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 Breakfast Bundle

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Kids Enjoying Breakfast
The Norman Rockwell picture of America sitting around their radios, listening to adventures of "Rin Tin Tin" and "The Jack Benny Show" in the evenings, personifies what most older folks remember. Dad finishing his dinner, then getting comfortable in his easy chair with his pipe and paper; mom clearing the table to join the children already on the floor anxiously awaiting what was being piped out of the radio studios. The pre, during and post WWII scenario was indicative of how the country was being fashioned into their family entertainment.

Don McNeilHowever, during the 1930's a cultural shift was beginning to take place in how America listened to radio and the programming that was available. Everyone loved the evening adventures and comedy, but people were wanting more in other parts of the day. Breakfast was a perfect time to turn on the box and catch-up with the latest news or have a chuckle with the the crackle of their cereal and orange juice. Breakfast shows had the potential to reach a new demographic, while drawing in their current batch of late day listeners.

Another reminder of the value for early day radio concerned the many people of Christian faith wanted that spiritual time, and those that loved a day that began with music and melody, and the ones that eagerly awaited news of the day. The value for radio programming was becoming a staple to the faithful followers and wanted to have their sunny morning dosed with the very thing that completed their evenings.

One individual that personified the start of the day radio voice was Don McNeil. McNeil was kind of an unknown personality that made his presence known when he was given a relatively common placed variety show called The Pepper Pot. The minds that shaped programming thought he might have the wherewithal to create something out of this program that had no sponsor. At the reigns of this show, he changed the name to the Breakfast Club and gave it varied and distinctive scripting.

Breakfast ClubVolume 1: Don McNeil's "Breakfast Club" (June 1933-December 1968)
The heart of the Breakfast Club was it had no particular regimen. It was a mix of humor sketches, music, talks with the studio audience and topics of interest. Don McNeill turned a happenstance show with no great following and developed into the first program of its kind. Along with the humor, music and talk, The Breakfast Club initiated time for quiet prayer. The morning program allowed the audience an opportunity to experience a radio variety format. The breakfast Club started its broadcast out of NMC's Merchandise Mart, and later moved to an ABC studio. The program allowed a relative unknown performer, Fran Allison, to gain her start as Aunt Franny in one of the comedy bits that became popular on the show. For the next couple of decades, The Breakfast Club was a hit with ABC radio and maintained a vast following until its end-run in 1968. Don McNeil and his talent for randomness began a genre that others would soon try to ride on the bandwagon with their breakfast programs.

Volume 2: Breakfast in Hollywood (1941-1948)
NBC, ABC and the Mutual all carried this early morning variety program during its 7 year run. Hosted by Tom Breneman, and its founder, Breakfast in Hollywood was another unscripted travel into the public mind. The show contained considerable audience involvement along with a wide mix of celebrity talent that would visit the program. Breneman got the idea for the show when in 1940 he realized that Hollywood was a perfect venue for an early morning radio broadcast. The program name changed a couple of times, but Breakfast in Hollywood was its trademark persona. people loved the exchanges of comedy and the celebrity feel. Many of the big companies wanted to sponsor the show, from Aunt Jemina to Ivory Soap. A movie script of the same came out, inspired by Breneman, in 1945 and carried some top talent in its cast. Breakfast in Hollywood was an inspired success.

Film Weekly magazine featuring Binnie BarnesVolume 3: Breakfast with Binnie and Mike (1946-1947)
What made better sense for a breakfast morning program then one that showcased a family...at breakfast. The Breakfast with Binnie and Mike was a show classing the family conversation around varying topics, always with mirth, around the family children, dog , maid and anything else that came out. The show was a hit because it brought a simple family into the hearts and homes of average Americans. Although it was scripted, the feeling was genuine as mom and dad sought to converse with the country while talking to each other and the ones they loved. Binnie was actress Binnie Barnes and Mike was her husband/producer Mike Frankovitch.

so the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks -- PEP!Volume 4: Breakfast Collection
OTRCAT.com breakfast collection features a wide variety of old time radio shows focusing in the morning meal. From cereal serials to Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, and more. Breakfast means different things to different people around the world, whether it is hot cakes and eggs, sausage and potatoes, fried rice, peas and chilis, or dim sum. The important thing to keep in mind is that a good breakfast will fuel you through all the adventures you have lined up for the day, whether it is cutting off box tops to send to the cereal company for prizes or crying over a sink full of dishes while listening to your favorite soap operas.

Lulu BelleVolume 5: Breakfast in the Blue Ridge
Lulu Belle (born Myrtle Eleanor Cooper) and Scotty Greene Wiseman married December 13, 1934. Together they were known as the "Sweethearts of Country Music" enjoyed enormous success in the country music scene until their retirement in 1958. Wisecracking and loveable, Lulu Belle was the heart of Breakfast of Blue Ridge old time radio show. She was voted "Favorite Female Radio Star" by fans of Radio Guide magazine in 1938.

Boston Blackie richard kollmar Volume 6: Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick (1945-1963)
Another of the early morning genre that showcased a husband and wife tea, this time from their actual home. Hosted by actress/columnist Dorothy Kilgallen and her husband/actor Richard Kolmar, Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick came out of their New York apartment home and had serious topics blended with varied entertainment. The show went from being a standard fare of entertainment, to more commercialized as sponsors had the couple endorse their products while at their own table. Spontaneity gave way to script, but the format never failed to bring a solid audience fan base.

George Shelton and Tom HowardVolume 7: Fun At Breakfast
Hosted by funny famed duo Tom Howard and George Shelton, this zany breakfast show was sponsored by Mennen shaving cream and toiletry products. Tom Howard was born in Ireland and got his first taste of the stage entertaining miners on the road. He made his way in entertainment by playing the "boob" or "dimwit." Tom Howard met George Shelton while working in film and the duo enjoyed a long comedy career together. The comedy duo Tom and George had a long history in entertainment beginning in vaudeville. The are best are best known for comedy quiz show It Pays to be Ignorant. The duo also had a long running history of guest starring on the Rudy Vallee Show.

Volume 8: Tex and Jinx Show (Late 1940's)
Tex McCrary was a journalist and his wife, Jinx Falkenburg an actress and together they hosted this celebrity talk/ issues of the day format. The romance history and fame of these two personalities added to the attraction many held for their radio morning show. Whether it was about the United Nations or disease, the couple never failed to tackle topics that mattered to Americans.

Volume 9: Wake-up Ranch with Cliffie Stone (1940's)
Country music was not forgotten as a breakfast programming favorite. Cliffie Stone hosted the The Wake-Up Ranch with heaped out a healthy dose of grand Ole Opry flavor from Califor-i-a. The son of comedian, Herman the Hermit; Cliffie Stone would bring his bass, humor and down home love of country music and please the morning radio listeners.


The Breakfast programming genre for old time radio included other shows that would cross-match to please segments of society. Thanks to the work of people like Don McNeill, the early morning breakfast stretch inspired entertainment to start the day with.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: Breakfast Club
34 shows - total playtime 17 hours 8 minutes

Breakfast Club 371206 Who Knows
Breakfast Club 411208 Britain Declares War On Japan
Breakfast Club 4212xx College Park, Georgia Skit Second Half
Breakfast Club 430000 OWL
Breakfast Club 43xxxx Don Arrives Late To Show
Breakfast Club 450621 Curley Bradley
Breakfast Club 450622 Louisiana Lark
Breakfast Club 450623 Whitfield Day
Breakfast Club 530622 20th Anniversary Special Evening Broadcast
Breakfast Club 56xxxx Dick Has Strep Throat
Breakfast Club 580428 Bob Hope
Breakfast Club 58xxxx Don Mcneill Is On Vacation
Breakfast Club 58xxxx Emmett Kelly
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx 5xx0 Reporters In Town
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Dream Your Troubles Away
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Guests From Northbrook
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Gulf Coast
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Live Til I Die
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Methodist Youth Fellowship Group
Breakfast Club 5xxxxx Temperature Is Falling
Breakfast Club 600902 Inc show recorded for AFRS xm
Breakfast Club 6103xx Champion Babysitter
Breakfast Club 6103xx Ike Chase
Breakfast Club 61xxxx National Secretaries Week
Breakfast Club 650617 Porter Michigan High School Girls
Breakfast Club 681128 Thanksgiving Day Show News Broadcast Comes First
Breakfast Club 681227 Last Episode
Breakfast Club 6xx906 Christmas Show Taped For Afrs
Breakfast Club 6xxxxx High School Senior Classes
Breakfast Club Guest Star Episode
Breakfast Club xxxxxx Born In Cemetery
Breakfast Club xxxxxx From Hotel Sherman
Breakfast Club xxxxxx Peter Donell Substitutes
Breakfast Club xxxxxx Warren Hull Substitutes

Volume 2: Breakfast in Hollywood
32 shows - total playtime 16 hours 3 minutes

Breakfast In Hollywood 4505 23 w G Breckner
Breakfast In Hollywood 450529 w G Breckner
Breakfast In Hollywood 450530 w G Breckner
Breakfast In Hollywood 451129 Tom Welcomes Returning Sol
Breakfast In Hollywood 460102 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 460114 w M Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 460123 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 460201 w Jack Mcelroy
Breakfast In Hollywood 460214 w J Qualin
Breakfast In Hollywood 460912 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 461203 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 461204 w J Mcelroy
Breakfast In Hollywood 461211 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 461212 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470111 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470130 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470204 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470207 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470212 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470213 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470224 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470303 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470401 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470402 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470417 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470428 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470430 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 470708 w T Breneman
Breakfast In Hollywood 480311 w J Mcelroy
Breakfast In Hollywood 480527 w Garry Moore
Breakfast In Hollywood 541007 Aud w E Lynn
Breakfast In Hollywood george jessel premier

Volume 3: Breakfast with Binnie and Mike
6 shows - total playtime 2 hours 39 minutes

Binnie&mike 461118 Morningtalkshow
Binnie&mike 470511 Morningtalk
Binnie&mike 470521 Morningtalk(skips)
Binnie&mike 470604 Morningtalk
Binnie&mike 470605 Morningtalk
Binnie&mike 470615 Morningtalkshow

Volume 4: Breakfast Collection
41 Shows: total playtime - 15 hours 12 minutes

Abc Breakfast In Hollywood 460214 Johnny Qualin
Aldrich Family 4423 E043 Coupon Craze
Backstage Wife 5803 3961 After Breakfast With Claudia Vincent
Betty And Bob 471124 111 Convince Evelyn To Leave Town
Betty And Bob 471126 113 Sam Has Proposed To Evelyn
Breakfast At Sardis 440623 Blue
Breakfast In Blue Ridge Audition
Breakfast With Johnsons 520425 Buying Savings Bond
Calv 520325 737 Breakfast At Nancys
Casey 4719 206 Wedding Breakfast
Chevrolet Program Musical Moments 087 Sing Before Breakfast
Claudia 480512 163 Breakfast In Bed
Claudia 480901 243 Claudia Gets Interviewed
Claudia 490203 354 Tuckers Report
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 430302 0354 Breakfast In Bed For Molly
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 510206 0647 Breakfast In Bed For Molly
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 571201 1436 Birthday Breakfast For Molly
Fred Allen 410108 14 All Is Not Gold That Glitters
Fred Allen 461027 081 Breakfast Show
Fred Allen 481024 Dale Carnegie Breakfast Worries
Guest Star 471012 028 Breakfast Club
Heres To Vets 470716 Breakfast Club Bye, Bye Blues
Hih 480429 1849 Waffles For Breakfast. Penny Visits Keri
Hoofers 34 Episode 15
Ilam 420423 04 Pirate Loot Of Island Of Skulls
Jack Armstrong 401218 Country Of Head Hunters Ep 13
Jack Benny 471012 625 Jack Fixes Breakfast
Jack Paar 470907 15 Breakfast Foods
Lor 440402 012 Rileys Birthday Thinks Baxter Is Giving Party
Meet Meeks 470830 Is Uncle Louie Getting Married
Myrt & Marge 460411 E09 Morning After
News 411208 09 Nbcr Don Mcneills Breakfast Club
Nora Drake 480714
One Mans Family 4912 B072c01 Father Barbour And His Three Sons
Origin Of Superstition 1935 36 Sing Before Breakfast,
Rita Murray Commentary 420120 04 Rita Chats About Wartime Co
Screen Guild 450122 229 Love Before Breakfast
Sealtest Variety Theater 490224 23 Husbandwife Breakfast Shows
Sherlock Holmes 590818 Noble Bachelor
Tarzan 321104 24 Tarzans Hut Afire
This Is Nora Drake 480714 Peggy And Ken Are At Breakfast Table

Volume 5: Breakfast in the Blue Ridge
13 Shows: total playtime - 2 hours 23 minutes

Breakfast In Blue Ridge 11 Those Good Ole Turnip Greens
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 12 Way Down In Columbus Georgia
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 13 Has Anybody Here Seen Roverhum
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 14 Sombodys Waiting For You Hum
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 27 Nobodys Business
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 28 Im Daffy Over Taffy
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 43 Whos Tappping Garden Gate Static
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 44 Does Spearmint Lose Flavor Static
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 51 When Pa Was Courtin Ma
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 53 Sweet Birdstaticprg Not Complete
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 53 Where Morning Glories Grow
Breakfast In Blue Ridge 54 Single Girl
Breakfast In Blue Ridge Audition

Volume 6: Breakfast with Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar
5 shows - total playtime 1 hours 54 minutes

Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar 560000 Chamois Pen Wiper & Ink
Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar 560000 Follies Girls
Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar 560000 Playing Chicken
Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar 560000 Queen Elizabeths Corset
Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar 560000 Siree Maria Showgirl

Volume 7: Fun At Breakfast
8 Shows: 28 minutes

Fun at Breakfast 1946 Bill is Seeing Spots
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Chewing Gum FRIDAY
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Talking Golf END CUT
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Tom Loses $25 at the Track
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Tom's Automobile Troubles
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Trip with a Tramp in the Country
Fun at Breakfast 1946 Violin and Organ Recitals

Volume 8: Tex & Jinx
2 shows - total playtime 1 hour 24 minutes

Tex & Jinx Show 471104 Walt Disney
Tex & Jinx Show 541124 Fred Allen

Volume 9: Wake-Up Ranch
3 shows - total playtime 4 hours 28 minutes




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