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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Sherlock Holmes
04.Have Gun Will Travel
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
07.I Love a Mystery
08.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
10.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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My husband received his first order and was thrilled with it!
We had purchased a new Sony mini system with MP3 player and it worked great!
Thank you!

Thank you for the package received a couple of days ago. As always, I am impressed by the careful and secure packaging, and the promptness of despatch and delivery.

Just received my latest order from you, very quick service as usual.
It is a real enjoyment listening to the old shows. I remember most of them.
I discovered from you one that is the best. Before I started ordering from otrcat I heard on wi-fi radio a single broadcast of Vic & Sade.
After listening I sat there wondering what the heck did I just hear. I ordered the set from you and spend a lot of listening time with that series. I was not born when it started on the radio and in the shows later years I did not hear it, seems as though I had to be in school when it played

I just ordered Bing Crosby, Phil Harris, Alice Faye, and Dragnet shows. Thanks, and keep up the good work. You and OTRCAT are great!

Charles Lamb

I have enjoyed all the detective shows that I have bought so far. My favourites are Philip Marlowe, The Saint, The Falcon, Mr Moto ( shame there were only 12 episodes ), Dangerous Assignment and The Fat Man. I love that famous actors were doing a weekly live? show and filming. I especially like when they go abroad. It was interesting to see how Japan and North Korea were treated in the 40s/50s.

My real reason for writing is that I ordered my last discs and I received them yesterday. I know part of this is the service of your post and my Royal Mail but is also due to you processing my orders within 24hrs. This is excellent. Thank you for the quick delivery!

I have ordered many shows over the years, and have enjoyed them all. I will continue to order other shows in the future.

Just a short note to let you know that the samplers, of which are always enjoyable, that is to say this particular one has been most enjoyable. My wife thanks you especially. She can't wait to get home from work to sit down to her puzzle book and listen.

So thanks so very much, and keep up the good work with the radio shows and the samplers.

I had to pinch myself...am I dreaming? Amazing collection of old time radio here!

I am 43 years old and have been intrigued by the idea of old time radio shows since I was a child. As a teen I purchased a couple of shows on cassette tape at the book store. I was infatuated with an old 1948 zenith tube radio that belonged to my grandma. That radio belongs to me now.
I purchased an FM transmitter to transmit cd's to it in the form of an FM radio signal. I am so pleased to listen to these old time radio shows from this old radio at last. These are good shows that take me back to the golden age of radio that I never experienced before.

I just want to thank you for the mp3 cd's. My car plays them so I am really enjoying the sampler with Bogart, Bacall, Alan Ladd, Broadway is My Beat. The Fats Waller has a bonus sampler! Haven't even gotten to Sherlock Holmes. Johnny Dollar or Jack Benny. Ecstatic that they play in my car.

Thank you for the very fast response. Businesses that ship instantly go on my excellent list. I already love your offerings and now I appreciate your efficiency.

Just wanted to write you a note to thank you very much for your great and excellent service. Just to say I got my CD's package in just 6 days via airmail to Singapore. I am so happy and ready to listen the dramas. Best regards and thanks again.

Old Time Radio from OTRCAT.com has changed my life...fixed my insomnia. They have become my Ambien and even if addictive...not so harmful!

I've been enjoying my Fibber McGee and Molly MP3s as I drive at night delivering lost and found luggage. They started in the late 30s. You begin
to hear from comments on the show that Europe has gone to war again. I'm now listening to 1940. Englandd will soon be standing alone against Germany.
I will enjoy living through WWII with the McGees (Marian and Jim Jordon) whom I know were very patriotic and did special shows about life at the home front during the war. When I come home and turn on the TV I find myself back in the 21st Century. It's a bit of a culture shock and a little scary to realize how much the government has taken over everything in our lives.

I received my order yesterday and once again I want to thank you for such a great job, not only of giving us these radio programs at a low cost, but, of course, for your speedy service. Thanks again.

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