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 You Are There

2 MP3 CDs - 70 episodes

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"The Listening Years"
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Goodman AceYou Are There takes historic events and dramatizes them with "live radio" coverage. Of course, many famous events were covered on radio prior to WWII, but the daily transcontinental field reports created an emotional impact that were radio reporting at its best. Many of the announcers on You Are There were real wartime correspondents in World War II.  The show was originally called CBS is There.

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Goodman Ace, who also created, wrote and played "Ace" on The Easy Aces, created the show. The hosts for You Are There were Richard C. Hottelet, John Daly, and Don Hollenbeck. They began the show with "live" background coverage of the events unfolding. Then the sounds and characters involved take over. Often participants are interviewed, or the show cuts to another reporter's evaluation of the event.

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Goodman AceOf course, many of the historic events took place before radio - that fact is obvious to the listener, who knows this is a radio re-enactment. But the dialogue is believable, as factual as possible, and very much in character. Director Robert Lewis Shayon uses sound effects, actors and the reporters "coverage" in an exciting and thought-provoking way.

Another way of looking at the show is that this is history reported in a way radio's audience is most used to, and so makes it easier for a listener to imaginatively participate in the world's major historical events. Vintage Tube RadioOther shows with a historical character are: American Adventure, An American in England, American Trail, Cavalcade of America, Democracy in America, Destination Freedom, The Free Company, Frontier Fighters, Norman Corwin Collection, Mr President, Science Magazine of the Air, and The American History Collection. For WWII radio, see WWII Collection, An American in England, and Command Performance.

See also: I Was There.

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Volume 1: 35 shows - total playtime 16 hours 43 minutes

You Are There 470707 01 Assassination Of Lincoln
You Are There 470714 02 Storming Of The Bastille
You Are There 470728 03 Columbus Finds America 10-12-1492
You Are There 470728 03 Columbus Finds America 10-12-1492
You Are There 470804 04 Witchcraft Trials At Salem
You Are There 470811 05 Drake Defeats Spanish Armada
You Are There 470818 06 The Alamo
You Are There 471106 07 Spec The Listening Years
You Are There 471207 08 Napoleon Returns From Elba
You Are There 471214 09 Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
You Are There 471220 10 Sailing Of The Mayflower
You Are There 480111 13 Burrhamilton Duel [1st Half Only]
You Are There 480118 14 The Signing Of The Magna Carta
You Are There 480208 17 The Dreyfus Case
You Are There 480215 18 The Assassination Of Julius Caesar
You Are There 480222 19 The Battle Of Gettysburg
You Are There 480229 20 Joan Of Arc Is Burned At The Stake
You Are There 480314 22 The Death Of Socrates
You Are There 480321 23 Philadelphia Declaration Independence
You Are There 480404 24 The Monitor And The Merrimac
You Are There 480411 25 The Last Day Of Pompeii
You Are There 480418 26 The Battle Of Plassey
You Are There 480425 27 The Fall Of Troy
You Are There 480502 28 The Surrender Of Sitting Bull
You Are There 480509 29 Burrhamilton Duel 1st Half Only
You Are There 480516 30 The Signing Of The Magna Carta
You Are There 480523 31 Execution Of Maximillian
You Are There 480620 35 Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson
You Are There 480919 42 Virginia Ratifies The Constitution
You Are There 480926 43 Ann Hutchinsons Trial
You Are There 481003 44 The First Battle Of Bull Run
You Are There 481010 45 Columbus Finds America
You Are There 481017 46 The Trial Of Marie Antoinette
You Are There 481024 47 Fall Of Troy
You Are There 481031 48 The Election Of Thomas Jefferson
You Are There 481107 49 Lee & Grant At Appomattox

Volume 2: 35 shows - total playtime 16 hours 55 minutes

You Are There 481114 50 Napoleon Recaptured And Exiled
You Are There 481121 51 Assasination Of Abraham Lincoln
You Are There 481205 53 The Execution Of Maxmilian
You Are There 481212 54 Conspiracy Of The Cataline
You Are There 481219 55 Hanging Of Captain Kidd
You Are There 481226 56 The Monitor & The Merrimac
You Are There 490109 58 Trial Of Charles I
You Are There 490116 59 Mutiny In The Colonial Army
You Are There 490123 60 Toussaint Louverture Liberates Hait
You Are There 490130 61 Colonel Johnson Eats The Love Apple
You Are There 490206 62 The Trial Of John Peter Zenger
You Are There 490213 63 The Battle Of Hastings
You Are There 490220 64 The Ordeal Of Savonarola
You Are There 490227 65 The Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson
You Are There 490306 66 Rise Of Alexander Great Peace Offer
You Are There 490313 67 Rise Of Alexander Great Battle For Asia
You Are There 490320 68 Rise Of Alexander Great Mutiny In India
You Are There 490327 69 The Okalahoma Land Run
You Are There 490403 70 Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots
You Are There 490410 71 Perrys Dash To The North Pole
You Are There 490417 72 Napoleon Returns From Elba
You Are There 490424 73 Assassination Of Caesar
You Are There 490501 74 Death Of Montezuma
You Are There 490508 75 Trial Of Samuel Chase
You Are There 490515 76 Lexington And Concord
You Are There 490522 77 Bombardment Of Fort Sumpter
You Are There 490529 78 The Siege Of Leiden Holland
You Are There 490905 79 Capture Of John Wilkes Booth
You Are There 491030 81 The Trial Of Burr
You Are There 491127 82 Trial Run Of Tom Thumb
You Are There 491225 83 Charlemagne
You Are There 500122 84 New Amsterdam
You Are There 500219 85 Charge Of The Light Brigade
You Are There 500319 86 Stamp Act Rebellion
You Are There 500514 88 William Penn Trial



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