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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Have Gun Will Travel
04.Sherlock Holmes
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
07.I Love a Mystery
09.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
10.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I have been buying mp3's from Jon for a few years now, and my 10 year old daughter is now listening to the children's shows.The service has been beyond reproach and I now consider Jon amongst my friends. I would recommend him and his product to anyone.

Just received my order for the LUX Collection. It is a welcome relief from worsening TV. The sampler that came with my first order has been alot of fun. Thanks for sharing your collection.

As you can see i live England ( Coventry )
I have used OTRCAT once and found them very, very good and helpfull in the program C.D. I required

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great service. I love my cd's and listen to them with such enjoyment. In this day and age of such extreme technologies, it is nice to go back and listen to nostalgia. I am only 39, but love the vintage years. I must say I wolud LOVE more Hedda Hopper shows. My favorite...
Again a huge thanks and I will ready to order some more soon

John / Los Angeles

Jon, I've only bought from you one time but, I bought so much I'm STILL listening to 'em! I can't tell you how happy my wife is, with the money I save, by buying these great Radio Shows, in MP3 format rather than paying CD prices at popular Book Stores! I love these Old Time Radio Shows! My favorites are: Lux Radio Theatre, Lights Out, The Inner Sanctum, The Whistler....I could go on forever!!

I am old enough to remember when many of these shows were first aired on radio, so many have special meaning for me. I have been an OTR fan for years, but only discovered OTRCAT about three years ago. What a Find! Excellent value, speedy delivery, and great service. It's amazing since I remember the advent of Television that I even have learned to use a MP3 player. Thanks for the memories ... and the programs.
Pastor Jim Swanson, Hammond, Indiana

Great website and terrific source of old time radio programs. I have been listening and collecting them for years. I'm not old enought to remember them for real but they sure are entertaining.

Great everything. I've been a customer for a few years. I must listen to 5 or more shows everytime I'm at the computer and I'm at the computer a lot. Well done Jon. First class in all areas. I also download them to an ipod - take a walk and kids think I'm cool! Naturally I rock my shoulders as I walk past a younster to suggest I'm listening to something other than "Lux Theater."

fascinating website I'ave ever visited. Yep, you are great.I am bewitched. I've been recommending you to most of my friends.we'll all stay hooked,promise !

I just finished listening to Recollections at 30. No doubt, this is radio history in a very entertaining and living way. By far the best program of the many, many I have received from OTRCAT. Thanks Jon. I've got hours and hours enjoyment from your generous services. Ben

I have just placed my fourth order with you. When my first order arrived I wondered how I would ever listen to so many shows. But I take my trusty MP3 player with me everywhere - especially when commuting to work. I listen to about 4-5 shows a day.

My favourites - and they all are....
1. Father Knows Best - I love what they get up to and the expressions used by the kids.
2. Life of Riley. I feel so much for poor William Bendix. Nothing ever goes right for him.
3. Tales of Texas Rangers. I have run out of these now - but am going through them a second time.
4. Burn and Allen + Jack Benny Program
The lists go on and on. Who needs television!

I heard my first OTR show on an AM radio station while travelling from San Bernadino to San Diego, late one night in 1994...it was Rocky Jordan...and I've been hooked ever since.

OTRCAT allows me to continue to enjoy my new found hobby

I have been purchasing CD's from OTRCAT for several years now and have built quite a library. I will continue to come back! I am active duty military and do a lot of traveling and I ALWAYS have a selection of OTR cd's for all travelling occasions. Even when my family and I go on holiday or just traveling around our local area, I bring the cd's and listen to them in the car. My kids favorite is "Life of Riley." My wife and my favorite is "Rocky Jordan" and "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", even though we have more than 60 different shows.

This is TOP-QUALITY entertainment and really allows you to use your imagination. I LOVE IT!

On a recent flight to the middle east, 10 hours one way and 12 on the return trip, I had the chance to listen to "Gun Smoke" uninterupted both ways. I also had time to listen while sitting in the hotel room in the evening. Thank you OTRCAT for the quality in your MP3s. As a customer who has retuned several times I can honestly say "I'll be back". My grand children have been borrowing from my library also. They have learned OTR is more fun then the sometimes mindless after school TV shows. Jim F. Baltimore, Md.

i just resontly purchased a computer
and i enjoy the radio shows very much.

Last year I started to finally step into the 21st century and began to buy old-time radio shows on MP3. I did a lot of comparing prices and episode counts before I settled on Otrcat and I'm very glad I did. Jon has been more like a friend than a dealer. He has bent over backwards more times than I can count to give me the quality of product and great dealls that I can work with on my limited income. 98% of my collection is from Jon. Otrcat is always getting new series and Jon is always quick to answer any questions that I had about series and content. Also, his specials on certain series are always irresistable. For me Otrcat is the ONLY place to come for old-time radio shows.

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