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 Frank Sinatra Collection

5 MP3 CDs - 147 episodes

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Frank Sinatra (DISK 5 ONLY) Light-Up Time

"Guest Starring the Nat King Cole Trio"
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Frank Sinatra 1947
(1915 - 1998)

Frank Sinatra MicrophoneBorn in Hoboken, New Jersey to Italian immigrants, Francis Albert's parents thought he was stillborn until his grandmother revived the baby Blue Eyes with cold water. As a youngster, Sinatra idolized Bing Crosby. In 1933, the young Sinatra attended one of Bing's performances and decided right then that he wanted to be a singer. At the tender age of 15, he dropped out of high school to pursue his singing career. In 1939 he sang with Harry James' orchestra. Of Sinatra, James reportedly said, "He considers himself the greatest vocalist in the business. Get that! No one's ever heard of him! He's never had a hit record, and he looks like a wet rag, but he says he's the greatest."

Frank SinatraHe quit the James' band after 7 months to join Tommy Dorsey's swing orchestra. After a short time he bought out his contract to go solo. In 1942, Sinatra became the idol of the bobby soxers. In the 1950s, tragedy struck when Sinatra's vocal cords hemorrhaged. It was a painful and low point in his career. In the late 50s, however, he made comeback and was better than ever. He created his own record label, Reprise Records, in the 1960s. This was also the time that he was known as the leader of the "Rat Pack," which included such characters as Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and honorary members such as Milton Berle, Shirley MacLaine and Tony Curtis. Sinatra always wanted the entourage to be known as "The Summit." They did many Vegas performances and movies together. The Chairman of the Board continued to sing until his heart attack death at age 82. At an earlier time in his life, he reportedly said, "You've got to be livin', baby, because dyin' is a pain in the ass."

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Sinatra had a colorful love life. It all began when he married his high school sweetheart. Their fairytale marriage ended when Frank's affair with Ava Gardner made front-page headlines. In 1951, 6 days after his divorce, he married Ava. He and Ava never got along well, quarreling from the moment they woke up. Their separation and eventual divorce hit him hard. In the 1960s, at age 50, he shocked his friends and fans in his marriage to Mia Farrow, a 20 year old no-name actress. At the time, Dean Martin was quoted to say, "I've got scotch older than Mia Farrow." Even Mia's mother, actress Maureen O'Sullivan, said, "Never mind Mia. He should be marrying me." They later divorced. Sinatra then married Barbara Marx, widow of Zeppo Marx. However, he did remain friends with his many former wives. When Mia found out that her lover, Woody Allen, was having an affair with her adopted daughter, Sinatra asked Mia if she would like for him to arrange to have Woody's legs broken.

Sinatra was known for his colorful character, sometimes tough, but always loved. He says that he never took voice lessons and could barely read music. He also claims that he built up his enormous lung capacity (helpful for belting out those long phrases that he was known for) through swimming. Old Blue Eyes was known for his quotes, such as "I'm for anything that gets you through the night, be it prayer, tranquilizers, or a bottle of Jack Daniels," or "You can be the most artistically perfect performer in the world, but an audience is like a broad – if you're indifferent, Endsville," or "May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine." He was well-known for his style from women to liquor to clothing. According to the author of the Sinatra biography The Way You Wear Your Hat, Bill Zehme, "He never wore brown after dark. For instance, men who wore brown would be ... taken aside. [Sinatra] would say, 'What are you doing? You wear black or dark gray or maybe navy, but that's it.'"

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner
Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner
on their wedding day

This collection comprises of Sinatra's many radio appearances:

For additional Frank Sinatra recordings, see also:The Rat Pack Collection.

Frank Sinatra

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Volume 1 - 59 recordings - total playtime 25 hours 29 minutes

Bill Stern
Bill Stern 451123 e316 Frank Sinatra
Bill Stern 470801 e403 Frank Sinatra Subs
Bill Stern 490715 e507 Frank Sinatra Subs

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 460129 Frances Langford Guest Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope With Frank Sinatra

Command Perf
CP440201 104 D.Shore B.Crosby Frank Sinatra
CP440201 104 Dinah Shore Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra
Cp440212 106 B Hope, F Sinatra
CP440603 122 Hope Garland Sinatra Crosby-retry
CP440603 123 Connie Haines Crosby Frank Sinatra
CP450125 159 F.Morgan F.Sinatra Foy Willing
CP450308 165 F.Sinatra E.Taylor M.O'Brien
CP450830 189 Sinatra Bogart Bacall Victor Borge
CP461226 254 Carole Landiis F.Sinatra J.Durante
CP470504 272 M.Maxwell J.Mercer F.Sinatra
cp470504 e272 Maxwell, Mercer, Sinatra
CP471021 300 Doris Day Frank Sinatra Jim Backus

Fred Allen
fred 1930s Sinatra Band as amateur (cutoff)
fred 430516 Frank Sinatra 'Chile'
fred 451021 Hillbilly

Jack Benny
JB441008 Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job
JB441217 Jack Meets Frank Sinatra in a Drug Store
JB480418 Murder at Racquet Club
JB480502 Guest Show
JB520302 Guest Show

lux440221 428 Wake Up And Live
lux441113 458 Magnificent Obsession
lux471229 597 Anchors aweigh
lux480531 619 Miracle of the Bells

450227 Frances Langford Guest Frank Sinatra
451005 Sinatra & Garland sub for Danny
A Date w Judy 450320 Going To A Sinatra Movie
A&C 450301 w Frank Sinatra
Arch Oboler's Plays 641024 04 The Day Sinatra Got Fat
Bing Crosby 441116 Frank Sinatra
BurnsAllen 461107 GettingSinatraToLeaveTown
Danny Kaye 451004
Frank Sinatra Buy War Bonds
Frank Sinatra Have Yourself A Merry Ch
Guest Star 040 Frank Sinatra
Mail Call 440809 104 Rudy Vallee (muffled beginning)
Martin Lewis 520118 56 w Frank Sinatra
Mc450000 Ep 104 Mail Call F.Allen R.Vallee Sinatra
ReaderDigest 461219 42 There Was Room for a Stranger
Screen Guild Theater 440306 186 The Gay Divorcee
Spike Jones 481202 Frank Sinatra
Spns126 450118 To Find Help Frank Sinatra
Tommy Dorsey With Frank Sinatra
WW2 War Bond Advertisement (Frank Sinatra)

To Be Perfectly Frank
To Be Perfectly Frank 540406 Frank Sinatra
To Be Perfectly Frank 540407 Frank Sinatra

Treasury Star Parade
TSP 065 Rudy Vallee & Sportsmen
TSP 066 Ilka Chase
TSP 067 Rudy Vallee
TSP 068 Burns & Allen
TSP 069 Walt Disney Previews Bambi
TSP 070 Harry James
TSP 071 Amos 'n' Andy
TSP 072 Vincent Price
TSP 089 Milton Gieger's My Favorite Nazi
TSP 090 Vincent Price-Weep Not For Me
TSP 091 Frederick March in Invaders
TSP 092 Frederick March & Florence Eldridge

Your Hit Parade
Your Hit Parade 440603 Long Ago and Far Away
Your Hit Parade 440610 Long Ago and Far Away
Your Hit Parade 440708 Ill Be Seeing You (89)
Your Hit Parade 440715 Ill Be Seeing You
Your Hit Parade 440722 Ill Be Seeing You (91)
Your Hit Parade 440819 Amour (95)
Your Hit Parade 440826 Ill Be Seeing You (96)
Your Hit Parade 471206 Just One of Those Things
Your Hit Parade 480508 Now is the Hour
Your Hit Parade 480529 Nature Boy
Your Hit Parade 480628 1st Song LaRue LaRue
Your Hit Parade 480710 Woody Woodpecker Song, The
Your Hit Parade 480731 You Cant Be true
Your Hit Parade 480814 Its Magic
Your Hit Parade 480911 A Tree in the Meadow

Volume 2 - 24 shows - total playtime 11 hours 6 minutes

Songs By Sinatra 450000 Don't Forget Tonight Bob Hope
Songs By Sinatra 450400 w Tibbet (only 5 min)
Songs By Sinatra 450400 w Tibbet
Songs By Sinatra 450919 Arthur Q Bryan Peggy Lee
Songs By Sinatra 451010 Frances Langford Ginny Simms
Songs By Sinatra 451017 Nat King Cole Trio
Songs By Sinatra 451024 Tommy Dorsey
Songs By Sinatra 451107 Lawrence Tibbett
Songs By Sinatra 451114 The Andrews Sisters
Songs By Sinatra 451128 Gene Kelly
Songs By Sinatra 451205 June Hutton & Pied Pipers
Songs by Sinatra 451214 w Andrew Sisters
Songs By Sinatra 460918 w Frances Robinson
Songs By Sinatra 461009 Louis B Mayer Andre Previn
Songs By Sinatra 461030 Ol Buttertmilk Sky
Songs By Sinatra 461106 w Jimmy DuranteAndre Previn
Songs By Sinatra 461127 w Cy Waler
Songs By Sinatra 461204 w Page Cavanah Trio
Songs By Sinatra 461211 Fred Allen
Songs By Sinatra 461218 w Peggy Mann
Songs By Sinatra 461225 w Jane Powell
Songs By Sinatra 470319 w Jane Powell
Songs By Sinatra 470409 w Jane Powell(no open)
Songs By Sinatra 470423 w Irving Berlin

Volume 3 - (ROCKY FORTUNE) 25 shows - total playtime 10 hours

RF531006 01 oyster shucker
RF531013 02 insurance fraud
RF531020 03 shipboard jewel robbery
RF531027 04 pintsize payroll bandit
RF531110 05 messenger for murder
RF531117 06 a hepcat kills the canary
RF531124 07 murder on the aisle
RF531201 08 murder among the statues
RF531208 09 carnical one way
RF531215 10 companion to a chimp
RF531222 11 the plot to murder santa claus
RF531229 12 prize fight setup
RF540105 13 on the trail of a killer
RF540112 14 rodeo murder
RF540119 15 the museum murder
RF540126 16 hauling nitro
RF540202 17 football fix
RF540209 18 catskills cover-up
RF540216 19 too many husbands
RF540223 20 decoy for death
RF540302 21 the doctor's dilemma
RF540309 22 incident in a bar
RF540316 23 - Psychological Murder
RF540323 24 - Rocket Racket
RF540330 25 boarding house doublecross

Volume 4 - (TO BE PERFECTLY FRANK) 23 shows - total playtime 14 hours 15 minutes

To Be Perfectly Frank 500000 Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 1
To Be Perfectly Frank 500000 What Is This Thing Called Love
To Be Perfectly Frank 500000 Youd Be So Nice To Come Home To
To Be Perfectly Frank 531208 They Cant Take That Away Me
To Be Perfectly Frank 540112 If I Could Be With You
To Be Perfectly Frank 540115 Young At Heart
To Be Perfectly Frank 540126 Somebody Loves Me
To Be Perfectly Frank 540129 On Sunny Side Of Street
To Be Perfectly Frank 540202 You Must Have Bn Beautiful Baby
To Be Perfectly Frank 540205 Take Chance 2
To Be Perfectly Frank 540209 What Can I Say I Say Im Sorry
To Be Perfectly Frank 540212 Take Chance 1
To Be Perfectly Frank 540216 One Love Belongs Somebody Else
To Be Perfectly Frank 540219 Should I
To Be Perfectly Frank 540223 Its Only Paper Moon
To Be Perfectly Frank 540226 Take Chance 5
To Be Perfectly Frank 540302 Foggy Day
To Be Perfectly Frank 540305 Take Chance 3
To Be Perfectly Frank 540309 Ive Got World On String
To Be Perfectly Frank 540316 Take Chance 4
To Be Perfectly Frank 540406 Sposing
To Be Perfectly Frank 540407 Frank Sinatra
To Be Perfectly Frank 540409 I Love You

Volume 5: (LIGHT-UP TIME) 16 Shows: 3 hours, 53 minutes

LUT490912 You Do Something To Me
LUT490916 Them There Eyes
LUT490926 There's Yes Yes in Your Eyes
LUT491110 My Blue Heaven
LUT491115 A Foggy Day In London Town
LUT500120 The Old Master Painter
LUT500208 The Best Things in Life Are Free
LUT500209 Just You Just Me
LUT500221 Then I'll Be Happy
LUT500222 Don't Do Something Someone Else
LUT500428 I Found a New Baby
LUT500501 American Beauty Rose
LUT500504 For You
LUT500505 Somebody Loves Me
LUT500523 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
LUT500524 Easy To Love



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