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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Great stuff! The Dick Powell collection is fantastic. Most of the tracks have superior clarity, and I've been wanting to fill out my collection for ages. Thanks again for the fantastic service!

Thanks for THE MEMORY. The precious time and effort you spend in providing individuals like myself to past comforts is much appreciated.


I'm only 42 so I missed all these shows the first time around. I'm loving them and Jon has been most helpful in getting things shipped quickly and providing customer service above and beyond. I recently listened to the last episode of Quiet Please and I must admit I was literally SAD! It was like having a friend (Ernest Chappell) moving away and lose touch...These shows are awesome and the vast majority are of excellent quality considering how old they are and the recording medium used...Thanks, Jon!

.....man, I just gotta tell ya. Those OTR on MP3 disks are just what the doctor ordered. They load incredibly well onto my MP3 player and they sound great...considering the "times".

I've listen to "some" Marx Bros., some Gunsmoke and some Frankenstein and they are exactly what I wanted. I want to thank you for your quick "shipping" but mostly for making these shows available.

You'll definitely be hearing from me soon...thanks again. EH!

Thanks for keeping me apprised of your latest available Old Time Radio, programs. When I first got the idea of looking around on the Internet for Old Time Radio programs, I was thrilled to find so much available, and started downloading one after another from the free sites. But, it wasn't long before I discovered your site. I want to thank you for your great collection. The time involved in searching and downloading programs from online sites, was a very time consuming, and in some ways fruitless task. Entering your site was akin to my trips to the Five-and-Dime store, when I was a kid in Cleveland, back in the late 30's and early 40's. Here, in one place, were all the emotions I felt as a kid, listening to these programs, in my darkened bedroom at night, in the glow of the AM radio dial.

I have recommended your site to all my "old time radio," friends. Not only do you have almost all my old time favorites on CDs, in MP3 format, but they are chronologically organized, and as complete as can be found anywhere. I have almost 140 CDs ordered from your site. They are worth many times the mere cost of about $5/CD. Now that Blu-ray is the latest thing in home movie viewing, every time I buy another Blu-ray movie for $20 to $29.99, I reflect on how much I get for my money with my purchase of Old Time Radio CDs from your site.

Thank you so much for all the time you have taken to collect, organize these great memories from my past. I can't begin to express how happy you have made me.

It is amazing, I can be listening to an old program, and remember listening that particular program, actually remembering what I was staring at, during the program. My favorite was the patterns in the linoleum by the radio in the living room.

Thank you again and again.

Just a word of thanks to OTRCAT for the wonderful selections and easy setup of the series available! I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every CD I've purchased and they bring back many memories of my youth when radio shows was your only entertainment. Keep up the great shows and I will be continuing to purchase for a long time to come. Thanks Helen

Thank you Jon for your wonderful company and kindness over the past several years. OTRCAT is like an old friend to me. It has introduced me to so many wonderful characters I would have never known otherwise. You are doing a fine service to OTR and are helping to keep it alive for future generations to come. It is very difficult to narrow my personal favorite shows down, but I keep Fibber McGee and Molly, The Great Gildersleeve and Our Miss Brooks regularly on my I-POD. God bless you and OTRCAT and all of your efforts Jon.

I've shopped around and have found that OTR CAT has the best value and the best selection of anybody. I have an art studio in my house and OTR MP3's are my theater while I paint portraits.
With my last order They didn't just send only what I exactly ordered but threw in a couple of nice unexpected free gifts as well. Golly,Gee whilikers cantcha tell I'm keen on OTR CAT?

Hearing my father on Major Bowes radio program was a strange and wonderful experience after all these years. Kudos to the gentleman on this extroidary website who helped me find the recording. Its great to find someone out there who is sherpherding all these recordings for us to hear years later and is helpful to boot!

I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness in donating to the Cleveland Sight Center... An organization such as ours, with a variety of programs and activities, depends on many people in the community who have the thoughtfulness and imagination to use their recourses productively. By making this donation, you have assisted us in rendering services to the blind and visually impaired people in our community. On behalf of those who have benefited from your generosity, please accept our thanks.

Cleveland Society for the Blind

I've been ordering from otr.cat since 2006 and have never been disappointed. I particularly enjoy the historical collections, such as World War II, D-Day, 1939 A day in broadcasting and the old sports broadcasts. Also love Life of Riley, Bing Crosby and Glenn Miller recordings. Just ordered your newly available collection of radio airchecks. Terrific. Keep em coming, Jon!

I've already sent you a letter - via snail mail - telling you how excited I was to have found this site, but I wanted to let anyone who is hesitant on ordering know how great this service is! I am 36 years old (so - no - I didn't grow up listening to OTR) but when I was about 12 or so the family was on a road trip and I saw a tape of the Shadow in a gas station. I thought it looked scary so I got it. I was soooooo hooked. I immediately started a collection of shows and devoured them. However, it was expensive. You could get maybe 2 shows for $5 on a tape. I could not believe it when I found this site - $5 for a whole load of shows. MP3s! Brilliant! I ordered the Mr. Keen set - the whole Life of Riley series and Adventures By Morse. (I got hooked on that after hearing the "City of the Dead" show!) Oh -and the samplers. Other sources of OTR would only give you a snipit of a show. You put on about 100 whole shows and it introduces us to some we probably would never have heard. I LOVE IT! My wife thought I was insane b/c I was so pumped! Anyway, I'll order again b/c now I can affordably increase my collection. I am so grateful to you for creating this web site and for sharing your collection with all of us - and I thank you for quickly getting my order to me. (It was one of the few exciting mail days I've had in a while!) ... I wish you continued success! Thanks again!

hI Jon got me hooked on mp3's before I new what mp3's where my entire collection has come from him and it gives me hours of enjoyment. Love to sit down for a quiet fewe hours listening to the old shows and working word find puzzles. Very relaxing. Would love to have some pen pals to talk about our shows. My Favorites are Fibber Mcgee and Molly and The Great Gildersleeve he is what got me started in OTR.


Thanks for the update. As always, I appreciate it greatly, as I imagine most of your customers do. You may recall that my wife has Alzheimer's. Nonetheless, she still enjoys the theater of the mind -- OTR and audiobooks included.

In fact, her neurologist continues to marvel that her sense of humor remains sharp as her other abilities erode. It's not unusual for AD patients to retain an appreciation of music (it's a left brain, right brain phenomenon), but a sense of humor isn't as common. So OTR is a staple during car trips for us.

Thanks so much for the show samples at the website. There have been a few where an "audition" show has been helpful and some where we were sorry there isn't one -- the South Africa "Avengers," for example.

Incidentally, if you need a testimonial for the samplers, my wife and I can attest to what a delight they are. There are programs you won't hear anywhere else because not enough episodes have been preserved, and some that serve as auditions of others that have led to our purchasing the full set.
In once case, "Country Doctor" starring Jean Hersholt, we even purchased DVDs of the movie series based on what we heard on a sampler disc. So these collections, which really do have something for every taste, have introduced us to programs that have become new favorites with actors whose movie
careers often parallel their broadcast work. It's also interesting to note those whose talent transfers well from screen to mike and those who don't because they aren't as capable of using their voice alone to convey emotion as are others.

Once again, Jon, thanks so much for the entertainment and for what also serves my wife as therapy.

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