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 Heroes Superheroes Collection

6 MP3 CDs - 330 episodes

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"Parking Lot Racket"
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Superman breaks his chainThis is an epic collection of heroes, superheros, and people who think that they’re heroes in old time radio. Superheroes are individuals who protect or avenge others either have super human powers or perform super human feats with special powers.

Some of our Super Hero collection comes from the world of the Costumed Crime Fighters. The classic definition of Super Hero says that Super Heroes have superhuman powers like Superman, or the great strength that the Blue Beetle gets from his mentor's secret formula. The Green Hornet pulls a man from the wall!But there are a number of Super Heroes for whom the costume just hides their identity, and they depend upon their skills and intelligence to foil the Bad Guys. Both the Lone Ranger and his descendant, The Green Hornet, depend on their masks.

We are proud to feature the only known episode of Batman and Robin from the Golden Age of Radio. (The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder made a number of appearances on the Mutual Network's Superman.)

Space PatrolMany of our Heroes are simply real people who become heroes because the situation needs a hero. Hop Harrigan, Captain Midnight, Speed Gibson, Terry and  the Pirates, and Sky King are all Heroes in the air as well as on the ground.

Gene Autry from Melody Ranch, Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, and Red Ryder perform their Heroics in the best traditions of the Old West, while Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Commander Buzz Corry of Space Patrol are heroes of the science fiction future.

There are also regular guys who do heroic deeds by helping others. It can be argued that Father's are by definition Heroes, but listening to the Life of Riley  and The Great Gildersleeve will make us question that notion. There are even fewer chances for honest heroics when you are a show business dad like on The Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show. But our favorite unhero is Phil's old boss, Jack Benny. Well, Jack could be a Hero -- as long as it didn't cost him anything to do it!

captain Midnight Old Time Radio ProgramThis collection includes old time radio shows handpicked by OTRCAT.com from the following series:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 59 shows - total playtime 21 hours 4 minutes

Batman And Robin 500905 01 Monster Of Dumphreys Hill
Blue Beetle 400515 01-02 Origin - Smashing Spy Ring
Blue Beetle 400517 03-04 Sabatoge - Liquidation
Blue Beetle 400522 05-06 Murder For Profit
Blue Beetle 400524 07-08 Blasting Dynamite Gang
Blue Beetle 400529 09-10 Invisible Ghost
Blue Beetle 400531 11-12 Death Rides Horseback
Blue Beetle 400605 13-14 Death Strikes From The East
Blue Beetle 400607 15-16 Sea Serpent
Blue Beetle 400612 17-18 Frame Up
Blue Beetle 400614 19-20 Spirits Don't Talk
Blue Beetle 400619 21-22 Thoroughbreds Always Come Through
Blue Beetle 400621 23-24 Smashing The Arson Ring
buck 380404 Origin Story
buck 390405 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 01
buck 390407 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 02
buck 390409 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 03
buck 390412 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 04
buck 390414 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 05
buck 390416 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 06
buck 390419 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 07
buck 390421 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 08
buck 390423 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 09
buck 390426 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 10
buck 390428 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 11
buck 390430 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 12
Captain Midnight 391017 Episode01
Captain Midnight 391019 Episode03
Captain Midnight 391020 Episode04
Captain Midnight 391023 Episode05
Captain Midnight 391024 Episode06
Captain Midnight 391025 Episode07
Captain Midnight 391026 Episode08
Captain Midnight 391027 Episode09
Captain Midnight 391030 Episode10
Captain Midnight 391106 Episode15
Captain Midnight 391107 Episode16
Captain Midnight 391108 Episode17
Captain Midnight 391109 Episode18
Captain Midnight 391110 Episode19
Captain Midnight 391113 Episode20
COTY 500130 0737 Casper Motts' Adventure
COTY 500201 0738 Circumstantial Evidence
COTY 500206 0739 Blind Mans' Buff
COTY 500206 0740 Jailbreak
COTY 500208 0741 The Runaway Heir
COTY 500210 0742 Flaming Valley
COTY 500217 0745 Alias Al Gibson
COTY 500911 0805 Gold Behind The Waterfall
COTY 500913 0806 The Polar Quest
COTY 500915 0807 Left To Die
COTY 500918 0808 Sack Of Sand
COTY 500920 0809 Malemute Express
COTY 500922 0810 The Torn Map
COTY 501101 0827 Contention
COTY 501103 0828 Whistling In The Dark
COTY 501108 0830 Ghost Riders
COTY 501113 0832 Clue Of The Silver Pup
COTY 501115 0833 Passport To Death

Volume 2 - 54 shows - total playtime 20 hours 4 minutes

Cisco Kid 520722 001 Disappearing Bullet
Cisco Kid 520724 002 Meanest Man In Arizona
Cisco Kid 520729 003 Man Trapped In Cave
Cisco Kid 520731 004 Necktie Party For Pancho
Cisco Kid 520812 007 A Shawl For Senorita
Cisco Kid 520814 008 Sam Grants Will
Cisco Kid 520826 011 Outlaw Who Dropped His Own Wallet
Cisco Kid 521125 037 Murder At Cactus Vista
Cisco Kid 521127 038 Saga Of Sundown Kelly
Cisco Kid 521202 039 Ghost Dance Of Kiowasspeed Off
Cisco Kid 521204 040 Murder In Gunsmith Shop
Cisco Kid 521230 047 Ned Dobsons Niece
Cisco Kid 530101 048 Cisco Brings Law
Cisco Kid 530106 049 Pancho And Parrot
Cisco Kid 530108 050 Cisco Meets Apache Kid
Flash Gordon 350427 001 On The Planet Mongo
Flash Gordon 350504 002 Befriends Lion Men And Stops A
Flash Gordon 350511 003 Imprisoned By Hawkmen
Flash Gordon 350518 004 Death Battle Won By Flash
Flash Gordon 350525 005 Rules Over Cave World
Flash Gordon 350601 006 Blue Magic Men Capture Flash
Flash Gordon 350608 007 Dr Zarkoff To The Rescue
Flash Gordon 350615 008 Aide Tal Plants Seeds Of Doubt
Flash Gordon 350629 009 Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Ha
Flash Gordon 350706 010 Dr Zarkoff IsThawed Out
GG440910 The Rainmaker
GG470319 Gildy Guards Cash
GG471022 Congressman Gildersleeve
GG530429 Bronco's Bottled Water Company
Green Hornet 360227 007 Trouble Hitsthetrolley
Green Hornet 360303 008 Not One Cent For Tribute
Green Hornet 360306 009 Justice Wears A Blindfold
Green Hornet 360310 010 Money Talks Too Loud
Green Hornet 380505 235 The Political Racket
Green Hornet 390103 304 Put It On Ice
Green Hornet 390928 381 Gas Station Protection Racket
Green Hornet 391017 388 Sales Tax Racket
Green Hornet 391031 390 Parking Lot Racket
Green Hornet 391123 396 Smuggler Signs His Name
Green Hornet 391209 293 Fake Accident Racket
Green Hornet 391216 Ryder'S Writer Racket 061
Green Hornet 391221 Waiter's Union Racket 062
Green Hornet 391228 406 Crandell & The Murder Ring
hphr 480122E 1384 Airline Protection Racket pt 1
hphr 480123E 1385 Airline Protection Racket pt 2
hphr 480126E 1386 Airline Protection Racket pt 3
hphr 480127E 1387 Airline Protection Racket pt 4
hphr 480128E 1388 Airline Protection Racket pt 5
hphr 480129E 1389 Airline Protection Racket pt 6
hphr 480130E 1390 Airline Protection Racket pt 7
hphr 480202E 1391 Airline Protection Racket pt 8
hphr 480203E 1392 Airline Protection Racket pt 9
hphr 480204E 1393 Airline Protection Racket pt 10
hphr 480205E 1394 Airline Protection Racket pt 11

Volume 3 - 65 shows - total playtime 24 hours 13 minutes

Jack 401001 Ep1517 Trailing Dirk To The Airport
Jack 401002 Ep1518 Plotting To Steal The Chart
Jack 401003 Ep1519 Dirk And Blackbeard Steal A Letter
Jack 401007 Ep1521 Flight To San Francisco
Jack 401008 Ep1522 Strange Visitor On The Schooner
Jack 401009 Ep1523 Mysterious Token From Prof Loring
Jack 401010 Ep1524 Jack And Billy Escape From The Police
Jack Benny 490109 2015 Lunch At The
Jack Benny 490116 2016 Jacks Scrap
Jack Benny 490123 2017 Don Wont Si
Jack Benny 490130 2018 Don Still Wo
Jack Benny 490206 2019 Don Signs A
Jack Benny 490213 2020 Jacks Birth
Jack Benny 490220 2021 The Horn Blo
Jack Benny 490227 2022 Jack Has A M
Jack Benny 490306 2023 A Day At The
Jack Benny 490313 2024 After The Ra
Jack Benny 490320 2025 Mary And Van
Jack Benny 490327 2026 Spring Clean
Jack Benny 490403 2027 American Hea
Jack Benny 490417 2029 Easter Parad
Jack Benny 490424 2030 Jack Decides
Jack Benny 490501 2031 The Treasure
Jack Benny 490508 2032 Jack Is Upse
Jack Benny 490515 2033 Mary Is Sick
Jack Benny 490522 2034 The Champion
Jack Benny 490529 2035 Cast Introdu
Jack Benny 490911 2101 Bus Tour Int
Jack Carson Show 461002 01 Runs for County Commissioner
Jack Carson Show 470101 14 Prepares for a Film Role02
Jack Carson Show 470108 15 Movie Magazine Interview
Jack Carson Show 470122 17 Date With Irene Ryan
Jack Carson Show 470129 18 Threatening Letters
Jungle Jim 420822 356 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 420829 357 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 421017 364 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440122 430 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440129 431 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440212 433 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440219 434 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440226 435 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440304 436 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440311 437 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440325 439 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440401 440 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440408 441 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440415 442 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440422 443 War Time Adventures
Jungle Jim 440429 444 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Jungle Jim 440506 445 WAR TIME ADVENTURES
Life of Riley 491111 253 Community Chest Drive
Life of Riley 491118 254 The Escort bureau
Life of Riley 491202 256 Riley The Bookie
Life of Riley 491209 257 Babs And Stevenson's Nephew
Life of Riley 491223 259 The Christmas Club
Life of Riley 491230 260 Riley Drives Cab for Bab's Boyf
Life of Riley 500217 267 Peg, the Waitress
Life of Riley 500303 269 Riley Becomes an Actor on TV
Life of Riley 500310 270 Dispute w Landlord aka Leaking
Life of Riley 500324 272 Cissie's Marriage
Life of Riley 500331 273 The Politeness Story
Life of Riley 500407 274 Miracle Of The Bells
Life of Riley 500428 277 Riley Buys A Hamburger Stand
Life of Riley 500512 279 Its Mothers Day
Life of Riley 501006 287 Surprise Party Show

Volume 4 - 56 shows - total playtime 23 hours 47 minutes

Annie 360616 1164 Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary
Annie 360617 1165 Who Shot Tom Baines' Dog
Annie 380000 1534 Building A Radio Transmitter
Annie 380000 1535 Daddy Warbucks Searches For Annie
Annie 380000 1536 Queen of the Island
Annie 380000 1537 Diamonds
Annie 380000 1538 Testing the Diamonds
Annie 380000 1539 Daddy Warbucks Hears Radio Signals
Annie 380000 1554 Temple in the Jungle
Annie 400920 follows mysterious lady
Annie 401000 Pearl Diver
Annie 401120 Annie Follows Mystery Lady
LR 380124 0004 Silver Mine Susprise
LR 380128 0006 Abilene Horse Thieves
LR 380207 0010 Contrabrand Liquor
LR 410214 0475 The RoundUp At Coronado
LR 440410 0971 Calamity Jane 7o16
LR 440424 0977 Sam Bass 8o16
LR 480630 1635 The Lone Ranger's Origin
LR 530130 2351 Ret Of Cavendish 20th Ann Show
LR 540329 2529 Burly Scotts Sacrifice
LR 540903 2596 Last Show Cold Spring Showdown
MR 490820 On The Utah Trail The Story Of Genes Guitar
MR 490917 Lonesomest Cowboy Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
MR 491029 Ive Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle
MR 500900 Heart As Big As Texas
MR 500930 Ragtime Cowboy Joe Caleb Hooten
MR 510609 Good Old Fshd Hoedown Cattlemens Assn $tolen
MR 510616 Gimmie Old Time Religion Cody Bennett Dams Up Lake
MR 510901 When Payday Rolls Around Buck & Kate
MR 521115 The Bells Are Ringing John Loves Martha
MR 530920 Tweedle Otwill Church In Wilson Valley
MR 550129 Hair Of Gold Ringo Mine
MR 560513 Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Last Show
Ph470309 Will Benny Renew Phil's Contract
Ph471012 Phil Acquires Stock In His Sponsor
Ph471019 Selling The House
Ph471026 A Day In The Life Of Phil Harris
Ph471123 Phil Sees A Doctor
Ph471130 Phil's Hobby
Ph471207 A Dog For The Kids
Ph480425 The Kids Come To See Daddy At Work
Ph481003 First Show For Rexall
Ph481010 Frank Remley Signs A Contract By Mistake
Ph481017 Phyllis' Boyfriend
Ph481024 The Live Steer
Ph481031 Get Out The Vote
Ph481107 A Job For Willie
Ph481114 Inventing A New Drug
Ph481121 Health Food
Ph481205 Remley Wants To Borrow Phil's Family
Ph481212 The Baby Sitter
Ph481219 Jack Benny As Santa Clause
Ph481226 Broken Christmas Gift
Ph490102 Phil Thinks He Is Being Drafted

Volume 5 - 51 shows - total playtime 19 hours 51 minutes

Roy Rogers 450123 110 W Sarah Berner
Roy Rogers 450508 125 Porter Hall Villain
Roy Rogers 450508 The Legend Of Pecos Bill
Roy Rogers 480328 Aud Case Of The Mysterious Puppet
Roy Rogers 480824 Mystery Of The Circle Efirst Show
Roy Rogers 510304 Wagon Raiders
Roy Rogers 511012 402 Ed Baileys Bad Luck
Roy Rogers 511019 403 Night Riders
Roy Rogers 511026 404 Prospecting Friends
Roy Rogers 511102 405 The Doug Manson Gang
Roy Rogers 511109 406 After Counterfeiters
Roy Rogers 511116 407 Lawmans Badge
Roy Rogers 511123 408 Debona Gang
Roy Rogers 511130 409 The Map
Roy Rogers 511207 Eight Convicts
Roy Rogers 511214 Bribe
SkyKing 450731 Mountain Detour
SkyKing 470714 Land Diamond Scarab-Army Blue Men
SkyKing 470723 Snodgrass Pearls
SkyKing 470731 Benny Miller and the Sheriff
SkyKing 471204 Message In Code
Sp 521025 0004 The Hole In Empty Space
Sp 521108 0006 The City Of The Sun
Sp 521115 0007 Queen Of Space
Sp 521122 0008 The Giant Bubble
Sp 521129 0009 The Electronic Burglar
Sp 521206 0010 The Space Shark
Sp 521213 0011 The Search For Asteroid-X
Sp 521220 0012 The Lady From Venus
Sp 521227 0013 Last Voyage Of Lonesome Lina
Sp 530103 0014 Brainbank And Space Binoculars
Sp 530110 0015 The Sleepwalker
Sp 530124 0017 The Scavengers Of Space
Sp 530131 0018 The Top Secret D-Ray
Sp 530207 0019 Crash Landing
Sp 530214 0020 The Mysterious Meteor
speed gibson 370102e001theoctopusgangactive
speed gibson 370109e002speedinductedintosecretpolice
speed gibson 370116e003headingforhongkong
speed gibson 370123e004ashootingattempt
speed gibson 370130e005theoctopusordersakidnapping
speed gibson 370206e006remainingatwakeisland
speed gibson 370213e007speedismissing
speed gibson 370220e008splintersincustody
speed gibson 370227e009barnyfliesthemysteryplane
speed gibson 370306e010thetrioisambushedonguam
speed gibson 370313e011trioisambushedonguam
speed gibson 370320e012octopusplansasurprise
speed gibson 370327e013arrivalinhongkong
speed gibson 370403e014clintsuspiciousofmrwu
speed gibson 370410e015clinttostaywithdrkingsley

Volume 6 - 45 shows - total playtime 16 hours 45 minutes

Red Ryder 420207 003 Trouble on Shogono Trail
Red Ryder 420210 Milersville 001
Red Ryder 420214 Milersville 003
Red Ryder 420217 Paradise Plateau 001
Red Ryder 420219 Paradise Plateau 002
Red Ryder 420221 Paradise Plateau 003
Red Ryder 420224 Scorpian Gulch
Red Ryder 420226 Range War
Red Ryder 420228 Indians on Warpath
Red Ryder 420303 Boullion Bend
Red Ryder 420305 Iron Horse Junction
Red Ryder 420307 Terror in Pecos Valley
Red Ryder 420310 Dobie Town
Red Ryder 420312 Casa Grande Valley
Red Ryder 420314 Frying Pan Valley
Red Ryder 420317 Cherokee Strip
Red Ryder 420319 Back to Painted Valley
Red Ryder 420321 Sundown Valley
Red Ryder 420324 Sheriff of Painted Valley
Superman 400308 e0012 NorthStarMiningCoJonesBrosBoat
Superman 400311 e0013 BartAndJoeSetFireOnSteamer
Superman 400313 e0014 KentFallsOffPlaneToCanyonCity,Idah
Superman 490309 e0014 TheCaseOfDoubleTrouble
Superman 491029 e0001 TheMysteryOfTheWalkingDead
Superman 491119 e0004 OneMinuteToDeath
Superman 491126 e0005 PuzzleOfThePoisonPomegranate
Superman 491210 e0007 MysteryOfTheMechanicalMonster
Superman 491231 e0010 MysteryOfTheLittleMen
Superman 500107 e0011 GhostOfBillyBaker
Superman 500121 e0013 DeadMenTellNoTales
Superman 501123 e0050 TheStoryOfMarinaBaum
Superman Promo for Cocomar
Terry-Pirates 470714 Case Of The Goofy Gosling
Terry-Pirates 470801 Escape In August
Terry-Pirates 471014 Deadly Current
Terry-Pirates 471017 The Mechanical Eye
Terry-Pirates 471020 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471024 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471031 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471100 Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Terry-Pirates 471107 The Dragon Lady Strikes Back
Tom Mi0 450800 Vanishing Village Pt.1
Tom Mi0 450800 Vanishing Village Pt.2
Tom Mi0 450800 Vanishing Village Pt.3
Tom Mi0 450800 Vanishing Village Pt.4



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