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 Hans Conried

6 MP3 CDs - 249 episodes

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"Much About Do Litte: Conried Gets a Job"
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Hans Conried
Hans ConriedHans Conried is a well-known voice actor who successfully made the leap from radio to television.  Hans ConriedHis voice range and ability allowed him to work on comedy, detective, and drama radio shows.  A bit on a ham, he tended to steal the show in every performance. 

Hans Conried was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 15, 1917.  Studying theater at the esteemed Columbia University, he went on to perform classic theater roles.  His career in radio picked up when he became a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company.  He performed frequently on the dramatic series Suspense.  He often played silly versions of professional men such as the psychiatrist in Burns and Allen Show and Professor Kopokin is My Friend Irma

Hans Conried career got a second wind as a voice actor on animated films and television cartoons such as Rocky and Bullwinkle, Woody Woodpecker, and Hoppity Hopper.  His most memorable voiceover role was as Capitan Hook on the Disney film, Peter Pan.  He was also the live action reference model for rotoscoping Captain Hook as was common in animated films of the era.

This extensive collection encompasses Hans Conried's radio career with performances from all various series (including many rare recordings) including:

Conried as Captain Hook
Hans Conried Alice in Wonderland

See also the Hans Conried - Arch Oboler article by author, Suzanne Gargiulo.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 44 shows - total playtime 20 hours 37 minutes

Alan Young
Alan Young 461025 0006 Alan The Movie Star
Alan Young 470103 0013 Family Tree
Alan Young 470110 0014 Alan The Playwrite
Alan Young 470117 0015 Clothes Make The Man
Alan Young 470124 0016 Bear Shot With Bow And Arrow
Alan Young 470131 0017 New Checking Account
Alan Young 470207 0018 Photo Of ABank Robber East
Alan Young 470214 0019 The Dog
Alan Young 470221 0020 Mc Phearson Fortune
Alan Young 470228 0021 Kiss Maker East
Alan Young 470307 0022 Charity Masquerade Ball
Alan Young 470314 0023 The Mouse
Alan Young 470328 0024 Overdue Rent
Alan Young 470404 0025 Buying Stock
Alan Young 470418 0027 Vaudeville Act
Alan Young 470502 0029 Birth Certificate Error
Alan Young 470509 0030 Typical American Mother
Alan Young 470523 0032 Cowboy Blood
Alan Young 470530 0033 Lifeguard Contest

Orson Welles Almanac 440202 02 Lionel Barrymore
Orson Welles Almanac 440322 Hamlet
Orson Welles Almanac 440607 20 Dday Program

Bergen McCarthy
Bergen McCarthy 471019 W Jane Wyman
Bergen McCarthy 480404 Rudy Valee
Bergen McCarthy 480502 483 Dr. Max Mason

Bob Burns
Bob Burns Show 430506 For Lifebuoy Meat Rationing

Burns and Allen
Burns & Allen 430601 J35 Gracie Appears In Traffic Court
Burns & Allen 430914 K03 Brian Donlevy Gracie Wants To
Burns & Allen 431221 413 Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchest
Burns & Allen 440118 Gracie Teaches Culture To William B
Burns & Allen 440125 Paul Henreid's Culture School

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 420413 274 A Continental Uniform
Cavalcade Of America 430426 328 Soldiers In High Boots
Cavalcade Of America 430510 330 Fat Girl
Cavalcade Of America 430906 347 Double Play

Dinah Shore
Dinah Shore 440615 Birdseye W Phil Harris

Escape 471001 008 The Most Dangerous Game
Escape 490921 089 The Fortune Of Vargas

Everything for the Boys
Everything For The Boys 440425 15 Death Takes A Holiday

Fitch Bandwagon
Fitch Bandwagoo 461208 w Phil Harris & Alice Faye

Great Gildersleeve
GG411116 Serviceman for Thanksgiving

Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Playhouse 500119 070 Around The World In 80 Day
Hallmark Playhouse 500202 072 Wine Of Youth

Volume 2: 36 shows - total playtime 20 hours 31 minutes

Halls of Ivy
HallsIvy 500324 Professor Gerhardt's Secret

Hello Americans
Hello Americans 421122 02 Christ Of The Andes
Hello Americans 421129 03 Santa Domingo Hiati
Hello Americans 421206 04 1o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421213 05 2o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421227 07 Bad Will Ambassador
Hello Americans 430110 09 Mexico

Hollywood Premier
Hollywood Premier 41-06-27 - Blood and Sand (v)

Jack Benny
Jack Benny 430321 1425 Host Orson W

Jack Carson Show
Jack Carson Show 470122 17 Date With Irene Ryan
Jack Carson Show 470212 20 Fixing a Radio
Jack Carson Show 470219 21 Tanya
MBlanc 470225 the vaudeville team

Jack Paar Show
Jack Paar Show 470622 04 Spoof On Fan Magazine Interviews
Jack Paar Show 470713 07 Childrens Adventure Shows
Jack Paar Show 470727 09 Singing Cowboy Parody
Jack Paar Show 470803 10 Buying A House
Jack Paar Show 470817 12 Jack Benny
Jack Paar Show 470831 14 Parody Of Radio Shows
Jack Paar Show 470907 15 Breakfast Foods
Jack Paar Show 470921 17 This Is America
Jack Paar Show 470928 18 HairTonics-School-MailDelivy-last

Jeff Regan
Jeff Regan 480731 Lady With The Golden Hair

Judy Canova
judy canova 480529 Judy Reads Scripts

Life of Riley
Life of Riley 471115 175 Riley In School Play
Life of Riley 480131 186 Uncle Baxter Moves In

Lights Out
Lights Out 421027 Mungahra (The House Is Haunted)
Lights Out 430427 Execution
Lights Out 430615 Prelude to Murder

lux410210 294 The Moon's Our Home
lux410317 299 Cheers For Miss Bishop (No open)
lux410526 Virginia City
lux410707 Algiers
lux410929 Third Finger Left Hand
lux420406 The Fighting 69th
lux440110 423 The Constant Nymph (No Opening)

Volume 3: 47 shows - total playtime 23 hours 44 minutes

Life with Luigi
Luigi 490206 Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill
Luigi 490220 Luigi Needs Driver's License
Luigi 490313 The Raffle
Luigi 490320 The Car
Luigi 490327 Luigi Goes To Dance School
Luigi 490403 Luigi Tries To Return a Nightgown
Luigi 490410 Rosa Must Lose Weight
Luigi 490424 Luigi Gets A Big Electric Bill
Luigi 490501 Plans A Block Party
Luigi 490508 Luigi's Toothache
Luigi 490515 Super Salesman
Luigi 490529 The Wedding
Luigi 490605 At The Racetrack
Luigi 490710 The Registered Letter
Luigi 490717 At The Beach
Luigi 490814 Sore Thumb
Luigi 490828 Go West, Young Man
Luigi 491004 Out of Water
Luigi 491011 Columbus Day Play
Luigi 491025 The Zoning Commission
Luigi 491101 The Football Game
Luigi 491108 No Electioneering
Luigi 491122 Thanksgiving Celebration
Luigi 491129 Money For The Kids
Luigi 491220 Pasquale Takes Luigi's Xmas Money
Luigi 491227 New Year's Phone Call
Luigi 500103 Pietro Needs An Overcoat
Luigi 500131 Beautiful Ms. Spaulding
Luigi 500214 Movie Date
Luigi 500221 Washington Radio Contest
Luigi 500228 Ms. Spaulding's Party
Luigi 500307 Income Tax Season
Luigi 500314 Big Brothers Of America
Luigi 500321 Rosa Or The Park
Luigi 500328 Luigi Finds A Wallet
Luigi 500404 Traffic Light

Martin and Lewis
Martin & Lewis 491014 022 W Dorothy Kierston
Martin & Lewis 520111 052 W Hans Conried

Mr President
MPres 481107 e072 Theodore Roosevelt

Much About Dolittle
Much About Dolittle 500323 Hans Conried Get A Job

My Friend Irma
MFI 470613 e010 The Fur Coat
MFI 471222 e037 Double Surprise
MFI 480105 e039 The Great Irma
MFI 480112 e040 Lucky Couple Contest
MFI 480119 e041 The Book Crook
MFI 480126 e042 The Lonely Hearts Club
MFI 480308 e048 Double Troubles

Volume 4: 52 shows - total playtime 21 hours 59 minutes

Mel Blanc
MBlanc 461008 TheFishingRod
MBlanc 461015 ThePostman'sBall
MBlanc 461022 BettyRhodesVisitsTheShop
MBlanc 461029 TheCommunityChestShow
MBlanc 461105 MelBreaksTheNewRadio
MBlanc 461112 LodgeInvitation
MBlanc 461119 TheAstrologer
MBlanc 461126 Mel'sThanksgivingDinner
MBlanc 461210 Betty's Christmas Present
MBlanc 461217 ChristmasShoppingWithBetty
MBlanc 461224 MelPlaysSanta
MBlanc 461231 ZebraOfTheYear
MBlanc 470107 TheBrokenCarusoRecord
MBlanc 470128 the masqurade costume
MBlanc 470204 Betty's Suitors
MBlanc 470211 Mel's Birthday
MBlanc 470218 The Missing Slice of Bread
MBlanc 470304 CouncilmanColby
MBlanc 470311 TheArtCritic
MBlanc 470318 TwoLovesHasMel
MBlanc 470325 MissUggaUggaBoo
MBlanc 470401 AprilFools
MBlanc 470513 SupermarketJournalEditor
MBlanc 470520 TrialSeperation

My Favorite Husband
My Favorite Husband 481113 e18 learning to drive
My Favorite Husband 490114 e27 Liz piano lessons
My Favorite Husband 490211 e31 Valentines Day
My Favorite Husband 490218 e32 secretary school
My Favorite Husband 490408 e39 the gum machine
My Favorite Husband 490422 e41 Liz goes on a schedule
My Favorite Husband 490701 Liz And George Reminisce
My Favorite Husband 490916 e54 girls play baseball
My Favorite Husband 490923 locked in the attic
My Favorite Husband 490930 e56 Liz elected treasurer
My Favorite Husband 500127 e73 Liz writes a song
My Favorite Husband 500224 e77 Liz redecorates house

NBC University Theater
NBCUT 480903 006 Candide

Orson Welles Theater
Ow410915 Orson Welles Theatre Jimminy Cricket

Ozzie and Harriet
Ozzie & Harriet 490227 E22 The Nelson Bank

Pacific Story
Pacific Story 461110 Redemption In Singapore

Philip Marlowe
Philip Marlowe 490604 Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 490813 Indian Giver
Philip Marlowe 490903 Bum's Rush

Richard Diamond
Richard Diamond 491217 035 The John Blackwell Case

Sam Spade
Sam Spade 480822 B100 Vafio Cup Caper
Sam Spade 481212 B116 Bouncing Betty Caper

Screen Directors Playhouse
SDP 490508 e018 It's a Wonderful Life
SDP 490522 e020 Her Husband's Affair
SDP 490819 e030 Love Crazy
SDP 491111 e042 Body and Soul
SDP 500106 e050 Magic Town
SDP 500217 e056 It's in the Bag

Volume 5: 40 shows - total playtime 19 hours 32 minutes

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild Theater 420215 104 Libertys a Lady
Screen Guild Theater 450521 246 The Desert Song

Sealtest Village Store
Sealtest 480923 03 Love Pact
Sealtest Village Store 470320 Vincent Price Vinnie Hi

Suspense (pt 1)
SUSP 430601 044 Banquo's Chair
SUSP 430821 054 Sorry Wrong Number
SUSP 431019 062 LazurusWalks wOrsonWelles (AFRS)
SUSP 431026 063 After Dinner Story
SUSP 431102 064 Statement of Employee Henry Wilson
SUSP 431109 065 Cabin B-13
SUSP 431116 066 Thieves Fall Out
SUSP 431123 067 The Strange Death of Charles Umberstein
SUSP 431202 068 The Black Curtain
SUSP 431209 069 The Night Reveals
SUSP 431216 070 Wet Saturday
SUSP 440106 073 One Way Ride to Nowhere
SUSP 440113 074 A Dime a Dance
SUSP 440120 075 A World of Darkness
SUSP 440127 076 The Locked Room
SUSP 440210 078 Suspicion
SUSP 440217 079 Life Ends at Midnight
SUSP 440224 080 Sorry Wrong Number
SUSP 440302 081 Portrait Without a Face
SUSP 440309 082 The Defense Rests
SUSP 440316 083 Narrative About Clarence
SUSP 440323 084 Sneak Preview
SUSP 440406 086 The Woman in Red
SUSP 440420 088 The Palmer Method
SUSP 440427 089 Death Went Along for the Ride
SUSP 440504 090 The Dark Tower
SUSP 440511 091 The Visitor
SUSP 440518 092 Donovan's Brain, Part One
SUSP 440525 093 Donovan's Brain, Part Two
SUSP 440608 095 The Case History on Edgar Lowndes
SUSP 440615 096 A Friend to Alexander
SUSP 440629 098 The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Whistler 430103 e034 The Weakling
Whistler 470203 e248 Seven Steps To Murder
Whistler 500122 e402 The Go Between

Ytjd 500314 041 Eighty Five Little Minks

Volume 6: 30 shows - total playtime 15 hours 52 minutes

Suspense (cont.)
SUSP 440706 099 Search for Henri Le Fevre
SUSP 440713 100 The Beast Must Die
SUSP 440803 103 Banquo's Chair
SUSP 440810 104 The Man Who Knew How
SUSP 440824 106 Actor's Blood
SUSP 440831 107 Black Path of Fear
SUSP 450419 138 Pearls Are a Nuisance
SUSP 461003 213 Three Times Murder
SUSP 461024 216 Dame Fortune
SUSP 461031 217 Lazarus Walks
SUSP 461114 219 The One Who Got Away
SUSP 461128 221 The Strange Death of Gordon Fitzroy
SUSP 461205 222 The House in Cypress Canyon
SUSP 461219 224 The Thing in the Window
SUSP 470116 228 Overture in Two Keys
SUSP 470206 231 The End of the Road
SUSP 470227 234 Three Faces for Midnight
SUSP 470424 242 Win, Place and Murder
SUSP 470529 247 A Thing of Beauty
SUSP 470612 249 Stand-In
SUSP 470724 255 Murder by an Expert
SUSP 470904 261 The Argyle Album
SUSP 470925 264 The Blue Hour
SUSP 471212 275 The Man Who Couldn't Lose
SUSP 480110 279 The Kandi Tooth
SUSP 480320 289 Wet Saturday and August Heat
SUSP 491229 365 The Bullet
SUSP 500216 372 Murder Strikes Three Times
SUSP 500309 375 Banquo's Chair
SUSP 500330 378 Blood Sacrifice



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