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Grabbag 10-Pack

0 Episodes
- Volume
OTRCAT is now offering a grabbag of disks as low as $1.00 per disk - a great, inexpensive and fun way to start your OTR collection. Sold in groups of 10, grabbag disks are sold in pre-packaged bunches.
0 - -
Add To Cart: $50.00

Jeff Regan Investigator

25 Episodes
1 Volume
The Ladies Love Jack Webb as a Private Eye! An OTRCAT Favorite!
25 1 10%
Add To Cart: $5.00

Man Called X

99 Episodes
2 Volume
Enemies around every corner, does that pretty girl need saving or will she slide a knife between your ribs? These are important questions in the world of espionage when your are The Man Called X.
99 2 10%
Add To Cart: $10.00

Michael Shayne

61 Episodes
2 Volume
Michael Shayne, "the reckless, red-headed Irishman" was a popular hard-boiled detective created by American crime novelist Brett Halliday.
61 2 10%
Add To Cart: $10.00