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Texas Rangers (Tales of the Texas Rangers)
With the gritty police realism of Dragnet and the grown-up Western fusion of pragmatism and romance heard on Gunsmoke, The Tales of the Texas Rangers had everything it needed to be a hit. Update: sound quality improvements
91 91 Episodes 46 46 Volume
Add To Cart: $230.00
Presidential Before They Were Nominees
Every four years, the United States holds a Presidential Election to elect a President and a Vice President to lead the nation.  For the most part, Americans like to elect leaders with a proven record for which they can run on.
206 206 Episodes 59 59 Volume
Add To Cart: $295.00
Command Performance
WWII comedy, music and drama its star-studded finest! Update: 3 additional rare recording and many sound improvements on volume 4-5-6
307 307 Episodes 160 160 Volume
Add To Cart: $800.00
Hour of Charm
features Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm All Girl Orchestra and Choir with Evelyn and "Her Magic Violin".Evelyn actually "magically" helped form the all-girl orchestra by auditioning over 1000 female performers.Twenty-two piece charming female musicians were members, all of whom played multiple instruments and sang in the choir. Update: 1 additional rare AFRS recording
12 12 Episodes 6 6 Volume
Add To Cart: $30.00
Basic Music Library
The music that the AFRS broadcast overseas was often better than the music they could have heard back home.
190 190 Episodes 35 35 Volume
Add To Cart: $175.00
New Life Movement
A syndicated radio ministry of the Disciplined Order of Christ which was founded by Dr. Albert Edward Day.
6 6 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
House of Mystery
This radio series is a light mystery and suspense show that would be acceptable for some younger listeners sponsored by Post Toasties. Update: 1 additional rare episode and sound quality improvements
5 5 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00

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