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 Legal Drama Collection

6 MP3 CDs - 276 episodes

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"Five Extra Nooses"
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Courtroom 1940s
In 350 BC, Aristotle wrote "the rule of Law is better than the rule of any individual." The goddess we refer to as "Lady Justice" carries a set of balance scales because justice is equal before every citizen. She wears a blindfold because justice is blind and is to be meted out objectively. Finally, she carries a sword because her judgment is swift and final.

Courtroom EvidenceA useful definition of the Law is "a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced by social institutions and govern behavior and relations between people". The study of law is one of the most rich and complex of scholarly inquiries. Law involves economic analysis, sociology,  knowledge of history, philosophy, ethical considerations, fairness, equality, and the elusive concept of justice.

With such a wealth of material to draw from, it is little wonder that legal dramas have always held so much fascination. Most of the stories and shows in our collection deal with criminal law, the part of the legal system which deals with behavior that is harmful to social order. It is also the part of the legal system that demands that the guilty party be punished for their misdeeds whether through fines, imprisonment, or for highest crimes, through the forfeiture of the criminal's life.

The Legal Collection presents shows from all every aspect of the justice system- "from crime to punishment". One of the earliest programs in our collection is the real life stories dramatized on Calling All Cars, based on actual cases of the Los Angeles Police Department. Beginning in 1933, Calling All Cars presented the crime and the methods that the police used to solve the case. The famous Gangbusters premiered in 1935 and focused more on the dedication and determination of the cops who pursued the bad guys.

Jack Webb DragnetGangbusters was originally conceived to profile the cases of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but the show became too sensational for the FBI, so creator Phillips H. Lord began using stories from state and local police. The Bureau was much happier supporting This Is Your FBI and The FBI In Peace And War. Both programs emphasized the honor and determination of the Agents, as well as their modern and scientific crime fighting methods. The classic police radio show is Jack Webb's Dragnet; for this collection we had selected a number of Sgt. Joe Friday's two-episode adventures.

For even more Police reality, enjoy Nightwatch, which presents actual recordings of police radio traffic and interviews of actual calls answered by the Culver City Police. Some Nightwatch broadcasts can be difficult to listen to because they show stark human tragedy. Some are rather amusing, like the night the police catch up with a nude prowler!

Police and Federal Agents were not the only ones to investigate crime. Frank Lovejoy as reporter Randy Stone on Nightbeat came across more than his share of crooks. At the end of each episode,  he typed up the story of their capture as the sun rose over the City with Big Shoulders. The journalists in Big Town find their share of criminals while reporting for Edward G. Robinson's newspaper.

Famous Jury TrialsCrime fighting falls to a few "freelancers" on the radio. Some of the all time greatest Private Eyes are in our collection. One of Philip Marlowe's adventures is protecting a witness in a murder trial.

Catching wrongdoers is only part of the legal system. The trial and conviction portion of the system can just as fascinating and exciting. A good trial to begin with is the classic American tale, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" on Columbia Workshop. Other notable trials are dramatized on Cavalcade of America, and some famous trials from history are dramatized on the historical reenactment program You Are There. The courtroom is also the center of action on Famous Jury Trials, You Are The Jury, and Order In The Court.

In contrast to the shows about the legal system, Crime Classics is about the people against  whom the legal system is protecting us. The program profiles notorious criminals from history, dramatizing events from their careers and exploring the events that set them on their unsavory path.

We will need a legal system as long as we are living together as a society. In many fundamental ways, the law is what keeps us together. Hearing these thrilling stories will not only educate us about our legal system, they also provide hours of entertainment!

See also: Legal Comedies.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hour 13 minutes
5 Min 123 Pattern Of Guilt
American Adventure 551201 Zemper Trial
Big Story 471001 Case Of Counterfeit Coins
Big Story 471015 Bobbysox Kid From Bayonne [dorothy K
Big Story 471201 Unfinished Love Song
Big Story 471212 Case Of Ambitious Hobo
Big Story 480107 Manhunt In Manhattan
Big Story 480505 Justice And Guy Named Joe
Big Story 480519 Murder Victim Buried Alive
Big Story 480526 Lottery
Big Story 490105 Murderous Kid
Big Story 490129 Joseph Wurgis Story
Big Story 500111 Gambling, Divorce And Murder
Big Story 520319 To Avenge Murder, Alan Copperwaite
Big Town 30000x 100 Missing Man
Big Town 371019 001 Pittsburgh Lil
Big Town 371026 002 Fire Trap
Big Town 381014 000 Poultry Racket Rehearsal
Big Town 390630 Reform School Rehersal Show
Big Town 400102 098 Deep Death
Big Town 400326 Death Rides Highway
Big Town 420514 192 Occupied Paris
Biography In Sound 550913 30 Clarence Darrow
Boston Blackie 461203 Blackie In Prison
Bpston Blackie 460129 042 Jim Williams Inheritance
Call Police 470603 Portor Case
Call Police 470610 02 Crooked Fight Case # 9642
Call Police 470610 Kidnapped Killer
Call Police 470617 Case Of Violent Vegetable
Call Police 480706 Case Of Suntower Mystery Mansion
Call Police 480720 Unknown Strangler Cleaned
Calling All Cars 340221 013 Mae West Jewel Robbery
Calling All Cars 340321 017 Dillinger Case
Calling All Cars 340725 035 Execution Of Dillinger
Calling All Cars 350116 061 San Quentin Prison Break
Calling All Cars 351009 098 Fire! Fire! Fire!
Calling All Cars 351106 102 Catching Loose Kid
Calling All Cars 351120 104 Bank Bandits And Bullets
Calling All Cars 360101 110 Ghost House
Calling All Cars 360212 116 Young Dillinger
Calling All Cars 360403 123 Crime Vs Time
Calling All Cars 360625 135 Reefers By Acre
Calling All Cars 361126 157 Baby Dillinger Gang
Calling All Cars 370324 174 Trial By Talkie
Calling All Cars 381117 260 Four Lead Slugs
Calv 410505 225 Trials And Triumphs Of Horatio Alger 6444
Calv 410714 235 Anne Hutchinson 4844
Calv 470224 512 Abigail Opens White House
Cavalcade Of America 410512 226 Theodosia Burr Cbsrw 570714 74 Silent Witness


Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 23 hour 53 minutes
Cdnp 500227 E21 Kangaroo Court
Chandu 321118 185 Chandu & Betty Visit Dorothy
Columbia Workshop 380806 102 Devil And Daniel Webster
Columbia Workshop 390227 128 Jury Trial
Columbia Workshop 460519 016 Trial
Coty 19490422 Doomed Witness
Coty 450605 0383 Trap Robber
Coty 461114 0457 Choice
Cric 531021 17 Billy Bonney Bloodletter Also Known As Kid
Cric 531028 18 John Hayes His Head And How They Were Parted
Cric 531104 19 Raschi Among Crocodiles And Prank He Played
Cric 531111 20 Blackbeards 14th Wife Why She No Good For Him
Cric 531118 21 Triangle On Round Table
Cric 531125 22 Killing William Corder & Farmers Daughter
Cric 531202 23 If Body Need Body Just Call Burke & Hare
Cric 531209 24 Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
Cric 531216 25 John & Judith Crime & Why Didnt Enjoy It
Cric 531230 26 Coyle & Richardson Why Hung Spanking Breeze
Cric 540106 27 Younger Brothers & Why Some Grew No Older
Cric 540120 29 Madeline Smith Maid Or Murderess
Cric 540127 30 Boorn Brothers And Hangman
Cric 540203 31 Incredible History Of John Shepard
Cric 540217 33 Jean Baptiste Troppmann Killer Of Many
Cric 540224 34 Good Ship Jane Why She Became Flotsam
Cric 540303 35 Roger Nems How He Though Dead Won Game
Cric 540310 36 New Hampshire Tiger And Brad Ferguson
Cric 540317 37 Old Sixtoes How He Stopped Construction
Cric 540331 39 Robby Boy Balfour Wrecked Prisons Reputation
Cric 540414 41 James Evans Fireman Extinguished Human Torch
Cric 540421 42 Cesare Borgia His Most Difficult Murder
Cric 540512 45 Mr Clarkes Skeleton In Mr Arams Closet
Crmclassics 530817 E10 Incredable Trial Of Laura D Fare
Defense Rests 510417 Client Joseph Moriano
Dragnet 500112 E033 Big Man Part 1
Dragnet 500119 E034 Big Man Part 2
Dragnet 500323 E041 Big Gangster Part 1
Dragnet 500330 E042 Big Gangster Part 2
Dragnet 500420 045 Big Trial
Dragnet 500720 E058 Big Gent Part 1
Dragnet 500727 E059 Big Gent Part 2
Dragnet 520103 E134 Big Red Part 1
Dragnet 520110 E135 Big Red Part 2
Dragnet 521228 E184 Big Mask Part 1
Dragnet 530104 E185 Big Mask Part 2
Dragnet 530524 E205 Big Gun Part 1
Dragnet 530531 E206 Big Gun Part 2
Dragnet 551227 E332 Big Mask Part 1
Dragnet 560103 E333 Big Mask Part 2
Dragnet 560529 E354 Big Gun Part 1 Dragnet 560605 E355 Big Gun Part 2


Volume 3: 50 shows - total playtime 22 hour 21 minutes
Easy Aces 019 Getting Ready For Trial
Famous Jury Trials Irene Miller
Famous Jury Trials People Vs Author Phillips
Famous Jury Trials People Vs Roger Unthank
Famous Jury Trials State Vs Arron Burr
Famous Jury Trials State Vs Fisk
Famous Jury Trials State Vs Helga Temple
Fbi In Peace And War 491103 224 Fourth Round
Fbi In Peace And War 500914 261 Crackup 8044
Fbipw 501228 276 Fix
Fbipw 510802 307 Unfinished Business
Fbipw 530610 402 Traveling Man
Fbipw 550223 491 Specialty Act
Fbipw 570922 626 Dumb Luck
Ford Theater 480509 032 Front Page
Gang Busters 481008 Incorrigible Killer
Gang Busters 520816 Case Of John Economos Nicky Small
Gangb 000000 Case Of Golden Touch
Gangb 000000 Metropolitan Motor Cab
Gangb 000000 Notorious Bugs Moran Part 1
Gangb 000000 Notorious Bugs Moran Part 2
Gangb 000000 Supersonic Safecrackers
Gangb 000000 Thirty Five Thousand Dollar Theft
Gangb 400000 Date With Death
Gangb 40000x Carnival Caper
Gangb 40000x Four Feathers
Gangb 40000x Horserace Hijackers
Gangb 401101 Ape Bandit
Gangb 440000 Nickle And Dime Bandits
Gangb 451222 Al Simioni
Gangb 460323 Joe Mccann West Side Syndicate
Gangb 461221 Elusive Leader
Gangb 481009 Case Of Jersey Butcher Bandits
Gangb 490927 Quincy Killers
Gangb 530615 Carlos Lajoya
Gangb 530615 Soldier
Gangb 531003 Danville Bank Job
Gangb 580406 Case Of Tennessee Triggermen
Gangb 580406 Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets
Gangb 580406 Devil And Syndicate 1
GangbThree Million Dollar Robbery
Heartbeat Th 600605 223 Trial Mmonty Margetts
Hollywood Star Playhouse 500619 Ep009venom
Indictment 50000 Grand Slam Heist
Indictment 50000 Witness Who Wasnt
Indictment 580000 Greek Tragedy
Indictment 581102 Seeds Of Death
Iwacfbi 520903 20 Squeeze Play
Iwacfbi 530325 49 Trial By Fear Life In Your Hands 500525 Carol Carson Murdered


Volume 4: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hour 15 minutes
Lux Radio Theater 371108 149 She Loves Me Not
Lux Radio Theater 550412 918 Stairway To Heaven Repeat
March Of Time 341005 Hugh S Johnson Resigns From Nra
March Of Time 350405 Behind Closed Doors
March Of Time 390303 Austria Pledged Friendship With Germany
New World Coming 440528 Story Ted Morgan Negro Reporter
Night Beat 500113 00 Elevator Caper Audition
Nightbeat 500925 Case Of Butter
Nightbeat 501006 Kenny Day, Amnesia Victim
Nightbeat 501013 Einar Peerce Andfamily
Nightbeat 501027 Judge Arnolds Daughter
Nightbeat 501103 Black Cat
Nightbeat 501228 Expectant Father
Nightbeat 510304 Big John Mcmasters
Nightbeat 510615 Old Baldy
Nightbeat 510622 Sanctuary
Nightbeat 510629 Byline For Frank
Nightbeat 510713 Antoneos Return
Nightbeat 510720 High Wire Clown
Nightbeat 520501 Pay Up Or Die
Nightbeat 520515 Death Of Riley
Nightbeat 520522 Johnny Liggetts Wife Pauline
Nightbeat 520529 Ben And Kenny Clark
Nightbeat 520600 Railroaded
Nightbeat 520605 Marvelous Machine
Nightbeat 520626 Reformer
Nightbeat 520703 Old Itch
Nightbeat 520717 Taste Of Peaches
Nightbeat 520731 Flight From Fear
Nightbeat 520807 Somebody Stop Anne
Nightbeat 520814 Man Named Luke
Nightbeat 520821 John And Mary
Nightbeat 520821 Man Withred Hair
Nightbeat 520904 Bomb On Denver Plane
Nightwatch 540405 01 Nude Prowler
Nightwatch 540510 E04 Peanut Butter Part 1
Nightwatch 540517 E05 Peanut Butter Part 2
Nightwatch 550301 E00 Uncensored Outtakes
Order In Court 530212 04 Girl Marries Older Man
Order In Court 530226 06 Three Musketeers
Order In Court 530312 08 Husband Found Dead
Order In Court 530326 10 Dan & Myrtle
Order In Court 530702 26 Case Of James Evans
Philip Marlowe 490827 Eager Witness
Philip Marlowe 500811 096 Quiet Magpie
Proudly We Hail 511125 164 Trial
Quiet Please 480119 E033 Bakers Dozen
Radio City Playhouse 480703 Long Distance
Radio City Playhouse 480717 Of Unsound Mind Radio City Playhouse 480807 Special Delivery


Volume 5: 50 shows - total playtime 21 hour 47 minutes
Radio City Playhouse 481206 18 Five Extra Nooses
Radio City Playhouse 481206 Five Extra Nooses
Radio City Playhouse 490425 Witness For Prosecution
Radio City Playhouse 490523 40 Murder Is Matter Of Opinion
Radio City Playhouse 490620 E44 Motive For Murder
Radio City Playhouse 490704 Murder Is Easiest Way
Radio City Playhouse 490801 50 Tension In 643
Ripleys Believe It Or Not 470804 61 Witchcraft
Screen Guild Theater 480621 392 Shadow Of Doubt
Sgt481007callnorthside777 Csg
Superman 480611 E1445 Mysteryofthesleepingbeauty
Suspense 540208 538 Death At Skirkerud Pond
Suspense 540222 540 Murder By Jury
Suspense 570616 703 Trial By Jury 12844 25013 26m20s
That Hammer Guy 440414 Laura Fenton Case
That Hammer Guy 530407 Lillian Martin Case
That Hammer Guy Babysits Jolly
That Hammer Guy Contract On Dead Man
That Hammer Guy Faye Durando
That Hammer Guy Man In Wheelchair
That Hammer Guy Wakefield Dame
Tiyfbi 450525 008 Draft Dodgers Dr Woodbury
Tiyfbi 510720 329 Roaring Twenties
Tiyfbi 510824 334 Bad Samaritan
Tiyfbi 510831 335 Ghost Town
Tiyfbi 520509 371 Punch And Judy Shakedown
Tiyfbi 520905 388 Seagull Shakedown
Tiyfbi 520919 390 Comic Strip Bandits
Tom Corbett 520226 17 Trial In Space, Part 1
Tom Corbett 520228 18 Trial In Space, Part 2
Tottr 510422 40 Canned Death
True Detective Mystery 370318 Rattlesnake & Barefoot Bride
True Detective Mystery 370401 Black Legion
True Detective Mystery 370415 Girl In Iron Mask
True Detective Mystery 370506 Trailing Red Ryan
True Detective Mystery 570506 Death In Stepins
True Detective Mystery 580608 Hitchhiking Psycho
Unit 99 570823 01 Shopping Center Burglary
Unit 99 570830 02 Man With Dynamite
Unit 99 570906 03 Woman Threatening With Gun
Unit 99 570913 04 Possible Purse Snatch
Unsolved Mysteries 000000 00 Trial Of Oscar Slater
Unsolved Mysteries 01 Lizzie Borden Case
Up For Parole 500310 Ep01 John Newton
Up For Parole 500331 Ep04 Eddie Larson
Up For Parole 500505 Ep09 Tyler Graham
Up For Parole 500519 Ep11 Thomas Hostey
Up For Parole 500901 Ep26 Clinton Foster
Wanted 500701 00 Aud William Willie
Wanted 500721 03 Man Everybody Liked


Volume 6: 29 shows - total playtime 13 hour 9 minutes
Wanted 500804 05 Dope Fiend Of West
Wanted 500915 11 Brothers In Crime Thurman & Troy Sea
Whistler 470903 276 Eleventh Hour
Wierd Circle 440430 Trial For Murder
You Are Jury 4 People Vs Henry Harper
You Are Jury 6 People Vs Peter Slocum
You Are There 470804 04 Witchcraft Trials At Salem
You Are There 480118 14 Signing Of Magna Carta
You Are There 480208 17 Dreyfus Case
You Are There 480215 18 Assassination Of Julius Caesar
You Are There 480229 20 Joan Of Arc Is Burned At Stake
You Are There 480321 23 Philadelphia Declaration Indep
You Are There 480523 31 Execution Of Maximillian
You Are There 480620 35 Impeachment Andrew Johnson
You Are There 480919 42 Virginia Ratifies Constitution
You Are There 480926 43 Ann Hutchinsons Trial
You Are There 481017 46 Trial Of Marie Antoinette
You Are There 481219 55 Hanging Of Captain Kidd
You Are There 490109 58 Trial Of Charles I
You Are There 490206 62 Trial Of John Peter Zenger
You Are There 490227 65 Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson
You Are There 490306 66 Rise Alexander Great Peace Offer
You Are There 490313 67 Rise Alexander Great Battle For Asia
You Are There 490320 68 Rise Alexander Great Mutiny In India
You Are There 490403 70 Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots
You Are There 490417 72 Napoleon Returns From Elba
You Are There 490508 75 Trial Of Samuel Chase
You Are There 491030 81 Trial Of Burr You Are There 500514 88 William Penn Trial




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