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 Smiths of Hollywood

1 MP3 CD - 26 episodes


"Cecil Thinks Eviction"
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Situation comedy (1946 - 47)

Smiths of HollywoodThis show had a great cast, starring Harry Von Zell as attorney Bill Smith, Brenda Marshall as his wife Nancy, and featuring British star Arthur Treacher as Sir Cecil Smythe, their snooty British relative. Jan Ford played daughter Shirley, better known as Bumps.

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The Smiths everyday adventures are a little more fantastic than a real average family's are, since being in Hollywood naturally means that such stars as Lucille Ball, William Holden and Ann Sheridan are prone to drop by. But they're just plain folk off-screen, just like you or I. Good thing there's a solid cast of veteran radio professions to make it funny! They did, and The Smiths of Hollywood is solid radio comedy entertainment.

Harry Von Zell became the announcer on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show TV Show beginning in 1951. He also starred in the memorable films "Boy, Did I Get the Wrong Number", "U.S.S. Tea Kettle", "I Can Get It For You Wholesale", Where There's Life", and "Son of Paleface." Bob Hope fans will recognize that at least three of these are Hope movies. "I Can Get it For You Wholesale" is a fine, serious film, with Von Zell doing his best acting along with a great cast.

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Brenda Marshall was a film actress who isn't so well remembered today. She did all her work in little more than ten years, throughout the 1940s, beginning with good films like "The Sea Hawk" and "Footsteps in the Dark", both opposite Errol Flynn. She starred in "Strange Impersonation", an Anthony Mann directed Noir classic in 1946 the same year The Smiths of Hollywood was first produced. She was married to William Holden, and their rocky private life added a certain backstory that was the antithesis of The Smiths of Hollywood.

old time radio pictureJan Ford was the stage name for the young actress Helen Koford, who was affectionally kowns as Bumps on the show. "Bumps" in real life grew up to be Terry Moore, the Howard Hughes "managed" screen siren of many trashy, treasured films and later photography exposure in Playboy. Arthur Treacher was to continue his manner of mirth on the Jimmy Durante Show.

For more radio fun with the family, please see The Aldrich Family, Easy Aces, Life with Luigi, Ozzie and Harriet, Fibber McGee and Molly, Life of Riley, The Goldbergs, Our Miss Brooks, Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, My Favorite Husband, Dennis Day Show, Mel Blanc Show, Halls of Ivy, and finally stop off at Duffy's Tavern for a nightcap.

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26 shows - total playtime 12 hours 37 minutes

Smiths Hollywood 470000 e00 Audition
Smiths Hollywood 470110 e01 Cecil's Auto Accident
Smiths Hollywood 470117 e02 Cecil Thinks Eviction
Smiths Hollywood 470124 e03 Counterfeit Money
Smiths Hollywood 470131 e04 Cecil Helps a Burgler
Smiths Hollywood 470207 e05 Rumor About Nancy
Smiths Hollywood 470214 e06 The Trailer
Smiths Hollywood 470221 e07 The Banquet
Smiths Hollywood 470228 e08 Twelfth Anniversary
Smiths Hollywood 470307 e09 Polecat
Smiths Hollywood 470314 e10 The Penalty System
Smiths Hollywood 470321 e11 Cecil's Screen Test
Smiths Hollywood 470328 e12 Bill Fights City Hall
Smiths Hollywood 470404 e13 Designs On Cecil's Affections

Smiths Hollywood 470411 e14 Nancy Has an Accident
Smiths Hollywood 470418 e15 Honesty and a Used Car
Smiths Hollywood 470425 e16 The Burglar
Smiths Hollywood 470502 e17 Telling A Joke
Smiths Hollywood 470509 e18 A Litter of Puppies
Smiths Hollywood 470523 e19 Nancy Wants to Get a Job
Smiths Hollywood 470606 e21 Trying to Get Rid of Cecil
Smiths Hollywood 470613 e22 Bumps Has a Boyfriend
Smiths Hollywood 470620 e23 The Date
Smiths Hollywood 470622 e24 One Thousand Big Ones
Smiths Hollywood 470627 e25 Bill Ends Up in Jail
Smiths Hollywood 470704 e26 Cecil's Party


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