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Dizzy Dean

12 Episodes
1 Volume
"Gas House Gang" great Dizzy Dean was too great of a character not to put in front of the microphone after he left the game.
12 1 20%
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Lina Romay

42 Episodes
1 Volume
Daughter of a Mexican diplomat, Lina Romay got her start in show business with Latin music pioneer Xavier Cugat who offered her a job as one of his "beautiful ladies who could sing."
42 1 20%
Add To Cart: $5.00

Carole Lombard

13 Episodes
1 Volume
She began her film career as a 12 year old "tomboy" but her wit and personality won the heart of leading man Clark Gable.
13 1 20%
Add To Cart: $5.00

Ethel Merman

15 Episodes
1 Volume
Known as the "First Lady of the musical comedy stage", Ethel Merman was a force of nature with a booming voice and a magnetic stage and screen presence.
15 1 20%
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Herbert W. Armstrong Sermons

88 Episodes
2 Volume
Radio evangelist and prophecy predictor, Herbert W. Armstrong got his start on the airwaves later founding the Worldwide Church of God.
88 2 20%
Add To Cart: $10.00

Virginia OBrien

18 Episodes
1 Volume
A popular American actress, singer, and radio personality described as "both a hot dish and a dead pan at the same time": Virginia O'Brien AKA "Frozen Face" was best known for her comedic roles with a deadpan delivery in 1940s musicals.
18 1 20%
Add To Cart: $5.00