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 Blind Tales in Old Time Radio

3 MP3 CDs - 107 episodes

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"They Which See Not Shall See"
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Old Time Radio is an interesting, perhaps even ironic forum in which to explore blindness. Because there are no pictures in Radio, the Listener is forced to create images in his own mind.

Vintage photo of blind man and seeing eye dogThe importance of sight is emphasized in the title of the religious program brought to us by the Jewish Theological Seminary. The intent is that we will all be guided by The Eternal Light, but what if we cannot see the light? That is the question faced by the soldier in Alan Sergel's story "And Then There Was Light". Corporal Bernard Levin loses his eyes to a land mine in Europe, but for a time he finds solace in memories of the Temple. In time, he realizes that the only lasting hope he will find is being able to read from a Hebrew Bible written in Braille, but there is no such Bible at the time...

The very first episode of The Author's Playhouse presents "The Country Of The Blind", the classic H. G. Wells (the same author who created "The War of the Worlds", upon which Orson Welles infamous 1938 Halloween broadcast was based). The hero knows the proverb "In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king", but when he finds himself trapped in a country where everyone is blind, he discovers that his site is actually a handicap.

In episode "No Night Too Dark", Will Caulder sends word that he is coming back to his cabin in Cold Water, but he does not send word to his girl. He does not want her to feel sorry for him because he has been struck blind. Shopkeeper Walter Brennan shows him that he can see as well as anyone if he uses the gifts God left him.

Blindness is more than a dramatic device, it is an all too real condition. Yet it is one that the truly determined may overcome to achieve great things. Captains of Industry shows us the rise of Joseph Pulitzer from an immigrant cub reporter to owning two newspapers in St. Louis to finally the New York World. While building his empire, Pulitzer lost the use of his eyes, but still managed to make journalism one of the great defenders of Jeffersonian Democracy.

Peter Lorre and microphoneAcademy Award Theater brings us "Pride of the Marines", the story of tough and independent Al Schmid, who fought bravely on Guadalcanal, even after being blinded by a Japanese grenade. The bulk of the story is about his rehabilitation, especially facing the girl he left behind. "Pride of the Marines" is also brought to us on Lux Radio Theater.

In "The Magnificent Obsession", also on Lux Radio Theater, playboy Bob Merrick is injured and then saved by Dr. Phillips' resuscitator, however while the machine is being used to save him it is not available to save the doctor when he has a heart attack. While recovering, Bob gets to know the doctor's widow Helen and is with her when an accident strikes her blind.  He becomes obsessed with making things right with Helen, to the point of entering medical school and becoming one of the world's preeminent brain surgeons. The 1937 broadcast features Robert Taylor and Irene Dunn reprising their roles from the 1935 film.

The specter of blindness is familiar fodder for the Soaps, and we hear touching stories from Cecil and Sally, Dr. Christian, Dr. Kildare and Young Widder Brown. The implications of blindness are not lost on children, with episodes about blindness on The Lone Ranger, Hop Harrigan, Challenge of the Yukon and Lassie.

Disk One and Two in the Blind Tales Collection are dramas, soaps, and other genres. Disk Three contains all horror and mystery shows included in Blind Terror Collection. See also: Helen Keller Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 shows - total playtime 20 hours 46 minutes
Academy Award Theater 460615 12 Pride Of Marines
Authors Playhouse 441016 Country Of Blind
Behind Mike 400929 03 Babys Cries
Breakfast In Hollywood 480311 w J Mcelroy
Calling All Detectives 481012 284 Jerry Saves Blind Man
Captains Of Industry 03 Joseph Pulitzer
Cecil Sally 1160 Cant Stop Wedding Bc April Is Going Blind
Cecil Sally 1162 Cecil Hides From Apriloverhears Treachery
Challenge Of Yukon470211 0470 Substitution
Challenge Of Yukon481119 0577 St Bernard Dog
Chase & Sanborn 370530 004 Josephine Hutchinson Jose Iturbi
Destination Freedom 490501 044 Help Blind
Dr Christian 371205 005 Blind Boy Story
Dr Christian 381213 Ep 34 Sweet Genevieve
Dr Christian 491102 570 Old Battleaxe
Dr Kildare 500615 21 Glaucoma
Encore 460604 01 Magnificent Obsession
Eternal Light 470727 147 Samson In Chains
Eternal Light 470907 153 And There Was Light
Eternal Light 490508 240 Second Sun
Eternal Light 521221 0409 When Helen Keller Came Kfar Uriel
Family Doctor 32 21 Dr Adams, Detective
Front Page Drama 391125 0344 Magnificent Deception
Ft 4490302 107 All Brides Are Beautiful
Ft 470220 002 No Night Too Dark
Ft 470807 026 No Greater Love
Ft 481222 Blessed Are They
Ft 511226 250 Star Of Wonder
Ft 521015 289 Heart Also Sees
Grand Hotel 450519 Merely Players
Greatest Story Ever Told 470511 They Which See Not Shall See
Gset 480516 069 Thou Shalt Be Recompensed
Halls of Ivy 510131 049 Professor Warrens Retirement
Haunting Hour 451027 27 Tale Of Darkness
Heartbeat Theatre 600424 217 Eyes To Blind
Hop Harrigan 470807 1264 Riddle Of Ghostly Avengers #6
I Was There 400519 Wilson Vs Hughes
Inner Sanctum 460521 Detour To Terror Mason Adams
Iptbm 540127 Mr. And Mrs. John Scovern
Is520928 Dead Walk At Night Donald Buka
Lassie 491105 112 His Masters Eyes
Let George Do It 491031 Every Shot Counts
Life Can Be Beautiful471107 Close Investigation
Lr 380704 0073 When Blind See
Lr 400814 1179 Floating Stagecoach
Lr 410305 1266 New Leaf
Lr 430927 0880 Watch Was Target
Lr 440216 0942 Too Many Shares
Lr 470721 1487 Son Wanted
Volume 2: 24 shows - total playtime 13 hours 36 minutes
Lux 360622 086 Dark Angel
Lux 370426 130 Magnificent Obsession
Lux 441113 457 Magnificent Obsession
Lux 451231 508 Pride Of Marines
Lux 520407 785 Union Station
Ofrh 511230 His Workmanship
Ofrh 520810 Budding Of Fig Tree
Ports Of Call 360000 00 Czechoslovakia
Pwh 540418 289 Operation Beethoven
Rcp 490321 Blind Vengeance
Rf 531110 05 Messenger For Murder
Ripleys Believe It Or Not 390811 00x Mother Goose Stories
Rudy Vallee 360227 332 Douglas Fairbanks Jr Helen Keller
Sdp 490213 006 Magnificent Obsession
Silver Theater 381016 03 Wings In Dark
Soldiers Of Press 441203 109 Leo Disher Drama In Air
Stars In Air 520517 23 Night Song
Stars Over Hollywood 511124 546 Three Is An Odd Number 6444
Superman 460327 1240 Mystery Of Dragons Teeth
Theat Of Rom 451204 075 Magnificent Obsession
Theat Of Rom 460226 087 Enchanted Cottage
Theater Five 640925 040 Genuine Grenotte
This I Believe 510000 Helen Keller
Young Widder Brown 450810 1645
Volume 3: Blind Terror
34 shows - total playtime 15 hours 4 minutes

Arch Obolers Plays 400309 51 JohnnyGot his Gun
Big Town 480914 447 Blind Justice
Bimb 500203 020 Lt Jimmy Hunt Murder Case
Box 13 490703 46 House Of Darkness
Escape 480627 044 Country Of Blind
Escape 521109 156 Return
Favorite Story 084 Strange Valley Country Of Blind
Gang Busters 550416 0887 Case Of Punchdrunk Soldier
Green Hornet 440203 Light In Dark
Moon Over Africa 350622 15 Witch Woman Of Rock
Moon Over Africa 350629 16 Back To Jungle
Mr District Attorney 480526 Deadly Snowflake
Murder Clinic 420818 05 Holloway Flat Tragedy
Mystery In Air 470807 Marvelous Barrastro
Nero Wolfe 510420 25 Case Of Lost Heir
Nick Carter 450826 198 Case Of Vanishing Postman
Night Beat 500612 019 Football Player And Syndicate 8044
Night Beat 500807 Gun For Violin
Quiet Please 480913 065 Symphony In D Minor
Richard Diamond 500226 045 Blind Man And Cop Killer
Suspense 440120 075 World Of Darkness
Suspense 450712 149 Footfalls
Suspense 460328 186 Out Of Control
Suspense 571027 722 Country Of Blind Afrts
Suspense 590419 798 See How He Runs
Suspense 591213 831 Country Of Blind
Suspense 600410 848 Two Horse Parley
Suspense 620408 920 Let There Be Light
Theatre Royal 540102 14 Country Of Blind
Whistler 430207 039 In Dark
Whistler 450604 158 Murder Is Blind
X Minus One 550707 008 Green Hills Of Earth
Ytjd 570317 529 Clever Chemist Afrts
Ytjd 610625 746 Imperfect Crime



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