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 AFVN Recordings (Armed Forces Vietnam)

1 MP3 CD - 148 episodes


"Cool, Clear Water'"
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AFVN broadcaster, Billy Williams

War-time news and entertainment (1962-1973)

American Forces Vietnam Network was created as a morale-boosting military radio station for servicemen and women in Vietnam. AFVN broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week for over 10 years; it began broadcasting on August 15, 1962 and ended in March of 1973.After this, it changed its name and was run by civilians in Saigon. AFVN was a forum for news, comedy and entertainment for the soldiers during the Vietnam War. This collection includes clips from AFVN news shows, ads, advice for soldiers in Vietnam (about drinking water, VD, sending letters and packages and other such interesting blips), DJ intros, and short philosophical and morale-boosting segments.

Text on OTRCAT.com 2001-2010 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

For more war-time recordings, check out the WWII Collection and The Complete Broadcasts of September 21, 1939 and D-Day, June 6, 1944. See also Vintage Airchecks from Great Radio Stations.

Text on OTRCAT.com 2001-2010 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

148 clips - total playtime 16 hours 32 minutes

1lt. Bruce Wahl
AFRS Saigon 631102 coupcurfew
AFVN 54 Am 99.9 Fm Id
AFVN 1968 A Year In The Life
AFVN Airmail Psa
AFVN America Psa
AFVN An Hour Of Love With Tony Pig
AFVN Australia 4 R&r
AFVN Australia R&r
AFVN Bloop
AFVN Bob Kingsley Segue
AFVN Bob Rossi Reads Movie Schedules
AFVN Busy Signal News Plug
AFVN Checking Psa Becomes Network Difficulties Announcement
AFVN Chu Hoi Program & Network Plug
AFVN Chu Hoi Program Psa
AFVN Chu Hoi Program
AFVN Collage
AFVN ''Cool, Clear Water''
AFVN Country Corner With Charlie Williams Opening
AFVN Cu Chi University
AFVN Da Nang Station Id, Driving Psa, Hourly Cycling Tone
AFVN Dawn Buster
AFVN Dawnbuster (John Allgood)
AFVN Driving Psa
AFVN Extending R&r Psa
AFVN Free Postage & Army Recruiter Psa's
AFVN Gi Bill Psa
AFVN Hanoi Hannah How are you GI Joe
AFVN Hawaii R&r
AFVN Joe Moore & Sports
AFVN Kent State Report 1
AFVN Kent State Report 2
AFVN Laryngitis & Reenlistment Psa
AFVN Lsd Psa
AFVN Malaria Psa
AFVN Mos Test 1970
AFVN Movie Showings
AFVN Mpc Conversion Announcement
AFVN Music Power Jingle
AFVN Nbc Monitor College Psa
AFVN Network Id & Malaria Psa
AFVN New Report
AFVN News 690330
AFVN News Closing Theme
AFVN News Fall 1968 #2
AFVN News Fall 1968 #3
AFVN News Fall 1968 #4
AFVN News Fall 1968 #5
AFVN News Fall 1968
AFVN News Intros
AFVN News Nixon Loses Conservative Youth Support
AFVN Orient Express, Church Psa
AFVN Panorama Reads Stateside Weather
AFVN Pat Sajak Segue On Dawn Buster
AFVN Percy Marvelous
AFVN Piaster Spending
AFVN Recruiter Psa
AFVN Red Cross Psa
AFVN Reenlistment Jingle
AFVN 'same Team' Transportation Psa
AFVN Savings Bond Psa
AFVN 'seeing Red' Work Order Psa
AFVN Seymour Hirsh Wins Pulitzer Prize For My Lai Story
AFVN Signon
AFVN Skag (heroin) Psa
AFVN South Vietnamese Radio
AFVN Special Services
AFVN Sports Report
AFVN Sports With Art Burnette & Paul Harvey News
AFVN Stars & Stripes Ad
AFVN Tex Ritter Plug
AFVN Tokyo R&r
AFVN Tokyor R&r Ad

AFVN Town & Country
AFVN Uniformed Savings Deposit Program Psa
AFVN Uso Ad & News
AFVN Uso Showtime #1
AFVN Uso Showtime #2
AFVN Vd & Education Psa's
AFVN W Bruce Wahl
AFVN War Trophies
AFVN Wuppin' Prank Call
AFVN Blooper barked attack aircraft
AFVN Blooper capsule countdown'
AFVN Blooper Channer11
AFVN Blooper clap slap
AFVN Blooper cross at the locomotive thingy
AFVN Blooper dawn busted
AFVN Blooper de ja vue all over again
AFVN Blooper enough a what
AFVN Blooper how's your vd lately
AFVN Blooper Joey Bishop & a little grass
AFVN Blooper Joey Bishop on Pat Sajak
AFVN Blooper Operation star search
AFVN Blooper simulwatt
AFVN Blooper There were they
AFVN Blooper The sound of everything
AFVN Blooper Truth in reporting
AFVN Chicken Man Theme
AFVN Chuhoipsa (Network id linked)
AFVN Foot care PSA
AFVN Good morning Vietnam! Adrian Cronauer
AFVN Hanoi Hannah (not AFVN)
AFVN Hanoi Hannah News about the war
AFVN Id & mail call PSA
AFVN M16 maintenance psa
AFVN Movie schedules
AFVN National anthem
AFVN Network id
AFVN Network id long
AFVN News bulletin seque theme
AFVN Segue theme
AFVN Snake bite psa
AFVN Station id & chieuhoi program
AFVN The beat goes on
AFVN The beat goes on spinning wheel
AFVN You owe it to yourself
Air Force Captain Interview
Avfn Nbc Monitor College Pacific Stars & Stripes Psa's
Bob Hope 6812xx From Long Binh
Chris Noel (AFVN) 670822 Program 57 Part 1
Chris Noel (AFVN) 670822 Program 57 Part 2
Chris Noel (AFVN) 670823 Program 58 Part 1
Chris Noel (AFVN) 670823 Program 58 Part 2
Chris Noel (AFVN) 690526 Program 516 Part 1
Chris Noel (AFVN) 690527 Program 517 Part 1
Chris Noel (AFVN) 690616 Program 531 Part 2
Chris Noel (AFVN) 690617 Program 532 Part 2
Dawn Buster 01
Dawn Buster
End Of An Era
Great Speeches Richard M. Nixon, The End Of The Vietnam War
Great Speeches Vice President Spiro Agnew Address On Vietnam
Hawaii Rr
Hong Kong Rr
John Foster Dulles Vietnam & Geneva Conference
Nha Trang Air Check 01 62370
Nha Trang Air Check 62370
Outtakes And Bloopers
Singapore Rr
Sydney, Australia Rr
Taipa Rr
Tokyo Rr
Town 7 Country AFVN 01 Cotterell 1
Town And Country 001



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