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Big Show

69 Years Ago today in Radio History: aired for the final time on the radio. After two years on the air, NBC cancels "The Big Show": The Golden Age Of Radio was built on the variety program, and before completely surrendering to TV, NBC turned back to the format with Tallulah Bankhead's "The Big Show". The idea was to strike a blow at TV as well as the talent pool, including Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, George Burns and Gracie Allen, and especially Jack Benny who had jumped ship during the infamous Talent Raid. The ninety-minute Big Show was incredibly expensive with a nearly TV-level budget, but it could not compete with the glow of the small screen and went off the air on April 20, 1954.
30 Episodes
1 Volume
By the early 1950's, sponsors were beginning to abandon radio for television, but nothing on the small screen had the class and sophistication of NBC's The Big Show. Although Mistress of Ceremonies, Tallulah Bankhead and her guests from the world of entertainment were definitely "upper crust", Miss Bankhead's friendly and accessible manner meant that the program was as entertaining in the parlor as it was in the garage.
30 1 10%
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Deanna Durbin

Remembering Deanna Durbin who passed away 8 years ago today (in 2013) at the age of 91. She would be 99 years old if alive today!
65 Episodes
2 Volume
Hear the voice of the young songstress and film star as she appeared on Texaco Town, aside Bob Hope on Command Performance, The Jack Benny Show, Lux Radio Theater, and Screen Guild Theater in this compilation of her great radio appearances.
65 2 20%
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Betty Lou Gerson

Happy Birthday, Betty Lou Gerson! Today would be Betty Lou Gerson's 107th Birthday.
241 Episodes
5 Volume
A skilled professional, Betty Lou Gerson was much sought over in old time radio shows from Lux Radio Theatre, The Whistler, Mr. President, and Escape.
241 5 20%
Add To Cart: $25.00