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Disaster in Old Time Radio

Floods, Hurricanes, Fires, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Plagues, Nuclear Annihilation, and Rats! Hear every disaster imaginable in the Golden Age of Radio!   Get under that desk, put on your tinfoil hat, stock up on bread, and the following old time radio shows ...

Apocalypse Orson Welles in War of the Worlds Snow! Plagues!

Hear Duck and Cover, Plagues, Robot Attacks, Time Travel, Annihilation, Cold War Speeches, and more in this  collection of tales about THE END OF THE WORLD!

War of the Worlds
Based on the HG Wells story about Martian's invading Earth, War of the Worlds 1938 is one of the most infamous broadcasts in media history.

Winter Cold & Blizzards
Brrrrrrr ....
these radio shows from a variety of old time radio genres will get your teeth chattering!

Vaccines and Plagues
Old time radio's take on plagues, vaccines, polio, and other illnesses featuring shows from all genres from comedy to drama to adventure.

cOmPuTeR bRaINs! Aliens! Disaster Survival Tips Monsters!

Computers &
Electronic Brains
By the end of the Golden Age of Radio, computers had begun to enter the popular imagination largely through the descriptions from Science Fiction.

Aliens, Martians,
and UFOs

Includes science fiction old time radio's versions of aliens, UFOs, Martians, and little green men, with many adaptations from science fiction writers.

Atomic Radio

Original collection featuring radio shows inspired by the Atomic Age. A blast from the past, this collection includes a bombardment of shows from all genres including Science Fiction, comedy, horror, detective, and drama.


Now even More Jekyll and Hyde, Werewolves, Zombies, Hobgoblins!

... and last but not least … Satan!

Satan blowing fire next to Old Time Radio!
Devils, Demons,and Lucifer in Old Time Radio

In this collection the Devil himself actually shows up perhaps
as a stand-ins for "the evil which lurks in the hearts of men."

Be sure to snap up your old time radio favorites before disaster strikes!


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