBSEWN 400709 France To Become Vichy-German & British Air
CBSEWN 400710 British & Italian Naval Clash-Hungary-Oran
CBSEWN 400711 Axis & Russia Agree On Balkans-British & It
CBSEWN 400712 German Air Raids On UK-British & Italian Na
CBSEWN 400713 German & UK Air Raids-Italian & UK Naval Clashes
CBSEWN 400715 Dnc Meets-German & UK Air Raids-Kenya
CBSEWN 400716 Dnc-Blockade Of Italy-UK Air Raids On Germ
CBSEWN 400717 Dnc-Germany & UK Air Raids-Axis Propaganda
CBSEWN 400718 Fdr Vs Wilkie-German & UK Air Raids-Balkans
CBSEWN 400719 Fdr Accepts 3rd Term-UK & German Air Raids
CBSEWN 400720 New UK Home Forces Commander-Germany Demand
CBSEWN 400722 Havana Conference Begins-UK Naval Losses
CBSEWN 400723 Highest UK Budget Ever-Havana Conference Be
CBSEWN 400724 German & UK Air Raids-Germans Threaten UK I
CBSEWN 400725 German-UK & Italian Air Raids-Germans Use
CBSEWN 400726 Italians Bomb Gibraltar-Balkans-Europe's N
CBSEWN 400727 German Air Raids On & Peace Offers To UK-Ge
CBSEWN 400729 British Isles Near Invasion-French Channel
CBSEWN 400730 UK Isles Bombed-Germans Concentrate Forces
CBSEWN 400731 UK Blockade Of Germany & Italy-German Dayli
CBSEWN 400801 Germans Bomb UK-UK Bombing Raids-UK Blocka
CBSEWN 400802 Leaflets Dropped On UK-Air Raids On UK & Sc
CBSEWN 400803 UK Bombs Europe-Germans Bomb UK-UK Arrests
CBSEWN 400805 UK Invasion Near-Norway
CBSEWN 400806 UK Invasion Near-UK & German Air Raids
CBSEWN 400808 Europe & East Africa Fighting Intensifies-G
CBSEWN 400809 Dogfights Over English Channel & Libya
CBSEWN 400810 Air Raids On UK Intensify-Somaliland-Tobruk
CBSEWN 400812 Huge Air Battles Over Se UK-Somaliland
CBSEWN 400813 UK Hit With Worst Air Raids So Far-Believes
CBSEWN 400814 Midlands & Wales Bombed-Berlin Bombed-Germ
CBSEWN 400815 Bad Weather Hampers German Air Raids-Paratr
CBSEWN 400816 Great Air Raids On UK-North Italy Bombed-G
CBSEWN 400817 More Great Raids On UK Expected-UK Suburbs
CBSEWN 400818 Somaliland-UK Bombed-Germany Warns Us
CBSEWN 400819 UK Bombings Continue-Somaliland-Ethiopia-
CBSEWN 400820 UK Bombings Lessen-Churchill To Address Com
CBSEWN 400821 UK Midlands & S.e. Bombed-Berlin Radio Off
CBSEWN 400822 UK Cabinet Changes Possible-Egypt
CBSEWN 400823 1st Night Raid On London-Invasion Of Greece
CBSEWN 400824 Lull In Air Rairs-Dover Shelled-Balkans
CBSEWN 400826 Berlin & London Bombed-Somaliland
CBSEWN 400827 Heaviest Air Raids On UK Yet-Berlin Bombed,
CBSEWN 400828 Mass Daylight Air Raid On UK-Italy Bombs Ha
CBSEWN 400829 London & Berlin Bombed-Suez Canal & Alexand
CBSEWN 400830 Romania May Accept New Hungarian Border-UK
CBSEWN 400831 London & Berlin Bombed-Romania Halved By Di
CBSEWN 400902 London & Berlin Bombed-Munich & Sardinia &
CBSEWN 400903 2 London Bombings-Berlin Bombed-Transylvan
CBSEWN 400904 London & Berlin Bombed-Romania-UK Us Nav
CBSEWN 400905 Antonescu Overthrows Romania's King-UK Heav
CBSEWN 400906 King Carol Abdicates To Michael-Longest Lon
CBSEWN 400907 Berlin & Many UK Cities Heavily Bombed-Us C
CBSEWN 400909 Heaviest London Bombing Yet-Hamburg Bombed,
CBSEWN 400914 London & UK Bombed-N. Africa-Buckingham Pa
CBSEWN 400916 London & Liverpool & Belfast Bombed-N. Afri
CBSEWN 400917 London Heavily Bombed-Us Conscription Becom
CBSEWN 400918 Longest London Bombing Yet-Benghazi-Egypt,
CBSEWN 400919 London Heavily Bombed-Us Conscription Proce
CBSEWN 400920 Von Ribbentropp Visits Mussolini-London Bom
CBSEWN 400921 London Heavily Bombed-Indochina-Von Ribben
CBSEWN 400923 London & UK Heavily Bombed-Indochina-Germa
CBSEWN 400924 London Heavily Bombed-Heaviest Berlin Bombi
CBSEWN 400925 London & UK Bombed-Berlin & Invasion Ports
CBSEWN 400927 3 Power Alliance (axis) Formed-London & UK



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