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01.Sam Spade
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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This is a wonderful site. I am a 61 y.o. woman and even though I don't remember all of these songs and movies I still remember quite a few. Thank You so very much as this is the best web site I have found.

Donna Plugh

I am just tickled pink with this, my fourth order. Many many thanks. My next order, which I am making up now, will see the end of your free Sampler Discs. After nr.6 is ready and I have it, then what? You put a lot of work into your Sampler Discs and they really stand out. They are very enjoyable indeed...

great stuff can' t get enuff

Tonight, on my way home from school, I listened to "Midnight in the Air with Peter Lorre" in "Marvelous Barrastro". I haven't been spooked this much in a ***looooooong*** time!! The story makes you want to scream, cry, and cover your ears to make the bad things go away - which not such a bright thing to do when driving through evening traffic on a rainy day! It was an incredible and wonderfully terrifying story. Please, wish me good dreams tonight. I still have goosebumps!

jon, your shipping promptness is phenomenal...my wife will no longer have problems finding my birthday, christmas and anniversary presents.thanks for the service!

This is so exciting for me. I a m 65 years old and always talking at work about how wonderful the 50's were and how wonderful it was before television when familys just sat around with a fire going in the fireplace and listening to Sky King and all the radio shows. We couldn't wait to eat dinner and do the dishes so we could all get together and lay on the floor or couch and get the radio on. I can't wait to order your CD's and get started. I am so happy that I found your website.
Susan O'Neil

you are great.

Thanks otrcat! I myself am in 6th grade, and I find listening to old time radio shows very entertaining! Listening to your CDs are a wonderful way to work the mind. I've introduced the CDs to all of my friends, and they are amazed! This site has low prices, fast shipping, and wonderful CDs! Thanks!

I really love OTRCAT! I have over 20 mp3 disks myself, and I particularly love Lux Theatre. I'd rather listen to my old time radio shows than watch television. Well, unless it's something great on Turner Classics! Great service, great prices. Keep it up!

Working in broadcasting with real oldies format.Have been doing a show I call Reminiscing and I am considering reviving a morning theater genre. This resource is an exciting find. Thankyou and keep up the good work!!

You're bringing the true kings (and queens) of entertainment back for all of us to enjoy! Thank you so much for making these classics available. My family and I have been roaring with laughter at Burns and Allen, having our imaginations soar with Ray Bradbury's theater, and been at the edge of our seats listening to The Adventures of Philip Marlowe. Great service, great prodcut! Keep up the good work!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.....no I didn't listen to Lawrence Welk, I listened to Nick and Nora Charles...what a rush of nostalgia...I just got in on the closing of the door of the Golden Age of Radio....felt that I missed so much....thanks for this website.........

Have placed and received three orders from OTRCAT in the past 10 months. OTRCAT has always provided great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and communicate well. I be back for a forth order soon.

Thanks for this great resource. The first bit of OTR I listened to was Orson Welles in War of The Worlds about 15 years ago and I've been hooked ever since.

I'm really pleased to have a great value site like yours available when I need something new to listen to. Thanks again.

OTR; Excellent resource--- remind all the younger folks we use to have "streaming-audio" back in the day.... we called it RADIO, and it was free and did not require a high-speed connection OR a $300 ipod!! Keep up the good work!

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