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 Cruise Poll Parrot

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes

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Kids Serial (1937)

Adventure! Mystery! Treasure! Adventure!

They Speak for themselves - poll parrot children's shoes signThe Cruise of the Poll Parrot tells the story of a Whaling voyage from New Bedford in 1858. The whaling ship Poll Parrot is named for its mascot, a wise parrot called Poll. Poll Parrot is also the name of the sponsor, Poll Parrot Shoes. Poll Parrot was the High Quality Children's line of the International Shoe Company of St Louis.

Poll Parrot Shoes for Boys and Girls originally sponsored this old time radio program.The serial begins with the young skipper Roy Dalton, played by Marvin Miller, getting his Master's Papers and outfitting the Poll Parrot for an upcoming voyage. His employers instruct him to spare no expense in finding the best crew, which is unusual on board whalers- it is a rough business that the best sailors try-to avoid. The Owner's son is joining this voyage, which adds more mystery to the endeavor. Young Sue Grange and her friend Johnny Robbins stow away aboard the Poll Parrot, and learn a lot and have many adventures.Text on OTRCAT.com ©2001-2011 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

The program was syndicated as an advertisement for the shoe company. It was intended to be sold not so much to local radio stations, but to local shoe stores who would buy advertising time from the stations. Most of these shoe stores were ″Mom and Pop″ operations at the time, so the syndication was available at different levels- the first thirteen episodes could be purchased separately and had a self contained story, as were the second and third 13 parts. Blocks of 13, 26, or all 39 episodes could be purchased.

The series is filled with adventure and mystery. Because the writing was very well researched, a good deal of factual information is packed into the stories, making them educational as well as entertaining.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 7 hours 42 minutes

Cruise Poll Parrot 370925 Episode 01
Cruise Poll Parrot 371002 Episode 02
Cruise Poll Parrot 371009 Episode 03
Cruise Poll Parrot 371016 Episode 04
Cruise Poll Parrot 371023 Episode 05
Cruise Poll Parrot 371030 Episode 06
Cruise Poll Parrot 371106 Episode 07
Cruise Poll Parrot 371113 Episode 08
Cruise Poll Parrot 371120 Episode 09
Cruise Poll Parrot 371127 Episode 10
Cruise Poll Parrot 371204 Episode 11
Cruise Poll Parrot 371211 Episode 12
Cruise Poll Parrot 371218 Episode 13
Cruise Poll Parrot 371225 Episode 14
Cruise Poll Parrot 380101 Episode 15
Cruise Poll Parrot 380108 Episode 16
Cruise Poll Parrot 380115 Episode 17
Cruise Poll Parrot 380122 Episode 18
Cruise Poll Parrot 380129 Episode 19
Cruise Poll Parrot 380205 Episode 20

Cruise Poll Parrot 380212 Episode 21
Cruise Poll Parrot 380219 Episode 22
Cruise Poll Parrot 380226 Episode 23
Cruise Poll Parrot 380305 Episode 24
Cruise Poll Parrot 380312 Episode 25
Cruise Poll Parrot 380319 Episode 26
Cruise Poll Parrot 380326 Episode 27
Cruise Poll Parrot 380402 Episode 28
Cruise Poll Parrot 380409 Episode 29
Cruise Poll Parrot 380416 Episode 30
Cruise Poll Parrot 380423 Episode 31
Cruise Poll Parrot 380430 Episode 32
Cruise Poll Parrot 380507 Episode 33
Cruise Poll Parrot 380514 Episode 34
Cruise Poll Parrot 380521 Episode 35
Cruise Poll Parrot 380526 Episode 36
Cruise Poll Parrot 380604 Episode 37
Cruise Poll Parrot 380611 Episode 38
Cruise Poll Parrot 380618 Episode 39


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