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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I got into radio theater as a child. I remember listening to the stories and falling asleep. As I got older I lost track of the programming but I still was interested in theater. I minored in theater in college. I mentioned to one of my teachers that I like radio drama and he made a dupe of a "Boston Blackie" program for me and that was the beginning of my collecting radio theater. My first collection was cassette tape they got lost now I collect CDs.
My favorite programing genre is the detective programing. My favorite chracters are Boston Blackie, Nick Carter, The Falcon and other similar programs. Although I am in my early 60's I am not old enough to remember most of the programs. I usually don't listen to the ends of the programs because it allows me to listen to them over and over again. Another thing that I believe the programs do for me is to help to keep my mind sharp and alert by listening and thinking about "who done it".

I had a chance to meet and have a conversation with the late great Willard Waterman.We talked about old time radio and his great radio career.I can still remember the smiles and laughter
as he talked about Chicago,the up/down bridge club and his move to California.He really enjoyed The Great Guildersleeve
performing both on radio and television.I still have the autographed baseball that he signed.Larry

I was born in 1952. When I was a young boy I loved to listen to Kansas City A's baseball on my transistor radio late at night when I was supposed to be asleep. Hiding under the covers with my radio and seeing all the action in my mind's eye was just the best.
Later when I started hearing various radio shows the same feelings returned. The mysteries and horror shows were my favorite. The same kind of stories that held no interest for me on TV or in movies would come alive in the dark of night when shown on the theater screen of my mind.
Now I really enjoy the collections Jon has put together. My favorites are the hard boiled detectives like Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade as well as the stories found in Escape, Inner Sanctum, and The Whistler.
Keep up the good work Jon. Lots of people appreciate you. I know I do.

as a boy i was hooked on radio. i dreamed of getting into radio and eventually i did. i also had one of those crazy boyhood dreams of one day owning every episode of my favorite serial superman. thanks to you john i now have much of that serial. although it is the american and not the australian version i can remember many of the episodes. they used the original american scripts for our version. thanks also for the many other discs i have purchased so far. great value and terrific listening.

A few weeks ago I made an inquiry about the my favorite old time radio show. Well I got it last week and gave to my brother - in - law ( who has been looking for it for a few years). You really helped me make his day and I want to pass on a heartfelt Thank You from both of us.

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your e-mails & nesletters. With all the glut of SPAM on the Internet today, I still really enjoy hearing from you. I have ordered several CD's of radio programs from you. Have enjoyed every single one. While I don't have any "Old Time radio stories" , I can imagine how the folks were back in the 1930's on the Prarie of just in the plain good old USA when radio was king!

Keep up the good work!

I was raised on tv (1950's) my dad would alwasy do the Shadow theme, who knows...., but i had bener heard any. After i graduated collegd (1973, I moved to Australia and they, at that time were equivbalent to the US in the '50's. One Sunday I was listening to the radio & there, to my surprise was a Shadow replay. I was hooked.

From that point on I made a point to listen to every show each week.
I then started importing radio shows from the US & England (Goons, etc) and off I went. Over the years I have collected many hours of rasio plays which I now listen to while on the way towork and home. They are terrific. I'm glad I found you guys, as I have leveled my colection out in a lot of stores.

Old Time Radio is a great testimonial to the power of the mind (The theater of the mind) used when listening to a radio show. The same story on TV are less. I think Gunsmoke, when Dennis Weaver was in the cast, is the closest one gets on TV and then it was not as good. A number of the stories on radio were repeated on TV and Dennis Weaver better captured the character Chester but the version he presented was too wimpy.

It also shows what a wonderful writer John Meston was having shows that he wrote used in both the radio and TV version. For the life of me I don't understand why Meston didn't get better recognized for his work since it shows if a story is well written it makes all the difference.

It's too bad that radio and for the most part TV has morphed now into something less than worthless.

For those of us in our 90s, radio was our link to the world. It was intelligent,funny, entertaining and enjoyable. Wish I could say the same for modern radio programs.Other than NPR there is nothing to compare with the quality of old time radio. You are providing a welcome reminder of what we now miss in the name of progress.

OTR, received your email with Nat's comments. Loved reading it. I'm not quite as "seasoned," but also grew up with radio being an important part of my young life.

My parents used to let me fall asleep listening to the radio. Now when I go to bed, I click on my iPod, set the timer and it lulls me to sleep as it did years ago.

OTR, thank you so much for providing your service and at such reasonable cost.

I began listening to "Theater of the Mind" programs back in the eightys with my favorite being The Great Gildersleeve. My son became a fan while he was still young, about 9 or so. He has been deployed to Afghanistan three times. The last time he deployed I sent him the first year of The Great Gildersleeve, which he enjoyed immensely!

I was born in the 1950's, and got my first radio when there was nothing of old time radio on the AM dial except an hour of reruns on Sundays. I then discovered a distant station which played shows each night. I was hooked on the Shadow, Johnny Dollar, Gunsmoke and The Green Hornet.

It wasn't until I was in my early 50's that I started seriously listening to old time radio seriously. The more I read about old time radio, the more I got hooked.

I have totally loved the WWII collections, as I have been researching the home front for a children's book. I am now completely in love with the news broadcasts from the 30's-50's. The quality of writing and delivery of the greats such as Edward R. Murrow, Bob Sheafer, Eric Severide and others is an education in itself. I have learned so much of history from broadcast collections such as the McCarthy CD, the This Is London and many more.

I am also addicted to Information Please. I delight tohear the incredible knowledge of the panelists. Clifton Fadiman was known to us in my Catholic high school as the boring guy who narrated educational films about literature. How wonderful to now know he was so clever. I wish I could go back and tell Sister Confirmata that I understand why she found him so great!

Though I enjoy movies and am a book addict, radio is also close to the top of my list. I am totally blind, so never have had to grumble about radio. I see things clearly in my mind. I am a professional storyteller, and it has been said of my performances that they harken back to radio. I did this before discovering the radio medium seriously, but find it a lovely compliment. I sure wish there was quality radio being created today.

Oh, I must not forget how much I have loved the Cavalcade shows, all the Orson Wells and the Christmas collections. I guess you can tell that radio is good for me. I put the CDs on the computer, copy them to a portable player, much smaller than my MP3 cd player and stick it in my pocket. I can listen as I exercise, cook or clean. What a blessing.

Thanks for such a great collection. It's the best I've found online. You are to be commended.

The daily "FREE OLD TIME RADIO DOWNLOADS" have been a great way of sampling a wide range of shows that I might not normally purchase. What has been so very delightful are the adventure serials (Superman, Hop Harrigan, ...) which are being provided each day just like they were originally. And just like olden times, I have to wait a whole day wondering about each outcome! That adds to the delight!
Thanks for the great fun!

i received some junk mail 10 years or so ago and was going to throw it away when i came across and ad for old time radio-i am going to check it out-got some cd's (couldnt order what i wanted so got what they sent)-then i found otrcat.com and started ordering mp3's (what ever they are!)-i now have 3000 or so shows and could not be happier with the service-i have a variety of shows with mystery and ww2 my favorites-my brother in law came to visit and was telling me about how he was listening to "old time radio" on his car radio while driving down here-i said i am way ahead of you as i have been collecting radio shows for a while now-i know people think i am crazy for having this "hobby" but i must admit i do listen every night on my headphones before going to bed and it is very relaxing-one more thing-out of all the shows my favorite is the black mask with a show written by amrose bierce about a husband who kills his wife and goes crazy-i found out that ambrose bierce is quite a guy and a writer from the 1860's to the 1900' s and have read many of his books and stories-gotta go -just got the jack benny christmas shows..........

Thank u for the opportunity to say a line or 2 as OTR.CAT helped me through the miles when driving a semi-truck 1000 miles in a 24 hr period 4 days aweek. The radio shows took the edge off in all kinds of weather and detours. Glad I"m not a double-clutching weasel anymore.
Sincerely Gary

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