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 GI Jive (with G.I. Jill)

1 MP3 CD - 79 episodes


"Rhum Boogie"
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Virginia Gilmore
(AFRS, WWII Era Musical Program)

G.I. Jive was a radio show sent out by short wave during World War 2. The show starred G. I. Jane, Martha Wilkerson in real-life, who was a counterpoint to Tokyo Rose and Berlin Betty.

GI Jill 1944YANK, The Army Weekly was one of the most widely read magazines during WWII. The idea for the magazine is credited to Egbert White, who had been a writer for Stars and Stripes during WWI. What made Yank unique was that it was written for the Enlisted Man by Enlisted Men. The editorial work was done in New York, then the editions were shipped over seas for printing. There were editions for British, Mediterranean, Continental and Western Pacific theaters. There was a 5 or 10 cent charge for each copy, the theory being the Magazine would be more valued by soldiers and sailors if they had to pay for it.

From the beginning the Enlisted editors and writers knew what Enlisted men wanted. Jazz, laughs, and Pretty Girls.

Every issue featured a Pin-Up Girl. Cartoons were a part of the magazine, starting with Sad Sack, the hapless private who was "drafted" into the magazine in May 1942 and featured until he and the magazine were "formally discharged" in 1945.

The Jazz was brought in the form of G.I. Jive, The AEF Jukebox of the Air, a music program originally produced by the Office of War Information and then given to AFRS. The Pin-Up Girls were important on the Radio as well.

For the first 600 or so episodes both credited and uncredited disc jockeys were used. Sometime these were servicemen who had a good radio voice and an interest in jazz, but many times a WAAC or WAV, or else a Hollywood Pin-Up Girl would be called to the microphone. Virginia Gilmore, Jane Wyman, Ann Rutherford, and Ethel Smith were among the guest DJ's.

Jane WymanAfter episode 600 the primary DJ would be "G.I. Jill", the air-alias of Martha Wilkerson. Wilkerson had been an employee of the OWI, doing a show with her husband ex Radioman Mort werner playing Jack and Jill on Hi Neighbor. When she made the move to AFRS it was without her husband, much to the delight of her many listeners.

Of the number of shows AFRS was presenting during WWII, G.I. Jill received a quarter of the fan mail. The G.I.s loved her with her homey touches and her genuine affection for them. (On one episode she pauses, saying she had bumped "that darn jukebox" and had a run in her stockings, "Does anyone know where I can get some silk stockings?")

G.I. Jill was sometimes thought to be an answer to Tokyo Rose. In actuality the G.I.s just like Jill better. She was a piece of home, and her records were better than Tokyo Rose's.

Wilkerson recorded for G.I. Jive six days a week. The program was broadcast over short-wave for Africa and Parts of Europe, and transcribed onto disks that were distributed to the Pacific over a "mosquito network."

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

79 shows - total playtime 18 hours 52 minutes

G I Jive GMiller V-Disc int
Ambrose - Night Ride
Artie Shaw - Indian Love Call
Benny Goodman - Get Happy
Benny Goodman - Sugarfoot Stomp
Bob Crosby - Java Junction
Bunny Berigan - High Society
Bunny Berigan - Jivin
Charlie Barnet - Cherokee
Charlie Spivak - Soldier Jumped At Dawn
Count Basie - Jumpin At The Woodside
Eddie Miller - Stomp Mr Henry Lee
Glenn Miller - American Patrol
Harry James - 920 Special
Harry James - Backbeat Boogie
Harry James - Trumpet Blues
Harry James - Two O'Clock Jump
Jimmy Lunceford - Jeep Rythmn
Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie
Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
Tommy Dorsey - Well Get It
Tommy Dorsey - Who
Woody Herman - Woodchopper's Ball
271 Tommy Dorsey - Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
272 Good Queen Bess
414 Joe Turner Blues
415 Lucky Millinder - Are You Ready
416 Lucky Millinder - Apollo Jump
417 Ginny Simms - I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water
449 Erskine Hawkins - The Limehouse Blues
450 Lucky Millender - Jitters
459 Glenn Miller - Hallelujah
460 Eddie Miller - Shortnin' Bread
465 Benny Goodman - Let's Dance
466 Harry James - Backbeat Boogie
509 Rhum Boogie
510 Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie
601 Benny Goodman - Honeysuckle Rose
602 Count Basie - Blue Lou
617 Bing Crosby - Rollio Rolling Along

618 Andy Kirk - Riding Along
703 Benny Goodman - Bugle Call Rag
704 Stan Kenton - Eager Beaver
705 Tommy Dorsey - Blue Skies
706 Blue Lou
829 Margie
830 Woodchoppers Ball
831 Dipper Mouth Blues
832 Elk's Parade
833 Changes
834 Swanee River
835 We'll Get It
836 Jumping at the Woodside
837 Eager Beaver
838 Alexander's Rag Time Band
839 Casa Loma Stomp
840 Buckle Down Winsocki
841 The Night Ride
842 Benny Goodman - I Found A New Baby
843 Bob Crosby - Honky Tonk Train Blues
844 Harry James - The Sad Sack
845 Glenn Miller - Here We Go Again
846 Benny Goodman - King Porter Stomp
847 Benny Goodman - Bugle Call Rag
848 Tommy Dorsey - Song Of India
849 Harry James - Strictly Instrumental
850 Harry James - Trumpet Blues
851 Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
852 King Porter Stomp
853 Bob Crosby - South Rampart Street Parade
854 Glenn Miller - Caribbean Clipper
855 Stan Kenton - Eager Beaver
856 Tommy Dorsey - Well Get It
890 Tommy Dorsey - Moonlight On The Ganges
892 Count Basie - GI Stomp
901 Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
906 Erskine Hawkins - King Porter Stomp
908 Bunny Goodman - Changes
914 Bunny Berrigan - Deed I Do


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