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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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" I am recovering from open heart surgery and have the great pleasure of listening to OTR radio stories that I have recorded. These Mp3 stories are from my childhood era so are very special to me as I can once again visualize the Lone ranger, or The Saint in the story being told. Thank You for the wonderful recordings"

Everything I have order from you has been great, even though i haven't ordered in awhile. Thank you for keeping Old Time Radio alive.

Otrcat is the best of the best source for "old time radio shows" just received another great two CD's from them the other day, if you are truly an old time radio buff like me this is the premier place to look for and buy your favorite shows of the past. Thanks to Jon and what he offers to all of us who love listening to the classic shows of the past!

Thank you for the classy mouse pad and the Presidential Inaugural Addresses disk. I know when I buy from
Otrcat.com I get first class service and an outstanding quality product.

One of my favorite memories is sitting with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hand and face in the Emerson console radio speaker and my mother in a easy chair in the background listening to The lone ranger or maybe The Shadow!
I read the Leatherstocking tales in my younger days and hope they will be as good as I remember. I also read sea stories like Horatio Hornblower from the C S Forrester series on him. The only made 1 or 2 radio show about them if I remember right and one movie with gregory Peck playing that part. Thanks for the memories!

Jon, My Christmas present was a oortable radio/ CD and MP3 player from Amazon. it is not expensive and is a Cornet product.It plays your disks very well. AC cord. and 8 C batteries.


A BIG THANKS to Otrcat. i would like to express the sheer surprise on my historical society volunteers who never heard of MP-3 cds. they are very greatful for the Allen Freed MP-3 cds. he had grown up in good old Salem Ohio. (my home too!) He had very much a small town feeling when he got to Cleveland and started his career in radio and rock'n'roll.

thanks a ton!


I have been an ORT CAT fan for several years. I have tinititis (I hear hissing in my head 24/7) and the only way I can fall asleep is by having OTR's playing at my bedside. Thanks for saving my nights!

You run a great business--your service is excellent, you create great products and you are a delight to deal with. I am thrilled I found you--love old time radio and you provide great stuff at great prices. And, you take the time to answer any questions--very nice. Thanks again.

Thanks to you as keeper of the flame
that old radio represents. It's always been true that
good people and good products are an unbeatable
combination, and you lead all the rest. Thank you.

Always enjoy your discs. I ordered these for an elderly neighbor who remembers listening to some of this in Missouri.

Love your business and that you make so many wonderful shows available to those of us who are interested in old time radio! Many thanks and continued success.

I discovered OTRCAT about 10 years ago. What a great company. I have purchased many programs and now have a collection of Old Time Radio episodes numbering in the thousands. OTRCAT has been fulfilling my nostalgia needs for a long time and I continue to check their website looking for new additions or updates to programs I already own. Thanks OTRCAT for all your great service over the years. You have earned my respect and will continue to have my business.

just want to thank you for your commitment to bringing us some great radio nostalgic entertainment. I am 65...really grew up with early TV...but do remember the last of the radio shows - and certainly know many of the entertainers who went into television and brought us some great family memories.
My habit has been to download Jack Benny, etc., on my IPOD and listen at night. My husband hears me laughing - wonders what is happening - and falls back to sleep. Me - I continue to laugh and enjoy the night away. So fun.
Thanks, again & Happy New Year!

I was a young announcer for the NBC Blue Network radio affiliate in Boston in the mid-1940s at a time when George
Burns and Gracie Allen came to town to appear at the old Boston Garden.

George and Gracie were busy with a thousand-and-one things to do; they sent their announcer, Bill Goodwin to be interviewed by our program manager. She introduced Mr. Goodwin to me, saying: "This is my announcer, Lou Dumont. Do you have any words of advice for him?" The very personable Mr. Goodwin told me to always remember to use 'pear-shaped' tones whenever I did my announcing thing. He used, as an example,
part of his network commercial for the sponsor of the Burns and Allen show at that time. It was: "WELL I SWAN, HOW ABOUT YOU?" The makers of Swan Soap got an extra commercial from Bill Goodwin.

I remember that as though it were yesterday.

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