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Lou Holtz Laugh Club

68 Episodes
1 Volume
Keeping the shows short worked in Syndication, and few fillers were as funny as The Lou Holtz Laugh Club. The shows were just a couple of minutes long, but they could keep you chuckling for hours.
68 1 20%
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Sealtest Variety (Dorothy Lamour)

41 Episodes
1 Volume
Even when she was not on The Road in her sarong, Dorothy Lamour channeled Bing and Bob as hostess of The Sealtest Variety Theatre.
41 1 20%
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Irving Berlin

19 Episodes
1 Volume
Widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history, much of his music was used in many films are considered classics. Update: additional episode
19 1 20%
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Erich von Stroheim

3 Episodes
1 Volume
He began his career as a silent-era film star and later became an auteur director and author.
3 1 20%
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CBS Radio Workshop

86 Episodes
2 Volume
The CBS Radio Workshop called "radio's distinguished series to man's imagination" was an experimental old time radio show and varied in its genre. The first two shows starred Aldous Huxley narrating an interpretation of 'Brave New World.' Update: additional episodes
86 2 20%
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Grabbag 10-Pack

0 Episodes
- Volume
OTRCAT is now offering a grabbag of disks as low as $1.00 per disk - a great, inexpensive and fun way to start your OTR collection. Sold in groups of 10, grabbag disks are sold in pre-packaged bunches.
0 - -
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Eddie Fisher

128 Episodes
3 Volume
A heart-throb crooner who sang into the heart of women everywhere beginning with his big win on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts.
128 3 20%
Add To Cart: $15.00

Dorothy Lamour

142 Episodes
4 Volume
Known for the sarong dress in The Jungle Princess and her exotic good looks, Dorothy Lamour made over 60 motion pictures and helped sell US Treasury Bonds
142 4 20%
Add To Cart: $20.00