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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Oh my goodness!! I think I'm in love!! With a website, of all things!! I've found you and have no intention to let you go. The first order is in the planning .. but how to chose? Where to start! Stars Over Hollywood or Broadway is My Beat? Mr Moto or Let's Pretend? All that I can say is Thankyou .. Thankyou .. Thankyou..! Oh, and I don't think, I KNOW.
I'm in love with OTRCAT!
PS. And am spreading the word!!

To my friends at OTR. I grew up listening to Old Time Radio in the late 40's & 50's. I began collecting Old Radio Programs several years ago on cassette whenever I could find them but when I came across OTR, I was delighted as it was the ultimate solution to finishing my collection.(If it is ever finished).OTR eliminates searching the net. for programs to listen to. OTR has them all!!!! I have purchased over 100 hrs of programs and am still ordering more.(And am listening to them to).I am reliving my childhood when Radio was "Old Time Radio" Thank you for this site.

What a great website with even greater OTR shows! I have now placed 3 orders and have been very satisfied with the quality of the discs and the speed of delivery! I am 20 years old and I own a iPod but I love these Old Time Radio programs. Some of my favorites are Dragnet, Spy Catcher, This Is Your FBI, and Calling All Cars. I am still amazed at the quality of the dialogue and the production of shows like Dragnet. I used to subscribe to another OTR website and download the shows but this is so much faster and I get more for my money. Keep up the good work and look for my next order soon!

In receipt of your delivery as per my order. Quick. Professional. I was very pleased. Thank you. I look forward to more continued orders.

Thank you so much for this site. I used to listen to Breakfast Club with my Dad. We would march around the table with Aunt Fanny and Don McNeil. Anyone who would understand this is now dead in my family. My sister is 9 years younger and this has been hard to explain to her - now I can show her what it was like. This has been wonderful - thank you so much.

Order came quick, thanks. Will do business again.

Thank you so much for your work on this site. I'm a fanatic about radio shows, and I'm very glad that this lost art is being revived. I was also very happy with the discs I recieved, including The Explorer's Club, Escape, and My Favorite Husband. They have the best audio quality of anything available on the web, and for very reasonable prices. I was thrilled to find that I could get all existing episodes of "Quiet Please" (the creepiest show ever on the airwaves and my favorite horror show) for a trifling $5. In contrast, the pack of unscrupulous pirates at "Radio Spirits" were cowardly enough to charge sixty dollars for a small, jumbled selection of radio shows that I could get here for only a few well-spent dollars. Once again, thank you.

Thank you!! We grew up watching radio.
Had forgotten how all encompassing it was and the impact it had on every aspect of our lives. Have begun a wonderful journey rediscovering memories and a time that was rich with imagination and wonder.
Frank Urban
Onancock VA

Received my order. Thanks for your prompt service.

If you have ever flown into the Atlanta airport,(is there anyone who hasn't?) you have probably taxied or rolled over the four acres where we lived during the '30's and '40's. Our beloved cathedral style Philco sound was regularly interrupted by those DC-3's of Delta and Eastern coming and going at the then smallish airport. Jon, I must admit that when I found your site I went hog wild and ordered several years worth of old time radio programming. I may not live to listen to it all. Ha, Ha. (I don't use this LOL stuff.) Jon, you are a great American. Thanks for all you do. Tom Parks
PS The Gunsmoke series is awesome!

Excellent site. It brings back so many memories. Thanks!!!!

Jean and I think your OTR Cat is absolutely the best. It must be a lot of work to compile all this material. We hope you will continue to be able to do it, since it it such a valuable resource! And that you will be able to earn a decent living as well, you certainly are entitled to that. Please enjoy good health also. P.S. we are old enough to remember when these programs were playing in real time. Those days were not nearly as good as now, when you can have your shows any time you want, and not have to wait a whole week for the next one.

Hi Jon,
I have been collecting old radio shows for many years and have numerous cassettes to prove it. However, when I heard about OTR, its tremendous collection of quality, inexpensive recordings, and its MP3 format, I was hooked. I took your advice and bought a Sony MP3 player and several discs--my favorites being Vic and Sade, Fred Allen, Bob and Ray, and Groucho Marx. I also love the free Samplers that I have received, the fast shipping time, but most of all, the feeling I get that your company really enjoys the products it sells, so much so that it keeps looking to improve the quality and quantity. Keep up the good work. Your website is first-rate, also!!

I've just made my umpteenth order at OTR ,I'll keep coming back to the friendliest ,most knowledgeable ,biggest selection ,best run site there is around.Thanks a million Jon ,great job.Oh! and thanks for adding more Springbok Radio stuff ,I grew up with it in the sixties ,good memories ,brilliant shows.Regards Alan.

Hi folks-greetings from Canada.
OTRCAT is the best site on the web that i have found.OTRCAT has a very good collection of "old time radio shows".
I personally have purchased a fair number of mp3's from here,never had a problem getting them.
Yes,there are plenty of other OTR sites on the web,but i find that Jon really knows his stuff!
Enjoy the shows folks!

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