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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Have placed and received three orders from OTRCAT in the past 10 months. OTRCAT has always provided great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and communicate well. I be back for a forth order soon.

Thanks for this great resource. The first bit of OTR I listened to was Orson Welles in War of The Worlds about 15 years ago and I've been hooked ever since.

I'm really pleased to have a great value site like yours available when I need something new to listen to. Thanks again.

OTR; Excellent resource--- remind all the younger folks we use to have "streaming-audio" back in the day.... we called it RADIO, and it was free and did not require a high-speed connection OR a $300 ipod!! Keep up the good work!

Just back after 4 months in Indonesia, Malaya and Cambodia and took mp3 player loaded with old British comedies. Reccommend to anyone who has to spend time in Hotel rooms and faced with prospect of Asian TV. Thanks judi

Old memories of memorable years come
back like magic on a small disc.
Thank you for reviving true entertainment. June

It's great to see another source for Old Time Radio

Thank you for the pleasure of reading a fine site, easily maneuvered through, with an outstanding collection of otr programs. You have really invested a lot of time and effort in it and, for us, it has certainly paid off. Your service to me here in Finland is always swift, sure and competent, which makes knowing you and shopping at your site a real pleasure. Yours sincerely, ross whipple, a transplanted Californian in Central Finland.

I also live in England, but am an American.

Your MP3 CD's are a great value and are so great to listen to for hours on end. You also are always very prompt and courteous in your service and delivery. Thank you for being there and keep up the great work. Take care.

Swift delivery, thank-you very much. The quality is excellent. It's great to hear my Family's old radio shows.
Tim (London, England)

I am a young OTR fan (I am a mere 20 years old) but I have loved OTR since I was a wee lad! Instead of watching TV I was a kid who much preferred to sit in front of my grandmother's reproduction radio listening to OTR cassette tapes. I really was born in the wrong era since I love classic movies, magazines, radio, cars, memorobilia, etc. I also auditioned for a popular television music show (I can't name it, but it is the most popular singing talent show in america) from which I sang classic songs including Patsy Cline and made it decently far. So old time radio and the golden eras have a definite influence on my life. I ordered from OTRcat for the first time a week ago, and I LOVE what I recieved. I have been an avid fan for years, but first time order-er. So I can't wait to order again!

It's been a long time since I've ordered from Jon, not because I don't want to, it's just that I have so many of the otr MP3's that I'm still listening to them all. Whenever I visit OTRCAT I make up a wishlist, but the next time I visit the site there's either a new series or a great deal going on...I've been picking up a Canadian station that plays otr from about 9pm-3am. Sometimes the signal fades, but if I have the series on disc and can find the show, I make a note to listen without interference after. Recently I had to be in the hospital for almost a month. Having my discs to listen to while I was there helped pass the time. Everyone wanted to know what I was listening to. When I told them, they wanted to know where they could get some...so I gave them the website. Word of mouth still works!! Thanks Jon for all the wonderful times in yesterday...

Although I was not born until 1958, I've become very interested in the golden age of radio! And I just LOVE the sampler that I received with my order and can hardly wait for the next sampler that will come with my nextorder!

The best idea ever was to have a free sample show. That is how I discovered "The Whistler" and bought the set among others. OTR predates me and I had no idea what great stuff was around. Plays big, packs flat and cheap: How do you beat that?

Yesterday I received my first order from OTRCAT and I'm delighted. The quality and the programs are wonderful. Thank you! :o)

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