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 Easy Aces

3 MP3 CDs - 303 episodes

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"Jane Buys Johnny Two Suits"
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Goodman Ace
Comedy (1930 - 45)

Old Time Radio series, Easy Aces, starsThough never a radio blockbuster, The Easy Aces is held in high regard as one of the shows that made serial radio funny. It was the singular couple, Jane and what was his name? Fans of the show know that he somehow never got called by his first name. That's because Goodman Ace, the creator and writer, kept it just "Ace" for the run of the show. The wife was played by Jane Ace, and was "Jane." She and "Ace" and their neighbor Marge (played by Mary Hunter) and their maid Laura (Helene Dumas) are the central characters.

"Ace" is a Realtor, probably the only one in old time radio. Jane is something of a kooky character, much like on Gracie Allen, as Burns and Allen had a major influence on Goodman Ace's slightly skewed view of connubial bliss, where the twain, at least in conversation, never quite meet. Jane's way with words brings to mind the delights of Fibber McGee and Molly. Jane's voice and delivery makes even the most simple conversation all Jane. Easy Aces Cast"Ace" is a little gruff and put-downish with Jane for today's politically correct, but not for then, after all they were on for fifteen years. It's all in good fun, anyway, as the writing of this show is very witty and works on several levels at once. The fifteen minute intimate conversation format works really well for quiet comedy, as perfected by Vic and Sade. And don't forget Amos and Andy were the only two talking for most of the 1930s.

The show starts off with the announcer setting up the situation, and the easy talk begins. Immediately you're listening to a conversation. In the way conversations do, the episode's situation moves along. The "Aces" are involved in court cases, realty business, played cards, chit-chatting about the neighbors the stuff of daily life. Fans love the show for just how easy the smiles come in this show that's like Jane, "just fine."

See also the 1948 remake: Mr Ace and Jane (which is included in Volume 3 of this collection).

This collection is part of the extensive Hummert Radio Factory Collection. Called the parents of soap opera, Anne and Frank Hummert also created Betty and Bob, Front Page Farrell, Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons, Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Young Widder Brown, Mr. Chameleon, Stella Dallas, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Lora Lawton, The American Melody Hour, Hearthstone of the Death Squad, Lorenzo Jones, Nona From Nowhere, Our Gal Sunday, Inspector Thorne, Romance of Helen Trent, and more.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 123 shows - total playtime 23 hours 42 minutes

Easy Aces 001 Jane Writes Letter
Easy Aces 002 Jane Buys Johnny 2 Suits
Easy Aces 003 Johnny Argues With Ace About Getting Job
Easy Aces 004 Johnny Gets Job At Everetts Store
Easy Aces 005 Johnny Starts His New Job
Easy Aces 006 What Is Johnny Doing At Night
Easy Aces 007 Catching Fur Thieves
Easy Aces 008 Jane Tips Off Theives
Easy Aces 009 Neff Wants Jane To Sell Land To Everett
Easy Aces 010 Neff Talks To Jane About Deal
Easy Aces 011 Phone Calls
Easy Aces 012 Jane Sees Everett About Neffs Land
Easy Aces 013 Jane And Neff Talk About Deal
Easy Aces 014 Everett Talks To Ace About Deal
Easy Aces 015 Ace Finds Out About Jane And Neff
Easy Aces 016 Neff Sues Over Land Deal
Easy Aces 017 Aces Lawyer Out Of Town
Easy Aces 018 Neffs New Lawyer Needs Suit
Easy Aces 019 Getting Ready For Trial
Easy Aces 020 Jane Gives Neffs Lawyer Aces Suit
Easy Aces 021 Jane Gives Away Vest
Easy Aces 022 Studying For Trial
Easy Aces 023 Jane Testifies In Court
Easy Aces 024 Janes Testimony Aftermath
Easy Aces 025 Neff Settles Suit With Jane
Easy Aces 026 Ace Finds Out About Neffs Settlement
Easy Aces 027 Ace Finds Out About His Suit
Easy Aces 028 Ace Sets Up Bridge Game
Easy Aces 029 Jane Takes Bridge Lessons
Easy Aces 030 Cheating At Bridge
Easy Aces 031 Runaway Boy
Easy Aces 032 Ace Finds Out About Runaway
Easy Aces 033 Jane Wants To Adopt Baby
Easy Aces 038 Cokie Knocks Out Ace And Johnny
Easy Aces 039 Cokie Might Be Prizefighter
Easy Aces 040 Neil Gets Cokie Fight
Easy Aces 041 Cokies First Fight
Easy Aces 043 Cokie Is Set Up For Knockout
Easy Aces 044 Jane Takes $1,000 Bribe
Easy Aces 045 Cokies Second Fight
Easy Aces 046 Ace Is Working Nights
Easy Aces 047 Jane Is Worried About What Ace Is
Easy Aces 048 Jane Follows Ace In Taxi
Easy Aces 049 Jane Confides In Johnny
Easy Aces 050 Jane Tries To Make Ace Jealous
Easy Aces 051 Old Boyfriend
Easy Aces 052 Portrait Is Finished
Easy Aces 053 Other Woman
Easy Aces 054 New Neighbor Is Director Doing Screen Test
Easy Aces 055 Jane Thinks Of Name For Screen
Easy Aces 056 Jane Wants Neal To Get Her Script
Easy Aces 057 Neal Thinks Lorentz Wants Jane In His Movie
Easy Aces 058 Lorentz Tries To Get Marge For His Movie
Easy Aces 059 Janes Screentest
Easy Aces 060 Neal Gets Jealous Over Lorentz
Easy Aces 061 Marge And Jane Stop Speaking
Easy Aces 062 Lorentz Tries To Woo Marge
Easy Aces 063 Jane And Marge Make Up Betty Lamar Arrives
Easy Aces 064 Betty Pulls Gun On Neal And Lorentz
Easy Aces 065 Betty Tries To Kill Marge
Easy Aces 066 Jane Tells Newspapers Everything
Easy Aces 067 Neal Has An Idea To Save Day
Easy Aces 068 Police Question Jane
Easy Aces 069 Lorenz Says Goodbye To Marge
Easy Aces 070 Jane Wants Marge To Marry Neal
Easy Aces 071 Aces Try To Fix Up Neff And Mrs Williams
Easy Aces 072 Mrs Williams Helps Neffs Indigestion
Easy Aces 073 Jane Get Neff To Ask Mrs Williams Out
Easy Aces 074 Neff Takes Mrs Williams Out
Easy Aces 075 Neff And Mrs Williams Take Rhumba Lessons
Easy Aces 076 Neal Runs Story In Paper About Neff
Easy Aces 077 Neal Works Out Deal With Neff For Ace
Easy Aces 078 Neff Signs Deal With Ace
Easy Aces 079 Jane Is Put On Budget
Easy Aces 080 Jane Takes Charge Of Household Expenses
Easy Aces 081 Jane Tries To Learn How To Run Household
Easy Aces 082 Jane Explains Her Budget To Ace
Easy Aces 083 Laura Is Giving Money & Food To
Easy Aces 084 Aces Meet Lauras Boyfriend
Easy Aces 085 Jane Tries To Get Rid Of Harry
Easy Aces 086 Jane Decides To Get Loan
Easy Aces 087 Jane & Ace Both Borrow Money
Easy Aces 088 Jane & Ace Get Easy Aces
Easy Aces 089 Jane Tries To Get 3rd Person
Easy Aces 090 Jane Asks Neff To Sign Her Loan
Easy Aces 091 Neff Learns About Aces Finances
Easy Aces 092 Aces Convince Neff They Dont
Easy Aces 093 Ace Talks Jane Into Opening Checking Accou
Easy Aces 094 Jane Opens Checking Account
Easy Aces 095 Jane Has Problems With Checkin
Easy Aces 096 All Of Janes Checks Bounce
Easy Aces 097 Jane Hides Movie Star
Easy Aces 098 Jane Wants Joyce To Make Marge Jealous
Easy Aces 099 Joyce Tells Janes Plan To Marge And Neal
Easy Aces 100 Ace Becomes Smitten With Joyce
Easy Aces 101 Jane Finally Gets Jealous Over Joyce
Easy Aces 103 Joyce Leaves For Hollywood
Easy Aces 104 Jane Tries To Write For Newspaper
Easy Aces 105 Jane Pretends Shes Writer
Easy Aces 106 Jane Climbs Social Ladder
Easy Aces 107 Bridge With Marshes
Easy Aces 108 Laurette And Nannette Missing Bracelet
Easy Aces 109 Jane Invites Marshes For Dinner
Easy Aces 110 Detective Traps Jane Into Confession
Easy Aces 111 Jane Is Suspect Ace Buys Bracelet
Easy Aces 112 Jane And Laura Try To Find Bracelet
Easy Aces 113 Jane Agrees To Have House Searched
Easy Aces 114 Colliins Finds Bracelet In Marges Room
Easy Aces 115 Marshes Apologize
Easy Aces 116 Aces Big Deal Jane Leads Protest
Easy Aces 117 Ace Asks Janes Permission For Deal
Easy Aces 118 Jane Is Put In Charge Of Publicity For Prote
Easy Aces 119 Jane Gets Neals Help With Publicity
Easy Aces 120 City Decides Against Aces Deal
Easy Aces 121 Ace Loses His Real Estate Business
Easy Aces 122 Jane Finds $150 Error In Her Checkbook
Easy Aces 123 Ace Tells Jane About Losing All His Money
Easy Aces 124 Janes Niece, Betty, Arrives
Easy Aces 125 Jane Looks For An Apartment
Easy Aces 126 Jane Tries To Fire Laura
Easy Aces 127 Aces Move Into Their New Apartment
Easy Aces 128 Neal Gets Ace Newspaper Job
Easy Aces 129 Neal Gets Blind Date For Betty

Volume 2: 125 shows - total playtime 23 hours 14 minutes

Easy Aces 130 Betty Has Crush On Neal Jane Is Upset
Easy Aces 131 Marge And Neal Fight About Betty
Easy Aces 132 Everyone Is Fighting Cokie Comes Back
Easy Aces 133 Cokie Falls For Betty
Easy Aces 134 Marsh Offers Ace Deal To Get Him Out Of To
Easy Aces 135 Ace Tells Jane About Trip To Arizona
Easy Aces 136 Aces Get Ready For Their Trip To Arizona
Easy Aces 137 Betty And Cokie Find Note Signed M
Easy Aces 138 Neal Joins Investigation Of Note
Easy Aces 139 Neal Suspects Marsh For Illegal Land Dea
Easy Aces 140 City Files Are Missing On Marsh Property
Easy Aces 141 Neal Hires Safecracker To Get Evidence
Easy Aces 142 Marsh Hears Of Neals Investigation
Easy Aces 143 Neat Gets Statement From His Investigator
Easy Aces 144 Neal Talks To His Editor And Gets Fired
Easy Aces 145 Neal Confronts Marsh
Easy Aces 146 Neal Confronts His Boss
Easy Aces 147 Getting House Ready To Surprise Jane
Easy Aces 148 Trouble Moving Into House
Easy Aces 149 Aces Return By Train
Easy Aces 150 Surprise Party Cheers Up Jane
Easy Aces 151 Ace Explains How He Got His Money Back To Ja
Easy Aces 152 Cokie And Betty Want To Get Married
Easy Aces 153 Betty Argues With Aces About Cokie
Easy Aces 154 Jane Helps Betty Plan An Elopement
Easy Aces 155 Cokie Tells Ace Hes Not Getting Married
Easy Aces 156 Cokie Tells Jane Hes Not Getting Married
Easy Aces 157 Jane Tells Betty Of Cokies Change Of Heart
Easy Aces 158 Ace Places An Ad For New Business Partner
Easy Aces 159 Ace Gets Janes Answer To His Ad
Easy Aces 160 Jane And Ace Meet About Partnership
Easy Aces 161 Aces Discuss Opening Beauty Shop
Easy Aces 162 Jane Checks Out Beauty Shop
Easy Aces 163 Ace Decides Not To Buy Beauty Shop
Easy Aces 164 Jane Listens To Quiz Show
Easy Aces 165 Jane Prepares For Quiz Show
Easy Aces 166 Jane Appears On Quiz Show
Easy Aces 167 Ace Wants To Become Partners With Neff
Easy Aces 168 Jane Gets Betty To Work For Ace
Easy Aces 169 Jane Meddles In Aces First Real Estate Deal
Easy Aces 170 Neff Tries To Calm Mr Thompson
Easy Aces 171 Jane Prepares To Play Farmers Wife
Easy Aces 172 Jane Plays Her Part Too Well
Easy Aces 173 Jane Worries About Ace Working Late
Easy Aces 174 Ace Is Trying To Sell Farm To Widow
Easy Aces 175 Jane Suspects Ace Is Seeing Another Woman
Easy Aces 176 Marge Gets Aces Story Jane Sees Lawyer
Easy Aces 177 Jane Thinks Ace Wants To Get Rid Of Her
Easy Aces 178 Jane Has Left Ace Is Using Her Maiden Name
Easy Aces 179 Ace Sells Farm, Jane Teaches Cokie Bridg
Easy Aces 180 Jane Is Upset Over Leaving Ace
Easy Aces 181 Mrs Adams Talks To Jane
Easy Aces 182 Jane Has Trouble With Laura
Easy Aces 183 Laura Tries To Bluff Raise From Aces
Easy Aces 184 Laura Gets Her Raise
Easy Aces 185 Janes Sister Writes Letter About Betty
Easy Aces 186 No One Knows Who Bettys Boyfriend Is
Easy Aces 187 Betty Is Seeing An Older Man
Easy Aces 189 Bettys Boyfriend Is In Trouble With Ace
Easy Aces 190 Jane Talks Mr Page Into Giving Up Betty
Easy Aces 191 Jane Thinks Neffs Nephew Should Date Betty
Easy Aces 192 Jane Throws Dinner For Betty & Carl
Easy Aces 193 Betty Tells Off Everyone, Including Carl
Easy Aces 194 Jane Tries To Get Carl And Betty Together
Easy Aces 195 Carl & Betty Fight Over Bridge Game
Easy Aces 196 Everyone Makes Up
Easy Aces 197 Neff Is Upset With Carl For Seeing Betty
Easy Aces 198 Carl Proposes To Betty
Easy Aces 199 Jane Talks To Neff About Betty And Carl
Easy Aces 200 Neff Threatens To Break Partnership
Easy Aces 201 Carl Finds Clause In Contract To Block Nef
Easy Aces 202 Betty Refuses Bribe From Neff
Easy Aces 203 Jane Takes Check From Neff
Easy Aces 204 Jane Gets Another Chance To Fix Things
Easy Aces 205 Jane Tricks Neff Betty And Carl Get Marrie
Easy Aces 206 Jane Plans Party For Cokie
Easy Aces 207 Jane Visits Cokies Orphanage
Easy Aces 208 Jane Tries To Crash Party
Easy Aces 209 Jane Brings Home Letter From Orphanage
Easy Aces 210 Jane Tries To Get Evidence On Orphanage
Easy Aces 211 Aces Meet Mrs Duffy
Easy Aces 212 Jane Wants To Manage An Orphan Singer
Easy Aces 213 Jane Gets Johnny Ready For An Audition
Easy Aces 214 Johnny Auditions For Ace, Marge And Laura
Easy Aces 215 Jane Tries To Pick Stage Name For Johnny
Easy Aces 216 Johnny Is Cut From His Radio Spot
Easy Aces 217 Johnny Gets His Start On Radio
Easy Aces 218 Carl And Betty Break Up
Easy Aces 219 Betty Talks To Jane About Fight
Easy Aces 220 Aces Discuss Betty And Carl
Easy Aces 221 Betty Wants To Make Up With Carl
Easy Aces 222 Betty And Carl Almost Make Up
Easy Aces 223 Aces Plan Fight For Betty And Carl
Easy Aces 224 Aces Pretend To Have An Argument
Easy Aces 225 Carl And Betty Are Happy
Easy Aces 226 Jane Wants Mink Coat
Easy Aces 227 Jane Sells Tickets To Charity Play
Easy Aces 228 Ace Gets Neff To Buy Bunch Of Tickets
Easy Aces 229 Jane Is Given Part Of Maid
Easy Aces 230 Jane Explains Her Part To Marge And Ace
Easy Aces 231 Jane Rehearses Ace Finds Out About Tickets
Easy Aces 232 Jane Finds Out She Owes Money For Ticket
Easy Aces 233 Janes Phone Calls Interrupt Rehearsal
Easy Aces 234 Ace Gets Jane Out Of Selling Tickets
Easy Aces 235 Jane Prepares For Her Role
Easy Aces 236 Star Of Play In Shootout
Easy Aces 237 Jane Tells Marge And Ace About Shootout
Easy Aces 238 Jane Understudy Is Made Star Of Play
Easy Aces 239 Jane Gets Rave Notices For Her Performance
Easy Aces 240 Jane Gets An Offer In Telegram
Easy Aces 241 Jane Wants Ace To See Doctor
Easy Aces 242 Johnny Wants To Sell Life Insurance To Ace
Easy Aces 243 Johnny Tries To Explain Insurance To Jane
Easy Aces 244 Jane Talks To Doctor About Ace Being Tired
Easy Aces 245 Bridge Game To Make Ace Forget His Heart
Easy Aces 246 Ace Tries To Teach Jane Bridge Signals
Easy Aces 247 Jane Starts Taking Bridge Lessons
Easy Aces 248 Ace Invites Neff For Bridge, Expecting To Lo
Easy Aces 249 Neff Ends Up With Jane As His Bridge Partner
Easy Aces 250 Janes Instructor Wants Her To Teach Bridge
Easy Aces 251 Jane Is Used As Mrs Average Player
Easy Aces 252 Ace Learns About Janes Bridge Playing Job
Easy Aces 253 Jane Gives Another Lesson
Easy Aces 254 Jane Talks About Her Bridge Playing Job
Easy Aces 255 Janes Bridge Method Becoms Popular

Volume 3: 55 shows - total playtime 15 hours 24 minutes

Easy Aces 256 Jane Discusses Her New Contract
Easy Aces 257 Newspaper Wants To Interview Jane
Easy Aces 258 Everyone Is Mad At Jane
Easy Aces 259 Jackson Runs Bridge Scam
Easy Aces 260 Jane Talks With Ace About Bridge Business
Easy Aces 261 Renting An Office For Bridge Business
Easy Aces 262 Planning New Bridge Business
Easy Aces 263 Ace Calls Bridge Business As Joke
Easy Aces 264 Jane Hires Bridge Player
Easy Aces 265 New Player Is Card Shark
Easy Aces 266 First Day Of Bridge Business
Easy Aces 267 Players Are Wanted As Dance Partners
Easy Aces 268 Business Is Investigated
Easy Aces 269 Marge Quits Her Job
Easy Aces 270 Jane Is Upset Over New Stenographer
Easy Aces 271 Jane, As Silent Partner, Cracks Whip
Easy Aces 272 Jane Meets New Neighbor
Easy Aces 273 Jane Takes Marriage Lessons From Mrs Frederi
Easy Aces 274 Jane Gets An Idea To Help Ace
Easy Aces 275 Jane Learns How To Help Ace In Office
Easy Aces 276 Jane Butters Up Aces Customer
Easy Aces 277 Aces Customer Comes To Dinner
Easy Aces 278 Neff Spoils Deal Over $5
Easy Aces 279 Jane Gets Customer To Sign Deal
Easy Aces 280 Mr Frederic Warns Ace About Jane
Easy Aces 281 Jane Wants To Hire Butler
Easy Aces 282 New Plan To Get Jane Out Of Aces Business
Easy Aces 283 Mrs Frederic Is Jealous
Easy Aces 284 Mrs Frederic Suspects Marge Wants Baxter
Easy Aces 285 Jane Suspects Marge
Easy Aces 350000 Aunt Louises Hunger Strike
Easy Aces 350000 Jane Tries To Sell Artist Pictures
Easy Aces 40000 Aunt Louises Hunger Strike
Easy Aces 40000x Jane Goes To Psychoanalysis
Easy Aces 410417 Betty Leaves Carl Over Babys Name
Easy Aces 410513 Jane Smashes Car
Easy Aces 430121 Jane Helps War Effort
Easy Aces 701200 Interview With Goodman Ace
Easy Aces Jane Sells Paintings
Mr Ace & Jane 480106 00 Audition $200 For Janes Brother
Mr Ace & Jane 480116 Loan To Janes Brother Paul
Mr Ace & Jane 480214 01 Loan Compant
Mr Ace & Jane 480221 02 Send Flowers
Mr Ace & Jane 480228 03 Hiring Maid
Mr Ace & Jane 480306 04 Talent Hunt For Radio Show
Mr Ace & Jane 480313 05 Jury Duty
Mr Ace & Jane 480320 06 Mink Coat
Mr Ace & Jane 480327 07 Sally Fired
Mr Ace & Jane 480403 08 Cigarettes
Mr Ace & Jane 480410 09 Law Suits
Mr Ace & Jane 480417 10 Quiz Show
Mr Ace & Jane 480424 11 Bridge Game
Mr Ace & Jane 480501 12 Dream Walking
Mr Ace & Jane 480508 13 Baby Food
Mr Ace & Jane 480604 17 That Is No Lady



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