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A faith based radio show produced by The Navy Chaplain Corp to help Armed Service Members find the right church of their choice and finding strength within.
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Phil Harris and Alice Faye
Laughs abound in this old time radio variety show feature jive-talking hipster bandleader, Phil Harris, and his glamorous and talented movie star wife, Alice Faye. Update: 60+ additional recordings
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Jack Berch
A daytime alternative to soap operas, The Jack Berch Show offered light hearted variety and music for housewives.
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Inside Track
Dressler interviewed coaches, managers, ball players, scouts, and individual athletes about trends in their sports and what it takes to be great in each competition.
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Radio Guild
Winning the endorsement of National Advisory Council on Radio in Education (NACRE), the producers of the Music Appreciation Hour developed an instructor's manual as a companion to the series called Radio Guild.
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The Remember program began in 1946 with then up-and-coming film star Robert Young sitting down with a stack of records from a certain year and playing them while sharing stories from the selected year.
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Ira Cook Show
One of the AFRTS most popular DJs was Ira Cook whose personality comes shining through in every one of his recorded broadcasts; he is a white collared, narrow tie-wearing square, but he had an appreciation for popular music
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