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 Lorenzo Jones

1 MP3 CD - 23 episodes

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"1939 Broadcast"
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Comedy Soap Opera (1937-1955)

Karl Swenson
Karl Swenson as Lorenzo Jones

Lorenzo Jones was a popular soap throughout its near two decade run. Each show began, "We all know couples like lovable, impractical Lorenzo Jones and his devoted wife, Belle. Lorenzo's inventions have made him a character to the town, but not to Belle, who loves him. Their struggle for security is anybody's story, but somehow, with Lorenzo, it has more smiles than tears . . . and now, let's smile awhile with Lorenzo Jones and his wife, Belle."

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Lorenzo, played by Karl Swenson, was a daydreamer who worked as an auto mechanic. He had a hard time focusing on his auto work, as his mind was always drifting to the next invention he was going to create. He dreamed of outdoor vacuums and tri-spouted tea pots- one each for strong, medium and weak. His wife, Belle (played by Betty Garde and later Lucielle Wall), stuck by him and watched Lorenzo create his new inventions with great excitement. Bette Garde
Bette Garde as Lorenzo Jones'
devoted wife, Belle
Originally, Belle was created as one of the sweetest women known to soapy operas. Her character later changed to a silly billy. After years of great success with uniquely different plot lines from those of the popular Frank and Anne y soapies, the Hummert formula set in - along with amnesia and Lorenzo's kidnapping by jewel thieves.

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Very few of these wonderful Lorenzo Jones episodes are in existance today. Smile awhile, and enjoy this fine soap sud!

Called the parents of soap opera, Anne and Frank Hummert also created Betty and Bob, Front Page Farrell, Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons, Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Young Widder Brown, Mr. Chameleon, Stella Dallas, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Lora Lawton, The American Melody Hour, Hearthstone of the Death Squad, Lorenzo Jones, Nona From Nowhere, Our Gal Sunday, Inspector Thorne, Romance of Helen Trent, and more.

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23 recordings - total playtime 5 hours 16minutes

Lorenzo Jones 4115 Lorenzo Jones Collapsible Ladder
Lorenzo Jones 4116 Lorenzo Works For Contractor He Hired
Lorenzo Jones 440607 Lorenzo Reads High School Yearbook
Lorenzo Jones 441026 Buster And Bell At Lunch
Lorenzo Jones 450810 Lorenzo Accused Of Robbery
Lorenzo Jones 480607 Claire Foster Is Secret Agent
Lorenzo Jones 480810 Sulphur Water
Lorenzo Jones 480921 Lorenzo Plans Model Town
Lorenzo Jones 490222 Lorenzo Angry With Belle
Lorenzo Jones 501030 Lorenzo Thinks He Is Going To Inherit
Lorenzo Jones 520305 Edgar Graling Has Found Lorenzo And Plans To Control Him
Lorenzo Jones 541223 Handwriting Expert Fragment
Lorenzo Jones 5501 Lorenzo Loses Money
Lorenzo Jones 550112 Poison In Drink
Lorenzo Jones 550113 Lorenzo Still Has Amnesia
Lorenzo Jones 550114 Belle Carries Knife
Lorenzo Jones 550624 Roger Craxtons Murder
Lorenzo Jones Aptitude Test
Lorenzo Jones Bell Takes Piano Lessons
Lorenzo Jones Belle Gets Arrested
Lorenzo Jones Claire Foster
Lorenzo Jones Invention Turned Down
Lorenzo Jones Lorenzo Makes Speech At Womens Club



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