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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Have Gun Will Travel
04.Sherlock Holmes
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
07.I Love a Mystery
09.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
10.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I really love the September 21, 1939 Broadcast I feel like I just went back in time 70 years ! Plus I like the other things I ordered from you too . I'm glad I ran across your website by Mistake . Where else can you get so much free stuff and Speedy delivery ? Thank you very much Jon for all you have done for me , like Arnold said I'll be Back ! !

The quality of the redigitized Gunsmoke collection is terrific. They are as good, if not better, than listening in real time on the radio. It's truly appreciated for the care taken to make these episodes available for a very small cost. As I've been saying for the past years, "Thank you".

I Love this site.. I, am a collector of classic commercials radio jingles etc. I, see a lot of things that I want to add to my new hobby.. Thank-you, for another trip down memory lane..

I received my radio cds and love them. In fact I can say OTR will improve my health as I will use the tread mill longer. I hate to exercise but walked to Orson Wells 30 minutes longer than usual this am. Thanks again

fantastic service and superb product . i could not be more pleased. tremendous bargain. will use again for sure

I was born too late to enjoy the heyday of radio entertainment. This site has given me the chance to here the shows my grandparents and parents grew up with. I have became adicted to listening to these shows. Thankyou so much. This site is real easy to use and the history behind the shows is very imformative. Service is FAST! Thank you again. Rick

I have been collecting shows from a number of websites but they don't compare to OTRCat with the photos/bios/and listening samples. A quality product at a great price. For many friends who borrow my collection, I include a link to Cat so that they can explore their interests. Well done!

I've ordered a few times from OTRCat.com, and every time has been great. Thank you Jon for keeping the old time radio spirit alive!

... OTRCat is at the top. A first-class operation with great service, selection, and prices.

You won't believe how long I have been hunting for episodes of Straight Arrow! I've got more than 5,000 old time radio shows on cassette, CD and DVD but only ONE episode of Straight Arrow - until now, that is. I've been collecting these things since 1978 when they would only be available via LP records (remember them?). I find these shows the perfect companions for long trips in my car. The wife loves them too. Thanks again.

What a joy it has been to hear these old time radio shows for the first time & share them with others. I had no idea of the great writing and acting that went into these radio shows. One of the greatest joys I have had was to present to my elderly aunt the entire collection of her favorite radio show "Inner Sanctum." She was so thrilled. Thank you OTRCat for the joy you share with us.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. So happy I discovered OTRCAT! Old-time radio dramas have become a passion of mine, and to find them available (and so reasonably priced) is beyond measure.


Just received my order Western Music Sampler. sure brings back some great memories from my childhood. I will be back for more great OTR music shows! Thank You

Just received my order of old British radio comedy - bringing back many happy memories of listening to the 'wireless' in less stressful times. Keep up the good work!

I turned 80 two weeks ago, and am basking in my childhood--namely the Old Time Radio programs. Cheers!

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