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 Time Travelers in Old Time Radio

2 MP3 CDs - 54 episodes

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"Escape: Time Machine"
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Clocksn time travel there are voyages to the future, travels to the past, and strange visitors from the future coming to our present time. This original OTRCAT.com collection explores Time Travel in old time radio shows. Included in the collection:

Time Machine Dimension X adapts Ray Bradbury's "To the Future", in worlds we have never seen, a couple arrived in 1950s Mexico to avoid the atrocities of their future time, but a mysterious man in a white suit follows them. In Child's Play and man puts together a kit from 100 years in the future to "Build a Man." In the episode "Time and Time Again" a man from way in the future (1975) is hit by an atomic bomb and sent back in time.

Escape takes on H.G. Wells' famous story "The Time Machine" as men travel to the future to discover two races of humans the simple Eloi and the evil Morlock overlords.

In Exploring Tomorrow "Time Heals" a man is sent into the future to cure his inoperable cancer in hopes that the future medicine will have a cure from his disease. But what does he find in the future?

Mysterious Traveler offers many interesting Time Traveling old time radio shows. In "The Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln", a man attempts to alter the course of history by preventing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In "Operation Tomorrow", a professor sends his assistant into the future 2050 only to find a grave discovery about the future of mankind. "Speak of the Devil"

Time ClocksIn Quiet Please "Remember Tomorrow" a bunch of thugs hires a genius to make a time machine, only to discover his employers dastardly plans. In "Not Enough Time" a man travels to the year 1897 and falls in love. "Twelve to Five" is a unique tale about a radio news dj who keeps getting strange news reports...from the future. In "Nots Responsible for 30 Years" an archaeologist discovers a Roman Soldier buried in the year 410 AD, but the dead man is wearing a wrist watch.

Suspense "Stranger with my Face" as man is in the future, with someone else's face on his face. In "2462" we visit a sterile future prison "termination center" where humans live in cells with smooth plastic blue-green walls. A man is charged with the grave accusation of writing "non-productive literature" (poetry) and "wasting the government's time."

X Minus One is an outstanding Science Fiction old time radio with a number of Time Travel themed radio episodes. In "A Gun for Dinosaurs" an expedition party travels millions of year into the past to hunt dinosaurs. In "Target One", time travelers try to stop atomic warfare.

Here these and many more tales of Time Travel in episodes from ABC Mysery Time, Biography In Sound, Dark Fantasy, Dimension X, Escape, Exploring Tomorrow, Favorite Story, Inner Sanctum, Lets Have Fun (rare!), Lights Out, The Lux Radio Theater, Mysterious Traveler, NBC University Theater, Quiet Please, Radio Guild (rare!), Adventures of Sam Spade, Strange Dr Weird, Space Patrol, Suspense, The Century Clock (rare!), Theater of Romance, X Minus One, and more!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 27 shows - total playtime 14 hours 37 minutes

Abc Mystery Time Picture Of Dorian Gray
Biography In Sound 561204 69 Ticket To The Moon
Dangerously Yours 440924 13 Berkeley Square
Dark Fantasy 420102 07 Resolution 1841
Dark Fantasy 420116 09 Debt From Past
Dark Fantasy 420501 A Letter from Yesterday
Dimension X 500408 01 OuterLimit
Dimension X 500527 08 To the Future
Dimension X 510624 38 Childs Play
Dimension X 510712 39 Time And Time Again
Escape 480509 040 Time Machine
Escape 501022 129 Time Machine
Exploring Tomorrow 24 580000 Time Heals
Favorite Story 490528 089 Time Machine
Inner Sanctum 411221 051 Man From Yesterday
Inner Sanctum 451009 240 Death By Scripture
Inner Sanctum 451030 243 Man Who Couldnt Die
Lets Have Fun 351022 First Of Series
Lights Out 371222 Uninhabited
Lights Out 421222 12 The Meteor Man
Lux 520922 795 Ill Never Forget You
Mysterious Traveler 500207 241 Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln
Mysterious Traveler 500411 250 Operation Tomorrow
Mysterious Traveler 511113 330 Speak Of Devil
NBCUT 490827 1984

27 shows - total playtime 12 hours 33 minutes

NBCUT 500806 100 A Connecticut Yankee
Quiet Please 470727 006 I Remember Tomorrow
Quiet Please 471006 018 Not Enough Time
Quiet Please 480412 045 Twelve To Five
Quiet Please 480614 054 Not Responsible After 30 Years
Quiet Please 480802 059 Its Later Than You Think
Quiet Please 481121 075 One For Book
Quiet Please 490130 085 Northern Lights
Radio Guild 400413 Ineffable Essence Of Nothing
Sam Spade 490116 Betrayal In Bumpass Hell
Sp 541002 0105 Voice From Future
Sp 550226 0126 Voyage To Future
Sp 550305 0127 Monster From Past
Strange Dr Weird 450508 27 Picture Of A Killer
Suspense 610723 886 Stranger With My Face
Suspense 620121 909 2462
Suspense 620211 912 Man Who Went Back To Save Lincoln
The Century Clock 390623 Audition Show In Land Of King Arthur
Theat Of Rom 450102 27 It Happened Tomorrow
X 1 551020 021 Childs Play
X 1 551116 025 The Outer Limit
X 1 551214 029 To Future
X 1 560111 033 Time And Time Again
X 1 560307 041 A Gun For Dinosaur
X 1 561031 073 Sam This Is You
X 1 570417 097 Discovery Of Mornial Matha
X 1 571226 123 Target One



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