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Rocky Jordan
Jack Moyle plays Rocky Jordan, the hard-boiled detective in exotic Cairo, Egypt. This collection also contains the only two known existing episodes of A MAN CALLED JORDAN (the predecessor series to ROCKY JORDAN). Update: 1 additional rare recording on volume 2
102 102 Episodes 49 49 Volume
Add To Cart: $245.00
Road of Life
This old time radio soap opera centered on handsome doctor Jim Brent and his wife Jocelyn in the small town of Merrimac. As the heroine of a medical drama, Jocelyn would suffer from almost every dread disease known to medicine. Update: 1 additional rare recording
7 7 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Tennessee Ernie Ford
A country boy who rose to fame in the Southern California Country Music scene, Tennessee Ernie Ford won an important place in the history of Rock & Roll.
37 37 Episodes 12 12 Volume
Add To Cart: $60.00
Dennis Day Show
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day was a popular sitcom featuring the original soda jerk from the Jack Benny Show. Update: 2 additional recordings on volume 2
69 69 Episodes 35 35 Volume
Add To Cart: $175.00
Hollywood Theater of Stars
One of Hollywood's most popular dramatic daytime old time radio shows sponsored by LaRosa's macaroni and noodles. Update: 18 additional recordings
53 53 Episodes 26 26 Volume
Add To Cart: $130.00
Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger is one of the iconic characters in American folklore, and he got his start on Mutual, airing from 1933 through 1954. Update: 1 additional rare recording on volume 42
2359 2359 Episodes 1146 1146 Volume
Add To Cart: $5,730.00
This Life is Mine
This soap opera follows Teacher Eden Channing and her family, much of which revolve around life on the home front during WWII. Update: 2 additional rare recordings
5 5 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00

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