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Rare Serial
For writers, serialized stories provide a much wider canvas to work on, although it does have restrictions.
13 13 Episodes 5 5 Volume
Add To Cart: $25.00
Santa Fe Trails
Although producer/writer Robert E. Callahan was especially knowledgeable and respectful of Indian culture, this dramatization of Western Migration is filled with clichés and dramatic license.
9 9 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Bobby Hammack
The sounds of Bobby Hammack were an important part of the Space Age Pop/Lounge Music/Bachelor Pad Sound.
9 9 Episodes 3 3 Volume
Add To Cart: $15.00
Rare Country Music
With roots in Gospel and English folk, growing into Hillbilly and Cowboy Music, Country Music has transcended the mainstream to truly become America's Music.
51 51 Episodes 21 21 Volume
Add To Cart: $105.00
Rare Westerns
This collection contains many rare episodes of western-theme old time radio shows, many of which are the only known existing episodes to have survived. Tales of the Old West were very popular during Radio's Golden Age, although not every show made it to the big time. Update: 7+ additional recordings
51 51 Episodes 22 22 Volume
Add To Cart: $110.00
Bert Wheeler
Bert Wheeler became part of the biggest comedy team of the early Talking Picture era, but struggled after his partner, Robert Woolsey, passed away.
8 8 Episodes 4 4 Volume
Add To Cart: $20.00
Rare Science Fiction
Science fiction is one of the most intriguing uses of Radio as an art form.
11 11 Episodes 5 5 Volume
Add To Cart: $25.00

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