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 Your Hit Parade

2 MP3 CDs - 82 episodes

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YOUR LUCKY STRIKE HIT PARADE WITH Dinah Shore and Andy Russell WJAS 9.00 PM Tonight - Dinah Stars on the Ford Show - Wednesdays.jpg
Hit Song show (1935 - 59)

Freddie Rich
Freddie Rich

America is a big country and has many big musical traditions. Folk and traditional music have always been with us. Urban theatres grew from the early 1800's into Broadway and the Great American. Jazz blossomed into the Big Bands and their hits. And American music had "Tin Pan Alley," where many of the greats of American Song got their starts. Song "pluggers" in the "Tin Pan Alley" tradition made "Popular Music," the songs and tunes that seemed to "came out of nowhere" to soar to the top of the hits. "Your Hit Parade" was the old time radio show that highlighted the rise and fall of those American pop hits for a generation.

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This half-hour show is an American music classic, and featured popular songs during the days of the early big band swing, the War Years, and right on into the Rock era. Some #1 hits were associated with bands or popular singers, and some were out of left field. All were catchy and all were chartmakers. If they were #1, then they were featured on the show. America tuned in to see if their favorite had fallen from #1, or if their favorite was finally #1.

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Your Hit Parade photo circa 1940 It began in the mid-30s in New York, and was sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes in 1936. The catchy #1 tune concept was a "hit" of its own right from the start. "Goody Goody" was the first anniversary #1 tune…a perfect example of what a pop hit is. Al Goodman's orchestra played through the rest of the 1930s, with Mark Warnow's taking over in the 1940s. In July of 1941, the "Hut Sut Song" was a biggie. In July of '42, "Sleepy Lagoon." By this time, New York radio personality Martin Block took the host microphone, and introduced the singers and the songs. A chorus called The Hit Paraders were always ready to backup the featured singers. At first the regulars were Barry Wood and Joan Edwards. In the spring of '43, a skinny New Jersey kid named Frank came on the show to stay for a while. Sinatra was probably the biggest draw that Lucky Strikes ever had! The bobbie-soxers had swooned over this guy, and listened avidly as he crooned the tunes. The show went on without

Al Goodman, orchestra leader of Your Hit Parade
Al Goodman, orchestra leader (1935-1938)

Frankie in 1945, with Lawrence Tibbett, then Dick Todd, and then Andy Russell doing the hits. Dinah Shore was on for a while, too. Then in 1947, Sinatra was back, and Beryl Davis took over the girl's part. Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra backed up. Sinatra fans will remember the wonderful records of Frankie made with Stordahl's arrangements and accompaniment. Many consider these among the very best, for it certainly was the most romantic and intimate of Sinatra's oeuvre. This collection of shows draws mainly from the 1940s, which was a very good time for this show, the heydays of the popular tune that drew on strong melodies and poetic lyrics…except for the occasional novelty tune like "The Woody Woodpecker Song."

Singer, Gogo Delys, appeared on the radio program
Gogo Delys (singer)

Though Your Hit Parade went on into the 50s decade, America's youth culture had, by then, decided "Your Hit Parade" was passe. The kids wanted to "ROCK." By now, both Tin Pan Alley and Network Radio were essentially over. It was now time for a sharp, young DJ in Philadelphia named Dick Clark to use the new medium to promote a new hit parade…with dancing.

For more music, see also Your All Time Hit Parade, Glenn Miller, Bing Crosby, Command Performance, Sealtest Hour, The Railroad Hour, and the Dinah Shore Collection.

Some shows have great music in some of their segments, such as Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show (two tunes per show), Burns and Allen, Red Skelton, and Fibber McGee and Molly. Cavalcade of America has some great historic music shows, and even the World Adventurer's Club has a men's chorus selection in every show! If your tastes run to great Western Swing, you'll want to check out All Star Western Theater.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 41 shows - total playtime 21 hours 38 minutes

Your Hit Parade 360527 Goody Goody
Your Hit Parade 361021 Sing Baby Sing
Your Hit Parade 381022 Stop Beating Around W W.c Fields
Your Hit Parade 390727 Lulus Back In Town
Your Hit Parade 420815
Your Hit Parade 430000 Medley Ross Simms Dinah
Your Hit Parade 430109 Afrs Praise The Lord
Your Hit Parade 430123 Afrs As Long As Your Not In Love
Your Hit Parade 430718 Afrs 06 All Or Nothing At All
Your Hit Parade 430828 Afrs I Heard You Cried Last Night
Your Hit Parade 430925 Sunday Monday Or Always
Your Hit Parade 431009 Sunday Monday Or Always
Your Hit Parade 431016 Sunday Monday Or Always
Your Hit Parade 431204 Afrs Sunday Monday Always
Your Hit Parade 440122 My Heart Tells Me
Your Hit Parade 440212 Afrs Speak Low
Your Hit Parade 440212 Shoo Shoo Baby
Your Hit Parade 440219 Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Your Hit Parade 440506 I Love You
Your Hit Parade 440520 Long Ago And Far Away
Your Hit Parade 440603 Afrs Amour
Your Hit Parade 440610 Afrs San Fernando Valley
Your Hit Parade 440617 Long Ago And Far Away
Your Hit Parade 440708 Afrs 89 Ill Get By
Your Hit Parade 440819 Afrs 95 Sweet Lorraine
Your Hit Parade 440826 Afrs 96 Ill Walk Alone
Your Hit Parade 440902 Afrs 97 Is You Is Or Is You Aint
Your Hit Parade 440909 Afrs 98 It Had To Be You
Your Hit Parade 440916 Ill Walk Alone
Your Hit Parade 440917 Ive Got Rings On My Fingers
Your Hit Parade 441223 Afrs I Dream Of You
Your Hit Parade 441230 Afrs Always
Your Hit Parade 450210 Afrs I Dream Of You
Your Hit Parade 450407 Letís Take The Long Way Home
Your Hit Parade 450623 The More I See You
Your Hit Parade 450818 If I Loved
Your Hit Parade 450825 Gotta Be This Or Tha
Your Hit Parade 450901 I Wish I Knew
Your Hit Parade 450922 Iíll Buy That Dream
Your Hit Parade 451013 Along The Navaho Trail
Your Hit Parade 451020 How Deep Is The Ocean

Volume 2: 41 shows - total playtime 20 hours 41 minutes

Your Hit Parade 451103 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe. 1 Its Been A Long Time Afrts
Your Hit Parade 451117 Along The Navaho Trail. 1 Its Been A Long Time Afrts
Your Hit Parade 451229 Just A Little Fond Affection
Your Hit Parade 460420 183 Oh What It Seemed To Be Afrs
Your Hit Parade 460420 Symphony Johnny Mercer
Your Hit Parade 460525 Afrs 188 Shoo Fly Pie
Your Hit Parade 460720 196 Doin What Comes Naturally. 1 The Gypsy Afrs V
Your Hit Parade 460803 198 The Gypsy Afrs
Your Hit Parade 460810 199 IThey Say Its Wonderful Afrs
Your Hit Parade 460907 Ive Got The Sun In The Morning
Your Hit Parade 470123 The Things We Did Last Summer
Your Hit Parade 470208 Wholeworld Is singing my song
Your Hit Parade 470624 My Adobe Hacienda
Your Hit Parade 471113 Italian Broadcast With Frank Sinatra
Your Hit Parade 471113 Sinatra Day Italian Broadcast
Your Hit Parade 471206 Just One Of Those Things
Your Hit Parade 480117 How Soon Frank Sinatra
Your Hit Parade 480320 Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Your Hit Parade 480508 Larue Larue Lilly Bolero
Your Hit Parade 480508 Now Is The Hour Afrs
Your Hit Parade 480522 Be Still My Haunted Heart
Your Hit Parade 480522 Laroux Lilly Valero. 1 Tune Nature Boy. Afrs V
Your Hit Parade 480529 Nature Boy
Your Hit Parade 480529 You Cant Be True Dear
Your Hit Parade 480626 Nature Boy
Your Hit Parade 480626 Starring Frank Sinatra
Your Hit Parade 480628 Song Larue Larue
Your Hit Parade 480704 Now Is The Hour
Your Hit Parade 480710 Be Still My Haunted Heart
Your Hit Parade 480710 In The Night
Your Hit Parade 480710 Woody Woodpecker Song
Your Hit Parade 480717 Amore. Afrs
Your Hit Parade 480724 Its Magic
Your Hit Parade 480731 Tune You Cant Be True Dear
Your Hit Parade 480731 You Cant Be True
Your Hit Parade 480807 Its Magic
Your Hit Parade 480814 You Call Everybody Darling
Your Hit Parade 480911 A Tree In The Meadow
Your Hit Parade 480911 Hair Of Gold
Your Hit Parade 481207 Just One Of Those Things
Your Hit Parade Speak Low



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