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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Thanks for preserving good clean entertainment. My wife and I will be ordering some Christmas gifts from you so our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy true American history.
C.Wright Odenville, Alabama

I am 63 years old. As boy, up until the mid 1950's, I listened to Old Time Radio exclsuively. Radio tunes more than entertainment. It tunes the mind, excercises the imagination. It's the best thing to start kids 'thinking.' Something which seems to be missing in this society.

I had originally ordered all my material from OTRCAT and then one day ran across a competitor's website which promised a deal.

I had ordered the shows on DVD which I didn't realize were incompatible with my Mp3 player. Without the descriptions of the programs and content, many of the recordings lacked dates, actor information and were flat-out mislabeled. Many of the recordings were blank while others were such bad sound quality they were impossible to hear.

The other website claims they've re-organized and offer a better product, but in the long run for my listening pleasure, it's better to get OTRCAT's quality over quantity.

It's always a pleasure to visit OTRCAT any time of day, read about new collections and listen to an episode online I've never heard before.

Am enjoying all the new Mp3s that I have recieved so far. They play very well on my DVD recorder. I do plan on getting an Mp3 walkman so I can listen to them in the dark. I really love Gildersleeve and The Lone Ranger. I will probably be ordering more soon. I am happy to have discovered your web site! Keep up the good work!

I was fortunate to grow up during "the golden age of radio" and worked at WJDX(NBC) in Jackson, MS while in high school and college.

"Lum and Abner" were my favorites. I had an early wire recorder and my mother would record them while I was out delivering papers.

Your programs have been a real fount of nostalgia and entertainmet on walks and long road trips. My son in Mpls, and our Pastor have also become fans of your shows.

Thanks for the memories...

Thanks to you, I have almost memorized all the Lum and Abner shows from the 40's and 50's. These old shows take me back to my grandmother's "parlor." What fun.

You have the best OTR site I've yet found! The descriptions of the various shows are fantastic. I was just old enough to catch the last of radio's Golden Era and learned to appreciate its storytelling art. Now with all the old shows available through your website, everyone can live them all again--or experience them for the first time! Great job!

You are doing wonderful work here preserving and making available this lost but vital part of our cultural past.

Thanks for continuing to bring such joy not only to myself, but to my dad who now has a number of his favorite programs returned to life!

What a wonderful site and what fun to be able to buy so many wonderful radio shows. The samples are a great way to learn about all the shows.I got hooked by getting shows for my Mom to listen to.
All The Best!

OTRCAT saved me from going nuts in the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. Ten to twenty miles of going one/two miles an hour was only liviable listening to several shows on my ipod (safety connected to my radio).
Thank you for my life and thanks for all the many other wonderful hours I thought I would never have again.
Well done, Sir.

Some months ago, I ordered a number of CD's in the Horror & SciFi genre, preparatoy to an anticipated lengthy stay in the hospital. The CD's came in jig time, and in excellent condition; they were very well packed. I can't tell you how great it was to listen, at my leisure, to programs I listened to as a young boy, huddled in front of our family's old (then) Zenith radio. Kudos to the whole organization, Jon. From a *very* satisfied Canadian customer and fan!!!

Not only are the mp3's great, the quality of service, friendliness, and professionalism is excellent. Prices are very reasonable. It's a pleaseure buying from the "CAT"..

I'm 34 years old and can't figure out how I survived this long without Jack Benny!
Thanks very much for everything--Jack Benny, Bob & Ray, Goon Show, Dragnet! I've got all them and more loaded on my Ipod!

Great Service, Outstanding Quality.

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