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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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f you're looking for a reminder of your childhood, or if you're trying to discover for yourself what was so great about the days before television, then this site is for you. My shipment was processed efficiently and courteously. In mere days I received my order. The disks were well labeled and worked as promised. As a young fan of old time radio, I know of no other provider of quality content at such a reasonable cost. For about the cost of 30 hours of fragile, vulnerable cassette tapes I received nearly 700 hours of material placed on hardy, permanent CDs.

In my twilight years, I have done two things for which I am so thankful. The first was learning how to communicate by computer; the second was finding you and your OTRCAT website. I can't even begin to tell you the feeling I have of knowing that someone saved those 'precious' old radio shows and that you are the catalyst that brings them to me and to others.

While I was assigned to the Combined Joint Task Force 180 as part of the XVIII Airborne Corps in Bagram, my son, Doug sent me some of your MP3's. There was no electricity in the life support area, so at night I'd listen to Gildersleeve, Fibber, Suspense, The Whistler, under the hot starry sky of Afghanistan. It was a time I'll never forget. Please keep up the great work!

When I told my wife I was sending a check off to a post office box in Los Angeles, she told me to kiss my money good-bye. Just a little over a week later, lo-and-behold, I'm sitting here enjoying hours of my favorite old time radio comedies on these great MP3 disks. I can't thank you enough!!

I am very impressed with the service I have been getting from your OTR site. Both orders came very quickly the cd's all play great on my computer. I just got a portable mp3 player, and I listen to a story every night before bed.

Received my order in just a few days. All seem to be of top qualtity so far. After several bad experiences of buying on the inter net, it was a pleasurer to buy from you. Thanks for quick service and a qualtity product.

Thanks for the order. I spent a long time searching for the perfect gift for my sick great-aunt, a recovering alcoholic.I found your webpage and I knew that I was in the right spot. However I do find Siamese cats to be disturbing freaks of nature, but I couldn't resist the charm of your OTRCAT. Do you have any more pictures of him? Thanks for the prompt delivery.

I am always hesitant to order off the Internet as I never know who I am dealing with or what I will receive for my money. Happily, my concerns were proven unnecessary when I placed and received my first OTRCAT order. I used to listen to X MINUS ONE as a boy and was delighted to receive the complete series in MP3 format on one CD. I cannot recommend OTRCAT more highly: excellent quality recordings, prompt shipping, and a fabulous free sampler disk. Looking for great old time radio shows? Look no further. Place your order today and enjoy!

I am simply impressed with the quality and speed of service when I sloshed home after a long long (long) day of fighting the Lilliputians, and lo! There is a package from OTRCAT on my desk! Imagine my surprise and growing contentment as I unwrapped the FG&M CDs! Notice the agility and speed of me putting the first CD into my CD-ROM as I listen to this glorious program as I work on some of my own projects. Thank thank thank you you you. You made my week. Now I cannot wait to get back to work, and at the first opportunity continue listening to this show.

OTRCAT is not only well-organized, but the product is honestly advertised. The CDs are an excellent value and customer service is top-notch! I recommend this service to anyone who wants to sample Old Time Radio or to build a complete library.

Thanks! Looking forward to purchasing more. As a retired American citizen living in Honduras, you have provided me with a link to my younger days. Your service in outstanding and the quality is excellent. Service is the best I have had from the States.

I am very pleased with the selection of programs you offer, the ease of ordering, your fast delivery, and especially your personalized service and response. I have chosen you as my only provider for additional programs that I will be purchasing because of the high reproduction quality of the programs you offer and the complete satisfaction that you provide. I am pleased to recommend you to others who are interested in owning copies of high quality old-time radio programs. I think the best part of having these programs is kind of like holding on to memories of my childhood. Just having them and knowing that I can listen and re-live the time when some of the programs were still on the radio, is a very nice feeling. You probably have heard this from others before, but you are bringing joy to a lot of people who grew up with radio as the only means of entertainment during a less affluent time in history.

Of all the web sites Iíve visited and ordered from, I cannot conceive of any on line merchant I would recommend more than OTRCAT. The old time radio recordings are not just superb, they are an absolute treasure. The shipping is prompt and service is among the best on the internet. Most of all I want to thank OTRCAT for all its expert advice, generous ideas and professionalism - for example, taking time to explain and recommend the perfect MP3 player after I had problems with an earlier one I purchased. Not even my local merchants care enough to take this amount of time helping a customer. OTRCAT is truly a class act.

I teach library/media at an elementary-school grades k-5. In our visual age I have found that "the Theatre of the Mind" is something that my students have never discovered. Throughout the year I use programs that I have ordered from OTRCAT to enhance my storytelling and library lessons for students. During this time of year my students are can't wait to hear stories from Escape and Lights Out and The War of the Worlds. For our Western History unit we listen to Gunsmoke and Fort Laramie, for lessons in sarcasm and humor no textbook can compete with Jack Benny. When they learn about D-Day hearing an actual broadcast from that day makes an enormous impression. OTRCAT is such a fantastic resource for education!

I am 95 years old and received a package of OTRCAT radio shows as a gift ... it is the best gift I've ever had!

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