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01.Sam Spade
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04.Have Gun Will Travel
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
07.I Love a Mystery
08.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Jon. Thanks a bunch for the quick service on my order of the Texas Rangers. For sometime, the radio sources I've listened to have played the same couple of dozen episodes over and over. This collection is just what I've been looking for and the quality is outstanding. I'll be ordering from you again real soon! Thanks again

The shows arrived today in perfect condition! I never thought that I would hear Father Coughlin's sermons again and am so delighted to have found these recordings--thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Otrcat has been such a greata blessing to me. I have managed to aquire so many wonderful radio shows that I never hoped to even hear, let alone know. The value for money is also without equal. God bless you.

In my twilight years, I have done two things for which I am so thankful. The first was learning how to communicate by computer; the second was finding you and your OTRCAT website. I can't even begin to tell you the feeling I have of knowing that someone saved those 'precious' old radio shows and that you are the catalyst that brings them to me and to others.

I received your CDs. I am a US history teacher and I want to say that your CDs are the most exciting resource I've found all year! I feel so lucky to have accidently run across your site. Our students will be creating their own radio shows using a tape recorder, and with the sports CD, we are going to have the class take (fake) bets on horse racers of the era. Thank you!

I got my CDs today and boy am I impressed! The sound quality is MUCH better than I anticipated, and the free CD (#1) is wonderful. I think you could charge ten times as much as you do and I would still buy more.Thanks for a great product at a great price. It's not often that I get MORE than I paid for, but this time I sure did! ... Your CDs are the best buy I have made in years. I am having a grand time listening!

Listened to your show on CFRB 1010 Sunday evening. At 78 brought back memories of the shadow mystery show of the 30s and amos and andy comedy also I have a amos and andy show audio tape... freddy

I am Nicky and am in the United Kingdom! I am 57 years old and just love these old recordings...although we in the UK are lucky to have BBC and in particular RADIO 4 and RADIO 7 dedicated to speech; the BBC destroyed many old valuable series....so it is gratifying that USA has splendid archive material that I can listen to. OTRCAT can be recommended....money well spent should you purchase. My particulkat favourites are Johnny Dollar ('Yours Truly!) and The Third Man.
Best wished to all, Nicky C.

I began purchasing my radio shows on LPs from a place in Sandy Hook, CT many years ago. I've also purchased from Radio Spirits. But OTRCAT is the best by far for qualilty and selection.

Dear OTR Cat,
The "War of the Worlds" broadcast was just the ticket for my classroom lesson on "The perils of unquestioning acceptance of news media". The faculty is looking forward to the "Civic Defense" disk I just ordered as well; that should fit nicely into our Cold War curriculum presented later in the school year. Thank you for continuing to provide access to an important part of our history for the next generation of Americans, and the next...and at such a great value! Take care and God Bless!


Proud parent of a new "Smoooooth-Mobile". In it is a CD player. Although mp3's do not work I found converting OTR PROGRAMS onto CD-RW [re-writable media] is just the ticket for running around town and on long trips !!! Once thru with them, I can RE-WRITE new episodes of OTR PROGRAMS and continue my journey.
What a delight that I NOW can 'easily' take my OTR PROGRAMS with me !!!

Howdy Jon,It is truly a pleasure to do business with you. You provide these wonderful old radio shows at a very fair and affordable price and you give great customer service. I would not consider ordering radio shows from anybody else except you.

I got my order today and wow! I've been a huge fan of the Goon Show but I had no idea of the amount of content they created, and the amount of
content you have. Fantastic, including the photos.

I'm really thrilled and anticipate ordering more items from your site
soon. I'm on the mailing list as well.


Jon, I've been a fan of OTR for years and a customer of yours for a year or two. Your service is fast and the selection is amazing! I'd much rather buy your cd's than try to download bits and pieces from different sites. If you or anyone knows of any OTR "conventions" or fan groups, let me know! Turn off the T.V. and turn on the radio!

I must of placed at least 6 orders by now and this is some of the fastest service I've ever had. One thing I really like is how orginized your site is. I started out, as most did, by collection shows on tape back in the early 80's but you've really done a nice job with these cd's and it makes the shows that much more enjoyable to listen to. Thanks.

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