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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Jon, After several orders I am still very pleased with the service you give.Ihave been listening to Sgt Preston since receiving them, there great.My next order will be in the next mail,Thanks Jon. Fred

We have purchased many mp3's (we think over 50)from OTRCAT and been extremely pleased with them. Our kids (12 & 14) request them for presents. They have even gotten their grandparents and greatgrandmother interested in ordering them. It is also another thing that they can share, laugh and talk about. THANK YOU for offering great classic entertainment - which is hard to find now-a-days.

I have almost 2,000 cassette tapes in my OTR collection. We got a new car with MP3 so I can't play them there. Now I'm starting over with disks. I enjoy OTR immensely. Fibber and Gildersleeve are my most favorites.

My dad got me interested in old radio and as I grew up I always wanted to have a collection like him. I'm so glad I've discovered this site because there is a great selection and everything I've purchased so far has been excellent quality! Thanks!!

Oh! The shows are great! Really great! Just try to listen to the old S-F shows! I enjoy every minute of it!

As a mid-teen SciFi fan(atic), I thrilled to shows bcst on WGN Chicago, received on a very static-y AM band here in Winnipeg. I quickly became a true fanatic, sitting ear close to the radio for bcsts of "Space Patrol", "Tom Corbett" and the very great "Hall of Fantasy" I absolutely flipped when I received my first order from OTR. Youe efforts are *very* much appreciated. Kudos to your whole crew, and don't stop now!!

As most others, I grew up listening to radio. The comedies are my favorite. Thanks for keeping it alive.

This is the greatest!! These radio programs were great when I was a kid and I thought they were lost. Now I can relive, and share with my son, the great talent we had on radio in the past. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Hello all, I am a fan of OTRCAT for two years now and I am glad to have found it. We never new these radio shows here in Belgium/Europe but the actors we did. I like the shows from 1940 till 1945 the most, due to the Second World War. Our country was liberated by American, Canadian and Britisch soldiers and listening to these radio shows brings back and keep in remembering the days of joy in that dark period!
Keep up the good work Jon!

I often listen to the old time shows on BBC's Listen Again pages, but exhaust those I'm really interested in by mid-week (they go back no further than the early Hancock's Half Hour). My wife found OTRCAT and we've both been hooked since. The Phillip Marlowe MP3 is great, and the free sampler would have been worth the price alone. Realy enjoy the Marlowe, and am fascinated by the sampler, especially the Letter From.... programme and Bold Venture.

I was born in 1940 and grew up with radio. Radio is still my favorite form of entertainment and news. I found OTRCAT while surfing the net and hit a gold mine. Jack Benny and Phil Harris are my favorites when I need a laugh. These programs always accompany me on my auto travels through my iPOD. Continue your good work. The world needs to have these valuable programs preserved.

Thanx for all the pleasure your site has brought me..Its interesting as an Aussie to see just how many US shows made their way to my shores either as transcripts of the US productions or as scripts that were produced with Australian actors..e.g NIGHTBEAT..LuxRadio Theatre....GUNSMOKE...and TARZAN with a very young Rod Taylor in the leading role..to name just a few..Hi to any other OTR fans who read this!!

I was born in the 1950's, nice to read and listen to enjoyable entertainment. I enjoy coming to work, so i can listen to this station. thank you. For bringing this station to us. sylvia

I was born in 1960, as the era of great radio dramas came to a close. Like many who missed the boat, I didn't appreciate the amazing creativity and richness of these programs. I began listening to classic radio and quickly learned that that my preconceived notions of 'old time radio' as boring and outdated were totally wrong. Finding OTRCAT was like a kid stumbling into a candy store; what a collection of historic treasures! It's a rare opportunity to better understand the creative genius of people like Orson Welles, Arch Oboler, and so many more. Quality is indeed timeless, as is entertainment. Give me radio Gunsmoke over the television version any day!

I used to have about 30 recordings I made while stationed on Guam. They were stolen some years back and I have been looking for some way to replace them. I just found this site and am overjoyed. Thank you OTRCAT.

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