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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Being used to seeing a show on TV, I would have never guessed how great "seeing" a show in my mind could be. It's got me hooked!

Just listened to a bit of the old radio show "Straight Arrow" It's the episode called "Stage to Calvedos."
They talked about naming Straight Arrow's golden palomino horse. Well, they did have a contest, and I was the winner, submitting the name "Fury." Here's a picture of me with my grandmother that was taken when I found out that I won. Now I have to send this episode to my 9 year old grandson and see if he gets as hooked to Straight Arrow as I did so many years ago.

Hi once again Jon......

To show how bad my addiction is..... You were kidding me about sitting out in the driveway to catch the last part of a show??

Well remember I told you of the radio my grandfather gave me when I was a wee lad (many, many Years ago) ? The first thing that I did to that radio was to disconnect the speaker and hook up a set of headphones so that I could listen to it in bed without my parents knowing since as a child I was supposed to be in bed and asleep rather early.

Jon ....old habits die hard my friend....I have a three disc cd player beside my bed. The player has a sleep timer on it and is set for at least an hours worth of play time and to add insult to injury it is connected to a pillow speaker so that my wife thinks that I am asleep but in truth I am revisiting my youth and am listening to the radio shows.

Me have an addiction ..... Naw........ or if it is then do not ever send me out for the cure.

Thanks again

Nice enhancements to your web site this week.

Hi Jon, Just like to say i have every one of your sampler discs. Your website is amazing and the service is as good. You have made my life so much fun with all the radio shows you have provided.I have already loaded an 80g and 120g ipod with your shows it is so great. God Bless you an keep it coming.

I have been able to use the shows I have purchased from you as part of my "Introduction to Radio and TV: The History of Broadcast" course (JRN1103) AT Troy University's Hall School of Journalism and Communication, where I am a full-time faculty member.

Discovering your website is my greatest "Greatest Discovery in Years!!!"

As a Vietnam veteran (1969-70) let me thank you on behalf of the service people in Iraq and Afghanistan for sharing these wonderful programs with them. It brings back memories of listening to Armed Forces radio from Saigon. We could listen to Fibber McGee (my all time favorite show), or Gunsmoke or Lux Radio Theater on a weekly basis and how much we looked forward to listening to those shows.

These shows stimulated my interest and when I returned to the US I really got involved in collecting. Hopefully, many veterans will also start an interest in OTR.

Thanks for sharing these shows with our service members. You are doing a wonderful job.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to relive my most memorable childhood days ,whene radio shows fed my imagination in a most creative way. Your immense collection of radio shows is in no small measure due to your unwavering dedication . Many of my friends have been notified of your website.

I have enjoyed many of the mp3cds I have purchased, but none was quiet as fascinating and moving as the Pearl Harbor day disc. It was indeed, as the cliche' says "Living History". What was most fascinating to me, were the long pauses, the dead air, if you will, that would never be allowed today. But it was history as it happened. No matter YOU ARE THERE

Thanks for the opportunity. Just wanted to let you know that the radio shows I have gotten from you in the past have been a big hit in Africa. No TV or radio for expats, so my computer has come in really handy with your product.

Mungu aku bariki!!!

I like listening to these old shows, especially picturing everything and everybody in the series' in my head. You can't see these people, so you just imagine what you hear them doing.
My grandparents actually listened to this stuff back in the day.

Your generosity is stunning---free downloads. I check your website daily, now. I bought all of the sampler CD's and enjoy them at home and on the road.

I've been meaning to place an order for the last couple of months. I find your e-mail updates very interesting, and you've really been making some nice changes to the Web site, too.

Last night, in honor of the impending holiday, I popped in my OTR Christmas CD, and once again I listened to Jack Benny trying to decide on Christmas gifts for the gang. Every year I am glued to the story. What will Jack do Will he choose plastic tips or metal tips? Ah, the suspense is sublime! You understand, of course, that I am drinking continuously during the show!

Anyway, I figured it was time to get a few new OTR CDs. Watch for my order. I have been sharing my collection with one of our local old folks, but I do believe that I am the bigger fan! Looking forward to more happy listening in the near future.

I've been amazed at this stuff - quality recordings that bring back my youth and that I've simply not found available in the UK, even though the ones I bought originated here. Not only that, they could hardly have got to me quicker if I'd been buying in the UK. Being able to pay by PayPal just completes it - I'll be back for more

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