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 Red Ryder

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"Back To Painted Valley"
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Red Ryder
Juvenile Adventure Western (1942 - 51)

Action! Thrills! Excitement! with America's Famous Fighting Cowboy! Lesten to Red Ryder!Red Ryder was a newspaper comic western hero, and was a natural for the radio kids. Known on the air as "America's famous fighting cowboy," he was still an upstanding cowboy action hero. The hero was first seen in a series of short stories by writer-cartoonist Fred Harman, who adapted it as a comic strip for the Los Angeles Times in 1938 before it finally became a radio show.

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For almost a decade, Red Ryder starred in half-hour cowboy adventures featuring a great cast of characters including his pal Buckskin and his little indian boy ward, "Little Beaver". The ranch homestead was cared for by the "The Duchess," actually Red's aunt. Red Ryder was always ready for adventure with his pals, Buckskin Blodgett and Rawhide Rolinson. Little Beaver was beloved by the kids who thought it would be great to be like Little Beaver and be in on all the western action!

At one point, Red Ryder was pitted against the Masked Man in the radio "badlands," and did really well against the more famous and well established masked man. In the later years, the show played on the West Coast via Don Lee productions, as sponsored by regional bread maker Langendorf Bread. It remained a mainstay of West Coast juvenile radio for all the little pre-TV buckaroos. After the old time radio show went off the air, Red Ryder and "little Beaver" continued to please 50s kids who avidly read his latest adventures in the popular "Red Ryder" comic books.

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For kid's favorite cowboys, listen to Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, Tom Mix, and Wild Bill Hickok.

Red RyderFor more "grown-up" western adventure, there are many shows to choose from, especially Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Frontier Gentleman, and Six Shooter. And even historically-based shows are available, such as Frontier Fighters, Mr. President, and many of the shows on Cavalcade of America, and You Are There. Also great for kids are the more northern outdoor adventures of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and Mark Trail, and the many juvenile action serials such as Captain Midnight and Speed Gibson.

For other classic radio shows based of comics,see also

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39 shows - total playtime 18 hours 40 minutes

Red Ryder 420207 003 Trouble on Shogono Trail
Red Ryder 420210 Milersville 001
Red Ryder 420212 Milersville 002
Red Ryder 420214 Milersville 003
Red Ryder 420217 Paradise Plateau 001
Red Ryder 420219 Paradise Plateau 002
Red Ryder 420221 Paradise Plateau 003
Red Ryder 420224 Scorpian Gulch
Red Ryder 420226 Range War
Red Ryder 420228 Indians on Warpath
Red Ryder 420303 Boullion Bend
Red Ryder 420305 Iron Horse Junction
Red Ryder 420307 Terror in Pecos Valley
Red Ryder 420310 Dobie Town
Red Ryder 420312 Casa Grande Valley
Red Ryder 420314 Frying Pan Valley
Red Ryder 420317 Cherokee Strip
Red Ryder 420319 Back to Painted Valley
Red Ryder 420321 Sundown Valley
Red Ryder 420324 Sheriff of Painted Valley

Red Ryder 420328 Devil's Hole
Red Ryder 420328 Pepperrodd
Red Ryder 420331 Stoney Barton
Red Ryder 420402 Bucktooth Canyon Dam
Red Ryder 420404 Bank Robbery
Red Ryder 420407 Roaring River
Red Ryder 420408 Brimstone
Red Ryder 420411 Painted Valley Rustlers
Red Ryder 420414 Chief of Clearwater
Red Ryder 420416 Cowtown of Los Alamos
Red Ryder 420418 Scarbone Clauson
Red Ryder 420421 Buckhorn Election
Red Ryder 420423 Devil's Circus
Red Ryder 420425 Tarantula Springs
Red Ryder 420502 Riata Springs
Red Ryder 451124 Stovepipe
Red Ryder xxxxxx Crooked Poker Game
Red Ryder xxxxxx Timber Tornado
Red Ryder XXXXXX Unaired Birthday Spoof


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