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Joan Fontaine

16 Episodes
1 Volume
The Successful and Magical Oscar Winning Actress!
16 1 20%
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Alan Freed Show

10 Episodes
1 Volume
The popular 1950's Cleveland DJ, Moondog Alan Freed, was an American disc jockey during the beginning of rock n roll.One of the first promoters of African-American musical style, he began to promote local concerts and dances feature rock n roll artists with great success.
10 1 20%
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Fats Waller

9 Episodes
1 Volume
Enjoy One of the Great Talents of Jazz Piano who mad a Name for Himself in the Early Days of Radio, Fats Waller.
9 1 20%
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Stan Kenton

138 Episodes
3 Volume
Believing that Jazz could be more than just music to dance to, Kenton made no apologies for his brand of "progressive Jazz."
138 3 20%
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Arnold Moss

140 Episodes
4 Volume
He performed in on stage, movies, TV or radio often as a villain, a role he seemed to relish as a way to burn himself into the audience’s memory.
140 4 20%
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Jeff Chandler

222 Episodes
5 Volume
The original grey-haired hunky heartthrob, Jeff Chandler performed on a wide variety of radio roles from detective Michael Shayne to bashful Professor Boynton on Our Miss Brooks.
222 5 20%
Add To Cart: $25.00