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 Captain Midnight

1 MP3 CD - 55 episodes


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Captain Midnight
Juvenile flying serial
West Coast 1939-40
National Mutual 1940-49

Captain Midnight - Chuck Ramsey ......... Cap. Midnight ...... Patsy Donovan (Skelly) The tolling of a bell, the roar of a plane, and it's Captainnnn Midnight! Announcer Don Gordon's intro signaled flying adventure with that mysterious Captain Midnight and his pals Chuck Ramsey and Patsy Donovan. The successor to Skelly Oil's previous show, The Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Captain Midnight took an even more exciting and melodramatic view of aviation adventure.

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Captain Midnight, played by Bill Bouchey in the early Skelly west coast transcriptions and Ed Prentiss on Mutual, acted and sounded very similar to that Masked Man. Captain Midnight was Captain Red Albright, a flying ace in the Great War, and he continues battling evil such as master criminal like Ivan Shark. Shark's henchmen are a wonderful bunch of stooges that serve his every evil whim. Shark's frustration and ridicule of their incompetence is great fun. Shark's an exemplary baddie, played in mini-Lorrie style by Boris Aplon.

The adventures are in exotic locals, with twists and turns in the plots that gives the show a serial format and reminds the listener of the more sophisticated I Love a Mystery. It's like Superman, too, in its overdrawn crooks and genre plot devices. Hop Harrigan was created later by the same writing team, and Hop took off with radio's young aviators as well.

The early West Coast shows with Announcer Don Gordon's appeals for Skelly Oil Company are classic old time radio, as he is always needling the kids to tell their parents something about automobiles or gas, like not nursing the brakes, or adding air to the tires.

captain Midnight Old Time Radio ProgramImagine getting the job of writing commercials for an audience who by law don't use the product (except for air in their bikes tires!) Gordon does a manly job. Especially on those super Captain Midnight Flight Patrol premiums! Thousands of kids joined up, and impatiently awaited the next free thing they could get.

In 1940, the show went national with Ovaltine sponsoring. It had changes in the plot, announcer and characters. Ivan Shark was still circling menacingly, but another baddie with an Oriental accent, the "Barracuda," joins the fray, and the exploits of Captain Midnight's Secret Squadron became even more mysterious. Of course, the shadows of war are why the series gets a little darker, and the Squadron does its part in the effort as American enters WWII. Midnight, a WWII veteran says to a girl Secret Squadron member, "War is terrible, Joyce, but if those rats win, then freedom loses."

For other aviation adventure series, see also: Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Airplanes and Pilots in Old Time Radio, Anne of the Airlines, Air Stories of the World War, Captain Midnight,Hop Harrigan, Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation, Rare Aviation Old Time Radio Shows, Sky King, Speed Gibson, Tailspin Tommy, Terry & the Pirates, Sky King, Sky Blazers and Smilin' Jack,

For other great serials, see also: True Adventures of Junior G-Men, Jack Armstrong the All American Boy, Jerry at Fair Oaks, Adventures of Dick Cole, Bobby Benson, Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Hop Harrigan, Jungle Jim, Magic Island, Sgt Preston,Speed Gibson, Superman, Terry and the Pirates, and Tom Mix.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Captain Midnight movie poster
55 shows - total playtime 13 hours 14 minutes

Captain Midnight 391017 Episode01
Captain Midnight 391018 Episode02
Captain Midnight 391019 Episode03
Captain Midnight 391020 Episode04
Captain Midnight 391023 Episode05
Captain Midnight 391024 Episode06
Captain Midnight 391025 Episode07
Captain Midnight 391026 Episode08
Captain Midnight 391027 Episode09
Captain Midnight 391030 Episode10
Captain Midnight 391106 Episode15
Captain Midnight 391107 Episode16
Captain Midnight 391108 Episode17
Captain Midnight 391109 Episode18
Captain Midnight 391110 Episode19
Captain Midnight 391113 Episode20
Captain Midnight 391114 Episode21
Captain Midnight 391115 Episode22
Captain Midnight 391116 Episode23
Captain Midnight 391117 Episode24
Captain Midnight 391120 Episode25
Captain Midnight 391121 Episode26
Captain Midnight 391122 Episode27
Captain Midnight 391123 Episode28
Captain Midnight 391124 Episode29
Captain Midnight 391127 Episode30
Captain Midnight 391128 Episode31
Captain Midnight 391129 Episode32

Captain Midnight 391130 Episode33
Captain Midnight 391201 Episode34
Captain Midnight 391204 Episode35
Captain Midnight 391205 Episode36
Captain Midnight 391206 Episode37
Captain Midnight 391207 Episode38
Captain Midnight 391208 Episode39
Captain Midnight 391211 Episode40
Captain Midnight 391212 Episode41
Captain Midnight 391213 Episode42
Captain Midnight 391214 Episode43
Captain Midnight 391215 Episode44
Captain Midnight 391218 Episode45
Captain Midnight 391219 Episode46
Captain Midnight 391220 Episode47
Captain Midnight 391221 Episode48
Captain Midnight 391222 Episode49
Captain Midnight 391225 Episode50
Captain Midnight 400930 1st show
Captain Midnight 401001 2nd show
Captain Midnight 431009 Phillippines Fight On
Captain Midnight 480318 Jewels Queen Sheba
Captain Midnight 490110 Return of Ivan Shark
Captain Midnight Assignment Under the Sea
Captain Midnight Destruction of the Nazi Submarine B
Captain Midnight Flying Ruby
Captain Midnight Silver Dagger Strikes
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