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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I was a young announcer for the NBC Blue Network radio affiliate in Boston in the mid-1940s at a time when George
Burns and Gracie Allen came to town to appear at the old Boston Garden.

George and Gracie were busy with a thousand-and-one things to do; they sent their announcer, Bill Goodwin to be interviewed by our program manager. She introduced Mr. Goodwin to me, saying: "This is my announcer, Lou Dumont. Do you have any words of advice for him?" The very personable Mr. Goodwin told me to always remember to use 'pear-shaped' tones whenever I did my announcing thing. He used, as an example,
part of his network commercial for the sponsor of the Burns and Allen show at that time. It was: "WELL I SWAN, HOW ABOUT YOU?" The makers of Swan Soap got an extra commercial from Bill Goodwin.

I remember that as though it were yesterday.

I got hooked on the old Time Radio programs this past October when I accidentally found the Radio Classics channel on Sirius/XM while on a trip in my car. I loved the old suspense and detective shows. I now have my car radio tuned to that channel and on occasion listen to it on my computer. I've purchased several shows on discs from you and have placed them on my mp3 player. I listen to one show a day as I get my exercise walking around a nearby cemetery. Right now, I've got enough programs on the mp3 player to last me for several months. Still, I may very well be ordering more just to have them in the future. Thanks for enabling me to enjoy these wonderful, entertaining shows.

I can't imagine how quickly you get your CDs out in the mail. I
don't recall if I placed my order Sunday or Monday, but it was in the mail December 24th and in my mailbox December 26th. Thanks to you and the USPS for such expedient delivery.

Where I listen, when I go to bed. Most times I fall asleep within 15 min. of the first half hour. Takes several nights before I hear a whole program. That's how I listened to the mystery shows when I was a kid.

Two real life radio stories.

The first is the urban legend that, on the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Green Hornet's Japanese valet, Cato magically became the Green Hornet's Phillipino valet.

The second involved a famous 1950's jive talking NYC and Philadelphia rock 'n roll DJ, Jocko Henderson whose sign off at the end of each program was: "Tell 'em Jocko sent you." Two guys rob a gas station in Philly. As they sped away, one guy yelled out the car window: "Jocko sent me!"

Happy Holiday.

I would like to mention the place that I listen to OTR as well. I restore vintage radios and find that listening to these old radio programs adds a measurable level of enjoyment to the process. In particular, the Sam Spade series is my favorite. The sampler CD's are excellent listening opportunities to be introduced to programs that I have never heard of before and appreciate. Thank you...

OTR is without a doubt, the best collection of Old time radio archives on the planet. The quality and service are also top of the line. I look forward to my many purchases from OTR as they always take me back to yesteryear, if even for a little while! Merry CHRISTmas!

I had planned to open my recent purchase on Christmas day. I could not wait. The quality of your recordings is excellent.
In the very early 1970’s, I purchased reel to reel recordings from Golden Age Radio, in Portland, OR. I am now 60 years old which probably make me a child in in this interest group. My life has been blessed. By chance, I was able to personally meet…Stan Kenton, Lionel Hampton, Peter Lawford, Woodie Herman, Red Buttons, Jan Murray and most of all Edgar and Francis Bergan. On May 12, 1974, I did the sound for a live performance of Edgar. That was two days before my 22nd birthday. I was a big fan and I am sure he knew it. He was a very nice man. I have a recording of his performance and maybe someday I’ll send it to you.
I purchased your entire library of Moon River. For many years, I have had trouble going to sleep at night. I had eight shows in my collection. Each night, I play Moon River and fall to sleep. So, I decided to order them all.
I hope you enjoyed my short story and wish you a Merry Christmas.

You are my go to source for Christmas and Birthday gifts
for my Dad. I need for him to dig out all his samplers and let me know which ones he is missing. I'm kind of hoping he has a double someplace so he can send it to me. *lol* Thank you for your prompt shipping!

My mother introduced me to the wonders of radio when I was very young. Since the only way I could see our RCA black and white television was me staring at close range to it due to my vision impairment.

Her first program she introduced me to was The Lone Ranger and what an impact that made on a 4 year old! (I even had a chance to thank Fred Foy in 1993 at an otr convention for being 'my storyteller'. My birthday August 31, 1955 was the last day of recording original Lone Ranger with Brace Beemer!)

Then she went on to introduce me to programs that would educate me and I slightly remember this program as being one of those. There were a few programs of this type that I enjoyed. I remember listening to 'Heartbeat Theater' in 1963 on WMAL-AM 630 and the story of a little girl who happens to dial the Salvation Army number on the phone. As she talks to our caring hero he finds out that this little girl's mother has fallen ill and might die. This little girl doesn't know anything about where her address is or even her telephone number and of course at this time there were no Caller-IDs to refer to. So the hero of our story has the girl describe her location in what she sees outside her window and viola the mother is saved. I still remember that story because the voice of the little girl was I think portrayed by June Foray!

Anyway all this to say these radio programs popped up more frequently on the radio when the big networks moved to TV and only smaller organizations and groups sponsored and underwrote these type of shows. Alas I miss the big network offerings when I hear a really good one; but today with the Internet and radio acting groups doing such fine work I know the art form of radio will not die it will just be rediscovered again and again.

I order quite a bit on line and your company is without a doubt the best when it comes to customer service and value for the money. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

I am a satisfied customer who has purchased perhaps 25 discs from you. I *do* enjoy these old shows --- many pleasant memories for me. Back in the old days, when I was a child, I listened raptly to the radio while kneading those plastic bags of margarine for my parents in order to turn the margarine yellow and to look like "real butter". And yes, I remember breaking a few bags in the process, and I remember being told " Pay attention to what you're doing!" Of course, I was paying attention to the radio, not to the margarine.

I love listening to OTR radio. Sometimes, actually, many times I wish I could turn back the clock to when the programs were live. I was born in 1953 so have no memory of radio. Recently, while having dinner with my folks, my dad said that Jello for desert reminded him of the Jack Benny program. I was thrilled that I knew what he was referring to:-)

Once again OTRcat discs have safely crossed the big pond and I have more goodies to listen to as I drive around. Thanks for the usual good service and for the effort you folks put into gathering these shows together.

I am so excited about finding your website! My mom is turning 80 in a few weeks and i can't wait to give her these cds. As a kid i heard about the radio shows she listened to long ago and i thought it was a long-shot to find anything out about them. It's amazing what you can find with the internet/ I was blown away by the awesome collections you offer and even more-so by the affordability! I don't think i have ever been so excited about a gift for anyone. She will be so happy and hopefully will enjoy countless hours of listening to the shows she remembers so well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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