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Alistair Cooke

6 Episodes
1 Volume
British born journalist, his observations of American life and culture were beloved by millions.
6 1 20%
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Judy Canova

94 Episodes
3 Volume
A hillbilly, hog caller, and hayseed -- Judy Canova started her career in a traveling family group, usually yodeling, singing and playing guitar. The Judy Canova Show opened with a monologue and novelty song, and then broke out into sidesplitting half hour comedy skit.
94 3 20%
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Cathy Lewis

316 Episodes
5 Volume
was a radio staple and performed in hundreds of radio shows in both the comedy and drama genres. In Suspense alone, she stared in over 120 episodes. She is best known for her role as narrator and best friend Jane Stacy in My Friend Irma.
316 5 20%
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