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 Random Rarities 11

1 MP3 CD - 37 episodes


"That Brewster Boy: Natural Born Salesman"
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Jinx Falkenburg appeared on the covers of more than 60 magazines in the 1930s and 40s and was for a time the highest paid model in the US
Ted Beneke
Arch Oboler at microphone
Over the years, many shows were lost because the recording was corrupted, the recording material did not age well, or the recording was lost to time. From time-to-time, caches of recordings are found and added to the collective knowledge.

Sometimes a one or two episodes are available for some shows. Random Rarities features some of those show that were almost lost to time. Enjoy listening!

  • Ted Weems - Enjoy the sounds of Ted Weems and his Orchestra coming from the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago.
  • Tell It Again - The greatest stories in literature presented by CBS.
  • Tell Me a Story - Stories about women told by Ida Lupino.
  • Teller of Hawaiian Tales - Tales of Hawaii's rich folklore.
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford Audition - Musical variety show with guests featuring the man from Tennessee.
  • Tex and Jinx Show - Morning interview radio show hosted my married couple, Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg.
  • Tex Beneke and Orchestra - Big band goodness from saxophonist and singer Tex Beneke and his Orchestra.
  • Textron Theatre - Queen of the stage, Helen Hayes, stars with many of the most famous actors of the time in adaptations of popular plays, books, and movies.
  • Thank You America - Stories of patriotism from popular stars presented during Thanksgiving 1944.
  • That Brewster Boy - Follow the hijinks of a boy as he gets into and out of trouble.
  • That's My Pop - Based on the comic strip by Milt Gros, Pop is a lovable loser who hasn't worked in about 20 years and entertains his family.
  • That's Rich - Richard Wilk is a day dreamer working for a paper product company and living with his cousin Helen in Hope Springs.
  • That's Our Boy - The 20th century Tom Sawyer living in Loganville and stirring up trouble.
  • The Century Clock - Two boys travel through time interacting with stories from different times throughout history.
  • The City - In depth stories about people and places in the city.
  • Think - Where does fiction end and fact begin? Stories to make you think.
  • Tena and Tim - A soap comedy about Scandinavian maid Tena and the family she worked for, the Hutchinson's.
  • The Little Things in Life - Slice of life comedy about life in a family.
  • To Have and To Hold - The story of the traditional vows, the new morality and the people caught in them.
  • Hallicrafter Hour - Variety show featuring local Chicago performers.
  • Wonderful World - Written by Arch Obler and featuring Greer Garson in a program about good faith.

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

37 shows - total playtime 15 hours 48 minutes
Synspecialowi Mileage Rationing Program 421201
Ted Weems 370210 Trianon Ballroom Chgo Mbs
Tell It Again 480516 Tale Of Two Cities
Tell It Again 480613 Moby Dick
Tell It Again 480822 Two Years Before Mast
Tell It Again 480829 Luck Of Roaring Camp
Tell Me Story Pond Ida Lupino Carleton E. Morse
Teller Of Hawaiian Tales 01 Ghost Dance On Punch Bowl
Teller Of Hawaiian Tales 02 One Ditch Menehune Built
Tennessee Ernie Ford Audition 1
Tennessee Ernie Ford Audition 2
Tex & Jinx Show 471104 Walt Disney
Tex & Jinx Show 541124 Fred Allen
Tex Beneke & Orch 460913
Tex Beneke Show Audition
Tex Benneke 470905 Clic
Textron Theatre 451201 Happy Journey To Trenton
Textron Theatre 451208 Angel Street
Thank You America 441123 Ar Bond Day, Talk Turkey W Japan
That Brewster Boy 411200 Joey Runs Away From Home
That Brewster Boy 421200 Natural Born Salesman
Thats My Pop 450729
Thats Our Boy 500826 CE. Morse
Thats Rich 531121
Thats Rich Rich Auditions For Nightclub
Thats Rich Rich Gets Job As An Usher
Thats Rich Tea Party
The Century Clock 390623 In Land Of King Arthur
The City 470309 Garden Of Art
The City 470629 Airport
Think 530000 Mars Is Heaven
Think 530000 Word
Tina And Tim 460524
Tltil 751225 104 Christmas Day At Baxters
To Have & To Hold 751225 Jennifers Brain Damage Is Improving
Wgnhallicrafters Hour 450402 W 9 Wzehildegarde
Wonderful World 450114


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