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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Hey Radio fans,

I am grateful for this opportunity to thank Jon for all the things he does. I have an MP3 player in my car and at home. It is pretty much all I listen to in the car, and my wife and I have spent many a pleasant evening in front of the fireplace listening to the likes of Jack Benny. The main reason I am writing this is to suggest to any and all- if you haven't already purchased the 2 disc set of You Bet Your Life starring the one and only Groucho, you would be well advised to do so. It is like 153 episodes, each one nothing short of hilarious. Pound for pound it is the best money I have spent at OTR.
Best to all the kindred spirits out in radioland, and again, thanks so much for everything, Jon. For a reasonably small amount of $$, I have hundreds of hours of listening pleasure at my disposal whenever I can make time to enjoy them.

I've purchsed several dozen CD's and all exceeded my expectations. Far more covenient and economical than spending hours downloading shows one at a time from internet sites, and better quality recordings. I listen to a few shows every night on my way to sleep. For the price of a hamburger you can have weeks of satisfying entertainment.

Say, fellas and girls, aren't those daily OTRCAT shows swell. Just the right thing for helping eat a healthy breakfast of Kellogg's whatchamajuggers. You can listen to them when you're slurping your milk from the breakfast bowl (remember don't waste any 'cause all the grains are being shipped to the fellas and girls overseas). And what's neat with the daily shows is they are free! You don't have to send in any money, stamps, not even a box top! Just one click and you can hear them at the kitchen table or download them to listen to them later, like at bed time. Yep, those OTRCAT freebies are right on the beam for daily enjoyment everywhere!

have been listening to the sample broadcast of Johnnie Lee Wills. It brings back such great memories. My dad, Henry Boatman is featured on this one. As a little boy, I used to go with dad to the broadcasts a lot, and play all over Cain's Ballroom while they were playing on the air. Back then, we had prohibition in Oklahoma. As a little lad of 5, 6 and 7 I knew every place there was in Cains to hide a half fifth of whiskey... Thank you so much

Thanks for the Great Free Daily Downloads, I've been enjoying for more than a year now. And I really am pleased with the recent order I received, and Thanks for the Bonus Tax Time show with the order... Thanks Again, enjoy newly added each Day & Month.

OTRCAT has been a life saver for me. A few months ago I ordered many classic radio series like Jack Benny. I was born in the mid-50's so I missed the days of network radio. However, many of the stars of radio migrated to TV and were still very popular when I was a boy.

Anyway, I came down with a painful medical condition last month, and the doctor prescribed 2 hour long baths each day to counteract the symptoms. Now, I hate baths and always have, being an active person who jumps in/out of a shower.

An hour in a bathtub seems endless to me ... These old shows have been a godsend to me. In seemingly seconds, an hour has passed by (each CD holds about an hour's worth of programming). I even look forward to the "latest" installment of Jack Benny, Sam Spade, The Saint, Burns & Allen, etc.

THANKS for making these wonderful shows available. I think of you every time I take a bath! ;-)

hello: i am super glad to find a place that i can find old time radio shows on cd and mp3 cds. they make very fanstic gifts as well for people who don't watch tv. thanks tons

Jon: I heard your old time radio classics when I first purchased my new vehicle and sirius radio was free for a year. I found the station and I listen no nothing else. It was bad luck that I always got on it at ten minutes till the hour or the last ten minutes of a program. I got tired of always missing the programs so I decided to purchase alot of your MP3 disks. I particularly love Gunsmoke and the Six Shooter. They are wonderful so I got them all. I am going on vacation soon and look forward while my husband sleeps and listens to his music I will take all of my disks with me. THANK YOU so very much

What a great site - I have bought several CDs and they are all wonderful Good to see the British shows are available too. I never expected to hear most of them again, now they are a constant delight, as are the American Radio Shows - I love the Kraft Music ones. I have recommended the site to friends too. Keep up the good work. Mina

I recently returned from an almost three-week trip to Canyonlands NP and the Grand Canyon. I'm a tent camper, and every night I went to sleep listening to old-time radio shows I've acquired from OTRCAT.com. One night, the temperature dropped to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but these great recordings helped to keep me warm.

I love these old shows. I am a private investigator and listen to then while doing surveillance. The time flies by!

I am a new custormer to this website.I am glad I found it.I am very pleases with my first order.It got here quick.I visit this website daily.And will be placing another order soon.Thank You not only for a great website,but for good service also.And the radio shows are at a great price of only $5.00 a Cd.
Thank You..Charles

I love this site and visit it daily. I am downloading all free shows. However, my birthday is this month and I have advised several of my friends to purchase shows as my present. I am looking forward to getting hundreds of shows for my birthday. I am so excited. Thank you for this site. It has improved the quality of life. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again.

I'm fairly new to the radio classics, and wish I'd been aware of them years ago. The comedy is timeless, and I'd highly recommend the generously-loaded MP3 discs as gifts for older parents. Years ago, my mother would occasionally mention how funny Jack Benny, Rochester, and Phil Harris were on the radio. After she was stricken with a serious stroke, she would d to hear those old-time shows, I'm sure of it. Pity that I wasn't 'in tune' with the abundance of programming that was available...I'd hunt up various DVDs for her, but these radio shows would have made her last years a lot more enjoyable....they were a special part of her life. To those of you with folks who are housebound or not mobile---consider giving them a trip back to lighter, funnier days. I wish I had. Thanks for doing such a good job making all these available, Jon------

I've been an otr fan a long time. I've gotten great MP3 discs and downloaded shows to put on discs. you have shown me a good many treasures of the otr world.

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