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Patriotic Old Time Radio

Fourth of July Celebration!
Celebrate with radio's most patriotic shows from yesteryear!
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Patriotic Collection
Patriotic Collection

Red, white, and blue, patriotic radio shows just for you! OTRCat presents some of our favorite Patriotic Radio Episodes. Included are Historical Dramas, WWII episodes, AFRS Programming, Family Comedy, and Baseball Stories.

Fourth Of July
Fourth of July Collection

Enjoy July 4th broadcasts from radio past.

American History
American History Collection

Famous and lesser know episodes from the birth and growth of a Great Nation presented from popular OTR sources, including Cavalcade Of America, American Trail, Frontier Fighters, Mr. President and You Are There. Great lessons and fine entertainment.

American Trail
The American Trail

The American Trail tells the story of these brave men and women: from Louis and Clark to the great ol' California Gold Rush.

Any Bonds Today
Any Bonds Today?

Entertaining fifteen-minute Treasury Dept spot featured a Patriotic Sketch and a Patriotic Song.

The Cavalcade of America

This well-done, star-studded factual show is a wonderful resource for those interested in historical highlights.

Orson Welles
Orson Welles' Ceiling Unlimited

Orson Welles originally starred in and wrote for Ceiling Unlimited after returning from Latin America in 1942. It was a Patriotic drama series and recounted the heroic efforts of the Allied service men of WWII.

Democracy in America
Democracy in America

Based on Alexis de Tocqueville's book published in 1835 about his travels and observations of America society.

Flag Day
Flag Day

The American Experiment is a fragile one, but we can take strength from Thirteen Red and White Stripes and a field of Blue covered with White Stars. Here are some of the most Patriotic Programs from all of Old Time Radio.

Four for the Fifth
Four for the Fifth

written by Arch Oboler and William Robson: this WWII propaganda old time radio program helped advertise US Bonds to fund the war effort.

Free Company
The Free Company

Created by an independent group of writers (including Orson Welles) on the eve of America's entrance into WWII, this series of radio dramas reminds Americans of the fundamental freedoms worth defending.

Freedoms People
Freedom's People

A deeply patriotic radio show which celebrates democracy and freedom. Made by and for African-Americans, the show featured some of the greatest leaders in 1940s black culture


This highly patriotic show revisits amazing people, times, and events in American History.

Keep Em Rollin
Keep Em Rollin

Patriotic music urges Americans to join the WWII war effort whether it be through military service, buying war bonds, or volunteering for Civil Defense.

Land of the Free
Land of the Free

Inspired by President Roosevelt and England Prime Minister Winston Churchill "The Charter Of Freedom," this radio program illustrated various historical stories of freedom.

Les We Forget
On Lest We Forget The American Dream

A Patriotic Program that Serves as a Reminder of what America Stands For!

Norman Corwin Collection

One of the greatest creative minds that has ever floated through the airwaves, Norman Corwin's poetic personality left an impression on listeners everywhere.

Parades in Old Time Radio Collection

Relive the nostalgia of parades yesteryear - both real and fictional. These are great celebrations!

People Act
The People Act

Spotlights democracy at work in America and how government program like Civilian Conservation Corps and school funding helped individuals and communities alike.

Plays for Americans
Plays for Americans

During WWII, Arch Oboler dedicated his talents to the war effort. He produced this series--drawing in many big-name stars for the cause.

So Proudly We Hail
So Proudly We Hail

This old time radio series contains a wide variety of mediums geared to attract young potential Army recruits and the series included mystery and drama shows. 

This Is War
This is War (Norman Corwin)

Directed by Norman Corwin and broadcast over all four major networks in support of the War Effort.

Treasury Star Parade
Treasury Star Parade

When the US Treasury Department was working to sell War Bonds to fund the Second World War, they turned to the best of Hollywood’s talent to create Treasury Star Parade.

We Came This Way
We Came This Way

will be appreciated by students of history, as well as fans of radio drama with stories including Joan of Arc, Valley Forge, The French Revolution, and Walt Whitman.

Wings To Victory
Wings to Victory

WWII Morale Boosting Show Presented by the Air Force

You Are There
You Are There

This series takes historic events and dramatizes them with "live radio" coverage. Many of the announcers on You Are There were wartime correspondents in World War II. 

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