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 University of Chicago Roundtable

3 MP3 CDs - 112 episodes

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"Race Problems and World Peace"
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(1933 - 1955)

University of Chicago 1940University of Chicago Roundtable uses the media of radio as a platform to answer big questions of the day.  Topics include war time politics, civil rights, economics, great literature, psychology, nutrition, and more.

The guests at the round table include a wide variety of intellectuals including senators, journalists, business owners, professors from the University of Chicago and other major universities discuss the topics of the day: 

  • Two senators debate on whether President Truman's Civil Rights Program should be adopted which includes making lynching a federal crime and protecting voting rights.
  • Explaining what rationing means for housewives, business owners, and more.
  • Making housing affordable to everyone.
  • How influential are the Labor Unions in American politics?
  • The American interests in the Chinese Communist revolution
  • What is the current Cancer Research in 1949?
  • What is the role of women in the United States in 1952?
  • A round table from the Gerontological Society of America meets in St. Louis to discuss aging problem.

The show is a fascinating look at the politics, morals, and current thinking of the era.  Each episode features a great panel with some of the biggest and brightest minds of the time which leads to a great discussion and an even better debate.

For more compelling intellectual listening of the era, see also: America Town Meeting of the Air, Speaking of Liberty and Living in an Atomic Age with British philosopher, Sir Bertrand Russel.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1:
38 recordings - total playtime 17 hours 46 minutes

Ucrt 411207 Canada A Neighbor At War
Ucrt 411228 What Does Rationing Mean
Ucrt 420517 Radio In Wartime
Ucrt 450415 Tribute To F. D. R.
Ucrt 450812 Atomic Force Meaning For Mankind
Ucrt 450902 Solution In China No Open Or Close
Ucrt 460623 U. N. And Bomb No Open Or Close
Ucrt 460721 What Does Russia Want
Ucrt 461013 Can Europe Federate No Open
Ucrt 470309 Should Taxes Be Reduced
Ucrt 470803 People Yes
Ucrt 471207 French Revolution Vs. Russian Revolution
Ucrt 480222 Should U N Army Enforce Partition Of Palestine
Ucrt 480509 Where Do We Go From Here In Adult Education
Ucrt 480523 What Terms Can End Cold War
Ucrt 480530 Should Social Security Be Increased
Ucrt 480606 Mundtnixon Bill
Ucrt 480613 South & Democratic Convention
Uocr 480620 746 Republican Convention
Uocr 480627 747 Do Public Opinion Polls Serve Democracy
Uocr 480704 748 Jefferson & Declaration Of Independence
Uocr 480711 749 Is There A Crack In Iron Curtain
Uocr 480718 750 Politics Of Housing
Uocr 480725 751 Politics Of International Trade
Uocr 480808 753 Politics Of Inflation
Uocr 480829 756 Why Did Russia Take Up Marxism
Uocr 480905 757 Economic Planning In Britain 1
Uocr 480912 758 Economic Planning In Britain 2
Uocr 480919 759 Us Of West Europe 2 nd Half Onlyv
Uocr 480926 760 Great Books In Modern World
Uocr 481003 761 U.n. & Berlin Crisis
Uocr 481010 762 Why Do People Vote Way They Do
Uocr 481017 763 France & U.n.
Uocr 481024 764 Atomic Energy & U.n.
Uocr 481031 765 Emotions & World Problems Or War
Uocr 481107 766 What Happened To Dewey No Close
Uocr 481114 767 What Does Tafthartley Act Men
Uocr 481121 768 Chinese Dilemma Today



Volume 2:
37 recordings - total playtime 17 hours 53 minutes

Uocr 481128 769 Tuberculosis Today
Uocr 481205 770 Race Problems & World Peace
Uocr 481212 771 Election & Republican Party
Uocr 481219 772 Is There Life On Other Planets
Uocr 481226 773 Equality Of Educational Opportunity
Uocr 490102 774 Civil Rights Monopoly & Labor Justice
Uocr 490109 775 Problems Of Old Age
Uocr 490116 776 What Should We Do About Monopoly
Uocr 490123 777 Should We Adopt Compulsory Health Ins.
Uocr 490130 778 What Shouild Be Done About Federal Budget
Uocr 490206 779 Should Trumans Civil Rights Program Be Adopted
Uocr 490213 780 National Resources Progress & Poverty
Uocr 490306 783 North Atlantic Pact & Russia
Uocr 490313 784 Guilt By Association
Uocr 490320 785 What Should Society Expect Of Colleges & Universities
Uocr 490327 786 Bomb & Next War
Uocr 490403 787 Adolescence In American Culture
Uocr 490410 788 Cancer Research Today
Uocr 490424 790 Goethe & Unity Of Mankind Today
Uocr 490508 792 How Powerful Is Labor Leadership
Uocr 490515 793 Democracy World Hope
Uocr 490529 795 India After Gandhi No Open Close
Uocr 490605 Ep 796 Problems Of South Asia
Uocr 490612 Ep 797 Prisons & Gaols
Uocr 500312 Who Killed Peace
Uocr 500326 Census Shows Us Up
Uocr 500402 Whats New About Weather
Uocr 500409 No Cross No Crown
Uocr 500423 Government & Business
Uocr 500528 Psychological Aspects Of Maintaining Peace
Uocr 500604 Understanding Nutrition And Live Longer
Uocr 500611 Great Ideas
Uocr 500618 Psychoanalysis & Ethics
Uocr 500618 Psychoanalysis And Ethics
Uocr 500702 Schumann Plan What Does It Mean
Uocr 500702 Shumann Plan
Uocr 500709 1. Views Of A Divided World



Volume 3:
37 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 18 minutes

Uocr 500716 2. Security & Arms Control
Uocr 500730 4. Problem Of Asia
Uocr 500806 5. Pattern For Peace
Uocr 510805 American & British Foreign Policies
Uocr 510902 Friendly Treaty With Japan
Uocr 510909 Problems Of Aging Pt 1
Uocr 510916 Living Arrangements For Elderly Pt 2 Bad Skips
Uocr 510923 Manpower & Defense Skips
Uocr 511014 Andrew Jackson & Democratic Morality
Uocr 511021 Integrity Of University
Uocr 511104 Peace Conference From Yugoslavia
Uocr 511111 Policies Of World Disarmament
Uocr 511118 How Prudent Is American Foreign Policy¿
Uocr 511125 Atomic Weapons & National Defense
Uocr 511202 Should United Nations Be Revised¿
Uocr 511216 Japanese Economy Today
Uocr 511230 Human Implications Of Technical Change
Uocr 520106 Role Of Africa Noisy
Uocr 520113 State Of Union Muffled
Uocr 520120 Schumann Plan Is Discussed
Uocr 520127 Fight Against Intolerance Scratchy
Uocr 520203 How Effective Is North Atlantic Alliance¿
Uocr 520323 What Cab We Do Now In Europe¿ Very Tinny
Uocr 520330 Has Truman Doctrine Been Successful¿
Uocr 520413 Meaning Of Easter. Wmaq Is 30!
Uocr 520511 Dilemmas Of Rearmament
Uocr 520601 American & British Capitalism
Uocr 520608 Changing Role Of Women In U.s.
Uocr 520615 Study Of Man & State Of World
Uocr 520622 Academic Freedom
Uocr 520629 How To Deal With Communist Subversion
Uocr 520706 1. Can Republicans Defeat Majority Party¿
Uocr 520713 2. Philosopher’s Profile Of Presidency
Uocr 520727 4. Democracy & Political Conventions
Uocr 520803 1. Arabs Point Of View Of Point Four
Uocr 520810 2. Arabs Point Of View Of Point Four
Uocr 520817 Aid For Underdeveloped Areas



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