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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I've already sent you a letter - via snail mail - telling you how excited I was to have found this site, but I wanted to let anyone who is hesitant on ordering know how great this service is! I am 36 years old (so - no - I didn't grow up listening to OTR) but when I was about 12 or so the family was on a road trip and I saw a tape of the Shadow in a gas station. I thought it looked scary so I got it. I was soooooo hooked. I immediately started a collection of shows and devoured them. However, it was expensive. You could get maybe 2 shows for $5 on a tape. I could not believe it when I found this site - $5 for a whole load of shows. MP3s! Brilliant! I ordered the Mr. Keen set - the whole Life of Riley series and Adventures By Morse. (I got hooked on that after hearing the "City of the Dead" show!) Oh -and the samplers. Other sources of OTR would only give you a snipit of a show. You put on about 100 whole shows and it introduces us to some we probably would never have heard. I LOVE IT! My wife thought I was insane b/c I was so pumped! Anyway, I'll order again b/c now I can affordably increase my collection. I am so grateful to you for creating this web site and for sharing your collection with all of us - and I thank you for quickly getting my order to me. (It was one of the few exciting mail days I've had in a while!) ... I wish you continued success! Thanks again!

hI Jon got me hooked on mp3's before I new what mp3's where my entire collection has come from him and it gives me hours of enjoyment. Love to sit down for a quiet fewe hours listening to the old shows and working word find puzzles. Very relaxing. Would love to have some pen pals to talk about our shows. My Favorites are Fibber Mcgee and Molly and The Great Gildersleeve he is what got me started in OTR.


Thanks for the update. As always, I appreciate it greatly, as I imagine most of your customers do. You may recall that my wife has Alzheimer's. Nonetheless, she still enjoys the theater of the mind -- OTR and audiobooks included.

In fact, her neurologist continues to marvel that her sense of humor remains sharp as her other abilities erode. It's not unusual for AD patients to retain an appreciation of music (it's a left brain, right brain phenomenon), but a sense of humor isn't as common. So OTR is a staple during car trips for us.

Thanks so much for the show samples at the website. There have been a few where an "audition" show has been helpful and some where we were sorry there isn't one -- the South Africa "Avengers," for example.

Incidentally, if you need a testimonial for the samplers, my wife and I can attest to what a delight they are. There are programs you won't hear anywhere else because not enough episodes have been preserved, and some that serve as auditions of others that have led to our purchasing the full set.
In once case, "Country Doctor" starring Jean Hersholt, we even purchased DVDs of the movie series based on what we heard on a sampler disc. So these collections, which really do have something for every taste, have introduced us to programs that have become new favorites with actors whose movie
careers often parallel their broadcast work. It's also interesting to note those whose talent transfers well from screen to mike and those who don't because they aren't as capable of using their voice alone to convey emotion as are others.

Once again, Jon, thanks so much for the entertainment and for what also serves my wife as therapy.


Thanks for providing these wonderful old radio shows. My favorites are the Jack Benny shows. Thanks for all of the programs available from your website. Great

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you Thank You for have such a wonderful sight!! I thoroughly love ot radio shows and you have made it fast and easy to get them!!! What you do is awesome for those of us that enjoy these beloved shows!!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

I just wanted to let you know what great quality your shows are and that I enjoy them very much. Great price too ! The speed of shipping is excellent also. I will be ordering more soon.

I believe I have the only 9 year old boy who not only knows who Jack Benny is but loves his show. I was having difficulty finding cd's or tapes he could listen to. But; through this website I have been able to expose him to many other fabulous programs. This website was a God send for us. Now we don't have to listen to the same program over and over. It is not only fun for him, but I believe educational too.(I'm not going to let him in on that, though) Thank you!!!!

With the way T.V. is going to the dogs. I so enjoy Old Time Radio Programs. I have been ordering from Jon for about 4 years. I love the vast selection and the service. Everytime I stop by this site there are new shows. My Favorite is Vic and Sade. V&S was one of the first shows that I got, I still listen to them and laugh. I grew up in the 80's and if I love this type of programing than Everyone will also. Keep up the Good Work Jon

I have ordered from your catalog several times and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how fast my order arrives. This is the coolest thing, to be able to get the MP3's with all those shows on each. What a great value, I only wish I found out about your company sooner. Please keep up the great work. I REALLY appreciate all you do.

i am completely in awe of your service and your website.
i really didn't expect the professional way that you are set up.
The fact that you have lists of each episode per disk is such a great idea. i can print them and then keep track of each episode listened to.
It seems as if the episodes on the samplers are alphabetized and serialized. Another great idea. i bought several shows (Amos & Andy, X Minus One, Weird Circle, etc.) and i chose sampler #1. i can look at the episode lists and know which ones not to listen to since they could be on the other disks. Thank you for the well organized website.
i will return!
Darby, MT

I am happy to provide Jon and OTRCAT a testimonial!

It has been a couple years since I have done my first OTRCAT order, and I keep coming back.

The choice of shows are great. Ordering is a breeze and my orders come quickly (okay, I wish they would come sooner, but that is a post office issue and certainly not a Jon or OTRCAT problem).

Whenever the topic (for whatever reason) the issue of Old Time Radio comes up, I am sure to mention OTRCAT!

Your site is a blessing to those of us who love old time radio

Dear Friend: Once again I marvel at your merchandising skills with the internet! Thanks for the vignette on OTRCat. I inherited a black and white tuxedo and huge cat from my late wife. We had always raised cocker spaniels in 57 years of an often tumultuous marriage so having a black and white cocker along with the cat has been quite an experience. Your ability to link and mix titles with a common artist are amazing. My friend B who introduced me to the world of MP3 enjoys his expanding collection. This is in confidence, as I wouldn't want to embarrass him. As my computer skills lumber on with tiny steps I enjoy reading the history of each artist and series. Many blessings and continued success.

I've been buying OTR exclusively from "the cat" for about two years. Always fast delivery, always good CDs, and the monthly addition of new material and occasional Samplers keeps things lively.

Compared to other major OTR stores, what makes the Cat superior is clear description of the contents of each disk, and the ability to buy each disk separately...

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