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Favorite Story
Favorite Story was hosted by Ronald Colman with frequent guest stars such as Hans Conreid, William Conrad, Raymond Burr, and Helen Craig. This old time radio series high quality and use of timeless literature lead to its rebroadcast for years to come. Update: additional episodes
83 83 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Charlie Chan
With requisite Chinese chords and stings from the organist we have several selections from the casebook of the Incomparable Charlie Chan, Detective, Philosopher, and Modern Chinese Sage. Update: 40+ additional recordings
56 56 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street
Swing music is all about having fun, and one of the ways that Swing musicians have fun was by making fun of the more serious classical music scene. Featuring Milton Cross, the normally serious announcer for the Metropolitan Opera. Update: 29 additional broadcasts
37 37 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Jeffrey Silver
While on vacation from Cleveland, Jeffrey Silver made a few radio auditions just for fun, and wound up as a young, professional, Hollywood radio actor.
91 91 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Human Adventure
An education radio program that was a collaboration between the Columbia Broadcasting System and the University of Chicago. Update: additional episode
12 12 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
ABC News (Orson Welles Commentary)
This program was initially sponsored by Lear Radio Laboratories. Commentaries reached a high-water mark on July 28 when Welles reads and comments on an affidavit in the case of Isaac Woodard.
8 8 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Guess Who
A fun and entertaining quiz show, when the contestants answer questions correctly, host Happy Feldman drops a Sheffied Dairy "silver coins" in empty milk bottles - clank! When the guests get the answer wrong, Happy sounds the cow bell. Update: additional episode
20 20 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00

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